Heavy duty chain with disc lock

Oxford Products OF159 1.5m Heavy Duty Chain Lock with Disc Lock
Oxford Products Ltd.
Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit 999492 Bicycle Chain and New York Disc Bike Lock, 14mm x 60
6-sided 11mm hex chain enclosed in a weatherproof nylon cover , New York disc lock has a casehardened 13mm steel shackle.
Motorcycle Bike Motorbike Security Chain Disc Lock Heavy Duty Padlock 1.1m TE149
AB Tools-Toolzone
1100mm x 10mm Security Chain with padlock Ideal security chain for motorbikes, bikes, machinery, caravans, gates and sheds. Specifications : 65mm heavy duty tamper proof padlock supplied with 3 high security keys 1100mm long , heat treated, nylon covered chain Hardened steel with 10mm square welded links. Powder coated padlock for protection ( dust rust and water proof ) High security Resistant to hammers, bolt cutters, chisels and saws.
MASTER LOCK Padlock, Excell Stainless Steel 70mm Discus [Shrouded Shackle] [Combination lock] Outdoor High Security
Master Lock
The Master Lock Excell Discus Combination Padlocks are made with cutting edge technology to deliver unprecedented security. They feature tough cut patented octagonal boron carbide shackles which are 50% tougher to cut than hardened steel. They offer optimum weather resistance with the additional security of a shrouded shackle, which is much tougher to pull/pry open. This padlock has a set-your-own 4-digit combination for keyless convenience. Supplied with a Lifetime Warranty against mechanical failure. Suggested uses: gates, sheds, storage units, fences, containers and chains. Specification Shackle Diameter: 10mm.Internal Shackle Dimensions: 24 x 19mm.Possible Combinations: 10,000.PTDMLKM40NUM
AWinEur 10mm x 1.2m Heavy Duty Motorbike Motorcycle Bike Bicycle Cycle Chain Lock Padlock with 4 Keys (10mm Steel Dia x 1.2m Long)
Our AWinEur chain padlock is a supremely strong chain lock system for total security and peace of mind. This high quality chain is covered by a black nylon cloth in order to prevent thieves. The other end of our chain is a steel circle. The chain can be threaded through the steel circle and then locked. Ideal for your motorcycles, bike, scooters, camping, BBQ or other valuables you wish to keep secure. Features: The chain links are made of high quality triple heat-treated 10mm steel with strong force Narrow inner width of individual links defends against leverage attacks Heavy duty security chain padlock for bike and motorbike using Hardened steel padlock body to protect your bike or motorbike more safely Black durable nylon cloth cover can prevent scratching your bike, motorbike and precious equipment Specifaction: Material: high quality triple heat-treated 10mm steel and durable nylon cloth cover Chain Thickness: 10mm Chain Length: 1.2m Gross Weight: 2750g Net Weight: 2702g Size: 10mm Steel Dia x 1.2m Length Package Included: 1 x Chain 1 x PadLock 4 x Keys Note: Please contact us by amazon message if any question you want to consult. Thank you!
SPOTACT Heavy-Duty 5-Digit Password Reset High Security Anti-Theft Chain Lock, Motorcycle Gate Fence Universal, Outdoor Mountain Bicycle Best
Specification: Color: Black Size: 6mm*900mm Weight: 0.77kg Original password : 00000 How to Set your own numeric code: To set your own combination, follow the steps below: 1.The preset code is "00000".Dial the combination wheels to 00000 and withdraw the cable 2. Turn the knob which is inside the lock to the end 3. Setup your desired code 4. After setup, turn the knob back to the original position 5. The new code is now finnished. Turn back to the original position and use the new password to open the lock 6. Repeat the 1-5 steps above to reset the code anytime you like. Attention: Once forget the password, you can never open your lock. Please remember your password if you have set a new one. Package: Combination lock x 1 User Manual x 1
FD-MOTO 1.8Mx10MM Motorbike Chain Lock Heavy Duty Bike Scooter Motorcycle Chain Lock Padlock
Touch Global Ltd
FD-MOTO 1.8M Motorcycle Chain and Disc Lock: •A professional quality Heavy Duty Chain and Disc Lock; •The chain is 1.8m in length; •Tough double locking padlock with hardened steel shackle which doubles as a disc lock; •Every link is welded; •Rust resistant; •Protective textile outer sleeve protects paintwork and rims; •Suitable for a wide range of other security applications; •A large heavyweight chain and Disc lock will deter a thief and give them a hard time if they try and take it on; •This chain is manufactured with 10mm square steel, it is Resistant to bolt cutters, hammers, saws, and chisels; •Package:hanging tag; •Ordercode: CL729CM180-JQ •Weight: about 4kg
Abus Granit 68 Victory Lock-Chain 12mm/120cm
Abus has evolved in over 80 years from a producer of traditional padlocks to a brand of expertise in preventive security technology. Now one of the top names in motorcycle and scooter anti-theft products; Abus; based in Germany; is a family-owned company; passionate about helping motorcyclists keep hold of their pride and joy. Many of the individual products feature unique security innovations and Abus locks have proved un-pickable since the conception of the X-Plus and Plus locking mechanisms introduced over 18 years ago. From portable Pro-Vogue disc locks; ground anchors; U-type shackle locks and heavy duty steel chains to more flexible cable locks for lightweight motorcycles and scooters; Abus has something for every two-wheel user in their extensive range. 12 mm strong loop chain with fabric sleeve to prevent damage to the motorbikes paintwork The round shape and a turnable outer ring and 14 mm strong bolt hanicap the use of opening tools * The chain; the bolt; the case as well as supporting elements of the locking mechanism are made of special hardened steel ABUS X-Plus cylinder for highest protection against manipulations e.g. picking Two keys are supplied with the lock; one LED-lighted ABUS Code Card for additional or replacement key A Memory Cable as reminder to prevent an unintended ride off with the bike still locked is included
LUPO Motorbike Bicycle Disc Brake Lock Heavy Duty Anti Theft Security + 2 Keys
Heavy Duty Disc Lock. 5.5mm Hardened locking pin Suitable for use on motorbikes, bikes, mopeds & scooters Locks onto the brake disc to prevent the wheel from turning space between back of the lock and the pin is 21mm Size: 47x45x25mm
Bike Lock,High Quanlity 10mm Diameter Heavy Duty Motorbike Bicycle Bike Chain Lock,Security Burglar Best for Outdoor Bike and Motorcycle (100cm Length x 10mm Dia)
CHIDUAN chain locks are the perfect solution to protect bikes, motorcycles and bicycle from theft.Chain lock with 10 mm diameter made of manganese steel for strong anti-cutting and anti-saw performance. lock cylinder is multilayer DISC lock cylinder, the key is also unique, 45 degree bevel cut, technically up to level B, maximum protection for your valuables.To avoid scratching the bike, the chain is covered with a nylon sheath, the chain lock is 100 cm long and large enough to fasten ladders, gates, fences, grids, tool boxes and other items. Size specifications:Length: 100 cmDiameter: 10mmWeight: 1.25kg Material: manganese steel / nylon fabricApplication: sports equipment, garage, farm, fence, tool boxes, bicycles, motorcycles, electric cars, handcart Features:10 mm diameter circular chain made of manganese steelMulti-layer DISC lock cylinder45 degree bevel cut B-level safety keyEntire chain completely covered by nylon textileManganese steel closure shackleKeyhole with active sand coverAffordable, easy to use, durablePackage includes:- 1 x CHIDUAN chain lock- 1 x storage bag- 2 x All steel keys100% Money Back Guarantee:please rest assured purchase this product. If you are not satisfied with the purchase for any reason, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Or simply return the product for a full refund.
FD-MOTO 1.2M*10MM Steel Heavy Duty Motorcycle Chain Lock Padlock + Anti-theft Yellow 110dB Alarmed Brake Disc Lock + 1.5M Cable for Motorbike Bicycle Bike Scooter
Touch Global Ltd
FD-MOTO 1.2M Chain Lock Padlock: Tough double locking padlock with hardened steel shackle ; Every link is welded;Rust resistant; Protective textile outer sleeve protects paintwork and rims; A large heavyweight chain and Disc lock will deter a thief and give them a hard time if they try and take it on; This chain is manufactured with 10mm square steel, it is Resistant to bolt cutters, hammers, saws, and chisels; Weight: about 2.9kg Yellow Alarm Disc Lock: Approx. 100-110DB Loud alarm siren Approx. 7mm Pushdown locking pin Dimensions and Weight: 90*70*39mm, approx 363g Material: aluminium alloy Two keys included, can be quickly disarmed by using the key to unlock Battery:6 x AG13 button cell+Exrta 6pcs Batteries Maintenance: Spray lubricant in the lock every 3 months to keep in good working order Self arming:just click in the key barrel,a "DU" will inform you the lock is armed.After 15 seconds the alarm will be activated If the alarm senses shock or movement then it will sound a "DU,DU,DU" as a warning,if further movements are sensed within 5 seconds then the alarm will sound until the movement stops.Each alarm will last 10 seconds USAGE: Press the lock core,it will be locked and you will hear the sound "Du",which means it is coming into the alarming situation,after 15 seconds.When the lock body or vehicle is vibrated,the lock will give an alarm "DU DU DU".When the lock is vibrated again,it will give an alarm and keep alarm with serial vibration.Each alarm will last 10 seconds Use the key to open the lock,the alarm will stop at once. Disc Lock Reminder: 150CM x 4MM Approx Fits Between Handlebar Lever And Fitted Disc Lock
H&S 6mm x 2m Heavy Duty Bike Bicycle Cycle Chain Lock PadLock (6mm Dia x 2000mm Length)
The H&S Chain Lock is a supremely strong chain lock system for total security and peace of mind. The chain is covered by a nylon sheath made for deterring would-be thieves. Great for your motorcycles, bike, scooters, camping, BBQ or other valuables you wish to keep secure, you can now sleep, go to work or play with confidence knowing your belongings are safe with the H&S Chain Lock. Features -The chain links made of triple heat-treated boron manganese for the ultimate strength in a chain -Narrow inner width of individual links defends against leverage attacks -Durable nylon protective cover prevents scratching your precious equipment -heavy duty Security padlock -Hardened steel padlock body -Hardened boron alloy steel closed shackle -Available Diameter of Steel: 6mm, 8mm & 10mm -Available Length of Chain: 1.2 meter (47") and 2.0 meters(79") Package Contents -1 x Chain -1 x Padlock -3 x Keys
70mm Stainless Steel Round Shape Cake Lock Warehouse Door Disc Padlock Bicycle Anti-Theft Chain Lock
1PCS Cute Stainless Steel Brass Cylinder Disc Padlock Round Shape Disc Lock for Locking Doors Windows Bags Feature: Heavy duty construction for added security. Supplied with 2 keys. Stainless steel shell. Weatherproof. Rustproof. Waterproof. Fits most storefront gate receptacles. Stainless steel Armour Outer Shell. Description Material:Stainless Steel Color: silver Size: 69*68*21mm Weight: 210g Package : - 1x Lock - 2 keys
Y&S Bike U Lock, Heavy Duty High Security D Shackle Bike Lock with 4FT/1.2M Steel Flex Cable and Sturdy Mounting Bracket for bikes, bicycle,motorbikes, motorcycles
Product Features: STURDY AND DURABLE: Mountain bike locks made of hardened performance heat treatment steel, with zinc alloy lock core. A sturdy mounting bracket and a braided high-quality steel cable. EXTRA SECURITY: A braided 1200 mm flex cable is included for extra security or locking several bicycles at once. Road bike lock with 2 pure copper Keys, no trouble forgetting the password. SIMPLE STORAGE: Convenient high-quality mounting bracket means your bicycle lock goes with you, no extra packing required. Experiments show the most effective way of locking the bike is for the U-lock to be threaded through the frame and front tyre. Package including: 1xBlack bike U-lock 1x 1200 mm Flex Cable 1x Mounting Bracket 2x Keys
Urban Security U9D Motorcycle Disc and Chain Lock 15 mm diameter / Heavy Duty
Urban Security Motorcycles Disc lock or Chain Lock for the highest theft locations. URBAN - Security, design and the best value for money. 15 mm diameter - Hardened steel. Anti-drilling and anti-picking key mechanism. 2 years Warranty for manufacturing defects. Made in Europe. Can be use as a chain lock for locking bicycle and Motorcycles. Can be use as a rotor brake disc lock for motorcycles.
3Keys 60mm Heavy Duty Warehouse Container Garage Blinds Padlock Door Lock Chain Long Pole Student Safe Dormitory Waterproof Large Alloy Steel zinc Rust Outdoor Hardened handleless Padlock, 2.5 inch
Lock long pole padlock Super B-class security door student safe dormitory waterproof large alloy steel zinc rust warehouse outdoor key with hardened handleless lock lock padlock, 2.5 inch wide silver all-weather solid zinc alloy and steel jacket single key different padlock Locker lock and key zinc alloy padlock, 1 piece, Product Name: Straight Open PadlockMaterial: Zinc Alloy + Alloy SteelDimensions: Length 180mm * Width 62mm Color: SilverWeight: 490g The lock cylinder adopts double row parallel grooved groove and adopts double size machinery The principle of locking. The coding of the blade is divided into 10 models: the blade is mounted according to the tooth shape of the key, and the uniform movement of the groove is changed by the convexity height of the blade. The grooves of the double row and the five rows are equal, and the large rod is reset in the blade. Then, the small stick falls into the lock core pull sleeve, the limit is canceled, the key is turned, the lock cylinder is opened, otherwise it cannot be opened. The trough-shaped blades are 5 per row, 10 on both sides, and the key tooth code is 9.76 million, indicating that the mutual aperture ratio is almost zero. The patented technical design is the password for opening the long-barrel padlock series. The key tooth code is centered on the three-dimensional coordinates (the center line of the key), the Z axis is zero, the motion of the Y axis determines the code, and the positive and negative X axes determine the double line without deviation. The unique key tooth design is written on both sides of the center line of the key, which not only protects the teeth, but also increases the strength and life of the key. Package: padlock * 1 + key * 3.