Heat Gun, Tacklife 2000W Large Digital LCD Display Electric Hot Air Gun with Variable Temperature (50 ℃ -650 ℃) Wind Speed Adjustment (250L-500L/ Min) and Memory Settings, HGP72AC
Tacklife- A Professional team on Amazon, which deals only with development of the tools We commit ourselves to using qualitative tools to improve the quality of life The temperature of this hot air gun is adjustable, excellent in quality. You can adjust the temperature from 50-650 Degree Centigrade(122℉-1202℉)  ✔Unique Design  Professional hot air gun with LCD digital display, you can clearly see the use of temperature Built-in overheating protection makes your heat gun safer and more reliable Stainless steel outlet pipe can effectively prevent oxidation rust to enhance service life 2M wire length supports a wider range of use ✔4 Valid Accessories  (1) Fan Nozzle could be used to centralize hot air local heating (2) Reflector Nozzle is used as hot air guide, such as heating to make plastic pipe bending and increase the heating area of the pipe to accelerate the softening of the pipe  (3) Reducer Nozzle makes hot air nozzle concentrated into strips, in need of large flat heating. It makes the old paint of table heated and softened, to paint from the surface combined with a scraper (4) BBQ lighter Nozzle can burn charcoal ✔Temperature interval usage scenarios   (1) 50-100℃: cooling temperature; (2) 80-200℃:Thawing freezing pipe and contracting hot melt pipe; (3) 200-450℃: Bend the plastic pipe and remove the paste plastic ; (4) More than 450℃: Soften the solder object (not directly on the circuit board), soften the paint, and remove the rusty bolts ✔Technical Specification Voltage: 240V Power: 2000 W Air temperature / flow:I 50 ℃ (250L-500L/ min); II 50--650 ℃ (250L-500L/ min) Certification: CE / ROHS Dimension: 26 * 21 * 8.5cm Power Cord Length: 2m ✔Package Content: 1 x Tacklife HGP72AC Heat Gun with 2m cord, 1 X Scraper, 2 X Scraper Blade,1 X Concentration nozzle,1 X Fish tail surfac
1800W Heat Gun AIKOU 220V Adjustable Temperature 50~630℃ Hot Air Gun with Rear LCD Display Digital Controls Fast Heating Blower Kits for Stripping Paint, Soldering Pipes, Shrinking PVC(Red)
Feature ● With temperature control via the rear button,you can adjust the temperature continuously,according to your different applications from 50 °C to 630 °C,in 10℃ increment or decreasing. ● Air supply fan with turbo structure can make the heat gun produce strong wind. air flow approx for step 1:250L/min ; air flow approx for step 2:500L/min . ● With LCD display show real-time temperature can achieve precise temperature control to avoid the useless low temperature or high temperature that will cause damage to the object. ●Temperature memory function which allows you not have to set the temperature repeat. ● Stainless steel outlet pipe can effectively prevent oxidation rust to enhance service life. ● The use of three-storey insulation design and built-in overheating protection makes your heat gun safer and more reliable. ● With Four Heat-resistant nozzles,allows a versatile use such as: pinpoint soldering, wide-area removing of paint/plastic floor glue,bend pvc pipe or melt litter in pipe.Targeted removal of paint on windows and quick fanning of the charcoal grill. Specification: Power watt: 1800W Voltage:220V Temperature/Air flow: I 50~450℃ 250L/min II 450~630℃ 500L/min Power Cord Length:1.8m Certification: CE/FCC/RoHS Plug type:UK Package Content: 1x AIKOU Heat Air Gun 4x Heat Gun nozzles 1x User Manual 1x Warranty Card(24 months warranty) Note: Do not use for hair dryer Do not direct the heat toward human or animal Do not use it in wet condition