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Lampblack (Carbonblack / Soot) Pigment 500g
Inoxia Ltd
Lampblack is essentially very finely divided carbon formed by collecting the soot from partially burnt materials. When handling this material wet, it is advised to add a percentage of alcohol to reduce the surface tension. Source: Dry distillate from coal Particle size:
Inoxia Ltd
1/2" Internal Diameter 3mm Wall 500mm Long Parallel wound with brown paper.
Inoxia Bentonite clay powder - OCMA grade (1 Kilograms)
Inoxia Ltd
Inoxia Bentonite OCMA grade clay powder
Magnetite powder, natural(mined) source, (ferrous-ferric oxide, Fe3O4) (1 Kilograms)
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Synonyms: Iron(II,III) oxide, Fe3O4 Particle size: 95% < 170 mesh (~53µ) Colour: Black Odour: Odourless Formula: Fe3O4
Copper Powder 1kg (Atomized Metal)
Inoxia Ltd
This material is sometimes burnt to produce blue/green flames, or intensifying green coloured flames, however this practice is not very common.Copper powder is commonly used in cold metal casting. Particle size: 300 mesh (36µ) Colour: Reddish, lustrous Odour: Odourless Melting point: 1083ºC Boiling point: 2595ºC
Inoxia Ltd
3/4" Internal Diameter 4.5mm Wall 500mm Long Parallel wound with brown paper.
Inoxia 20mm Ceramic Grinding Balls, Milling Media for ball mill - Weight: 1kg
Inoxia Ltd
20mm diameter alumina (Al2O3) ceramic balls, very hard wearing and ideal for ball milling. For volume calculations, 1kg will take up roughly half a litre.
Woven Wire Mesh by Inoxia - 8 mesh (Stainless Steel 304L) – 2.5mm Aperture - Cut Size: 30cmx30cm
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This product offers a range of mesh types, the mesh count is the number of wires per inch. 2 mesh has 2 wires per inch and 11.1mm holes 3 mesh has 3 wires per inch and 7.27mm holes 4 mesh (0.9) has 4 wires per inch, 0.9mm thick wires and 5.45mm holes 4 mesh (1.2) has 4 wires per inch, 1.2mm thick wires and 5.15mm holes 5 mesh has 4.08mm holes 6 mesh has 3.33mm holes 8 mesh has 2.465mm holes 10 mesh has 1.98mm holes 20 mesh has 0.915mm holes 30 mesh has 0.567mm holes 40 mesh has 0.411mm holes 60 mesh has 0.263mm holes 80 mesh has 0.178mm holes 120 mesh has 0.122mm holes 200 mesh has 0.075mm holes 325 mesh has 0.054mm holes 400 mesh has 0.035mm holes 500 mesh has 0.027mm holes
Copper Carbonate, 1kg, High purity Green Malachite Powder
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Pigment for paints and ceramics - Copper carbonate is used in pigments under the names mountain green, mineral green or verdeazzuro (green azure). While it is not routinely used in modern bulk paints, it is still desired for restoration and artists' paints. Ceramics and pottery applications call for copper carbonate in slips (2-8%) and glazes (
Inoxia Ltd
1" Internal Diameter 6mm Wall 500mm Long Parallel wound with brown paper.