Heavy duty chain breaker

Ryde Heavy Duty Motorcycle Chain Breaker & Riveter Repair Kit
Contents: main press body, clamp and pressure screw handle. sliding tee bar two press plates two press anvils 2.2, 2.9 and 3.8mm press pins rivet tip spreader upper and lower guides for 2.2 mm press pin spring for press pins please note: to successfully press the rivet from heavy duty 520 drive chains, the rivet head must be ground off first.
MOTRAX Motorcycle Chain Breaker and Riveter/Riveting Tool/For 420-532 chains-Complete Kit
Made from heavy duty steel and all components have been metal treated, for protection. Makes removing & re-fitting your chain a very easy task
BERGEN Chain Breaker and Riveting Set 520 532 Motorcycle Link Splitter AT950
AB Tools-US Pro
This tool is a compact handy tool for chain that can be used for cutting, press fitting of connecting link plate and riveting of connecting pin by one body. For safety riding with full performance of chain. This heavy duty chain tool will break, assemble and rivet chains in the following sizes, 520, 525, 530 and 532. To be used on motorcycle drive chains. This tool can be secured using a vice or spanner to ensure maximum grip as you will be using this for large chains. Made of heat treated, drop forged steel for a life time of use. This tool will pay for itself as going to the garage will cost you as much as buying the tool outright. Having the benefit of using it again and again will come in handy because all chains expand. Made for professionals by professionals Specification: Brand : BERGEN Pins : 3, 4, and 5 mm Includes : 3 x anvils and & Press plate For chain sizes : 520, 525, 530 and 532 Storage : Blown molded case
Bergen Motorcycle Chain Splitter Breaker & Link Riveter Tool B6800
For Chain: 428, 430, 520, 525, 530 Breaks and rejoins most types of chain quickly and easily. Suitable for most sizes of drive or cam chain from #35 to #630. Supplied with a range of pins, dies and detailed instructions. Note from instructions: This tool may be used for breaking all chain sizes from number 35 to 630 but it is not recommended for breaking heavy-duty types of 530 to 630 unless the rivet head is ground off first For longetivity of the pins we would recommend you grind the rivet head off first when breaking all chains
Sealey VS779 Motorcycle Chain Breaker and Riveter
Model No:VS779Contents:Pins; 2.2, 2.9, 3.8mm, Pin Guide; 2.2 Upper, 2.2mm Lower, Riveter Pin, Anvil; 3, 6mm, Spring, Press Plate, Lever, Handle, Chain Press
Motorcycle Chain Breaker / Extractor Tool plus 3 spare removal pins
Strong metal construction, all components are plated to give a long life
Draper 31318 Expert Chain Splitter and Riveter Kit
Draper Tools
Expert Quality, for splitting chains from No.25 cam chains through to No.520 motorcycle final drive chains. Please note, to successfully press the rivet from heavy duty 520 drive chains, the rivet head must be ground off first. Display packed in blow mould storage case. Contents:•   Main press body, clamp and pressure screw handle.•   Sliding tee bar•   Two press plates•   Two press anvils•   2.2, 2.9 and 3.8mm press pins•   Rivet tip spreader•   Upper and lower guides for 2.2 mm press pin•   Spring for press pins Brand: Draper. Product Code: 31318
FreeTec Motorcycle Cam Drive Chain Breaker Riveter Rivet Riveting Cutter Tool
Motorbike / bike chain breaker and riveter kit Suitable for repairing / splitting and riveting motorcycle / bike chains Suitable for breaking and joining most drive chains Suitable for chains from #32 #532 The design of the body allows it to be bolted to a work bench / supported in a vice or hand held for easy use and accurate work. The separate parts are heat treated which gives added strength and durability when using this tool. The extractor pin uses a removable guide which ensures longer life for the pin. SET Includes: Main frame (heavy duty) Rear handle can be placed in various positions depending on how you want to use the item. Adaptor press plate to push metal plate over the pins (2 holed plate) 4 separate pins (for driving out the chain links) Ball bearing capped riveting tool and pin anvil Large main adjustment bolt. Comes in a blow molded case for easy storage and transportationContents: 1. Press clamp 2. Housing bolt 3. Press bolt 4. Handle 5. Rivet Set(press & plate) 6. Press pin guide 7. Press pin 8. Side plate press
Professional Chain Breaker And Riveter Kit
Gator UK
A top quality British made tool, which makes changing your motorcycle chain a quick and effortless task. This tool will last for very many years. Any replacement parts that may be required in the future are readily available.
DID Style Motorcycle Heavy Duty Chain Riveter Breaker Splitter Riveting Tool
JT Sprockets
Professional Quality Chain Breaking / Riveting Tool. This heavy duty version tool will break, assemble and rivet motorcycle chains for sizes 520, 525, 530 and 532.Correct tool for O and X ring chains Note! Some Heavy Duty Chains May Require The Heads Of The Rivets To Be Ground Off To Aid Breaking.
Eagles Drift Tool # 420 # 428 Chain Motorcycle # 520, 525 # 530 Heavy Duty Chain Breaker and Riveting Repair Kit
Specifications: Type: 420-530 Chain Break Material: Carbon Steel Size: 4-Piece thimble 3.8 mm Effective Length: 24 mm Length: 127 mm Width: 81 mm Package includes: 1 x Chain breaker How to use it: 1. Simply attach the chain with the fixing bolts to ensure that the Bullet and the contact pin of the chain and the holes in the main body are on the same horizontal line, and turn the ring out 2. New or experienced user, you can set a small gap between the screw and the chain to see if the bullet and the pin of the chain in the same way, and control the 4-piece thimble on a small chain pin. 3. If you need to install the rear, please do not to stun all the chaîne. it is more difficult to put back which requires a sledgehammer to turn back the clock
AFAM Easy Chain Riveter RIV5 Chain Rivet Extractor Chain Riveting Tool, for Hollow Rivet Locks (520/525/530) DID RK Eunuma
AFAM 'Easy RIV 5' Riveting ToolThe simple and easy-to-use chain riveting tool from DC-AFAM is reliable at riveting your chains and is specially designed for the quick solution in the field, such as on the race track or a handful of chain sets at home. For continuous use (e.g. in the workshop), we recommend the large rivet and separator from D.I.D, the KM500.It is easy to use and already outlined above:Assemble the Easy RIV 5, insert the chain and tighten the screws by hand.Hold the back plate with a spanner or pump pliers and tighten the front plate with the Allen key. Tighten both screws alternating by about 90 degree, then change.Repeat the process until the front panel lies flat on the other outer tabs, then stop tightening.Loosen the plate again and rotate. Then expand using the pin in the middle of the plate each of the 2 threaded rivets until the plate lies flat - and you're done
GOOFIT Chain Breaker #428 520 525 528 530 Chain Tool Dirt Bike Bicycle ATV
Chain Cutter Breaker Splitter Link Remover Tool for 428 520 525 528 530 Chain Tool Scooter and Small ATV Size?Thimble dia: 4mm Effective length: 32mm Length: 125mm Width: 100mm Package includes: 1 x chain breaker
Motorcycle Chain Tool, Chain Removal Breaker Drive Splitter Cutter Link Repair Tool for Motorcycle Bike ATV
Specification: Material: Alloy Steel Color: Shown as Picture Suitable for chain sizes: 420 / 428 / 520 / 525 / 528 / 530 Thimble Diameter: 3.8mm Package Weight: Approx. 333g/11.7oz Fitment: Suitable for Motorcycle / Bike / ATV Chains Package list: 1 * Motorcycle Chain Breaker
Toolzone Motorbike/Motorcycle Chain Replacing Breaker & Riveting Tool
Toolzone Motorbike/Motorcycle Chain Replacing Breaker & Riveting Tool- The kit supplied with components to break and repair & replace motorbike/motorcycle chains- It can be used on cam chains and drive chains- Supplied with range of pins and dies universal application for use on motorbike chains includes all tools for cutting and disabling
Oxford OF292 Chain Rivet Extractor
SPECIFICATION Strong construction Precision made Suitable for 420 -530 'X' and 'O' ring Chain Spare pin included (Inside Handle) Instructions included
Motorcycle Chain Breaker / Link Removal Tool / Motorbike / bike ATV BERGEN AT836
AB Tools-US Pro
Suitable for Motorcycle / Bike / ATV Chains Manufactured from steel for strength and durability when using this application. Suitable for chain breaking / breaker / Link removal Tool. Replaceable pin is heat treated for resistance and wear resistance Suitable for chain sizes; 420 / 428 / 520 / 525 / 528 / 530