Z-Saw H-150 Dozuki ultra-fine crosscut saw
A fantastic saw for detailed work, this saw has 25 TPI (teeth per inch) for an incredibly smooth finish. The blade is only 0.3mm thick meaning that it is virtually effortless to use. Like all Japanese saws it cuts on the pull stroke, rather than as you push. Never tried a Japanese saw? This could be the ideal introduction!
Stanley 020331 FatMax Mini Flush Cut Pull Saw
Stanley FatMax Mini Flush 5 Set Cut Pull Saw STA020331 This FatMax pullsaw has a double sided blade for convenient cutting from the left or the right.A flexible blade enables the flush cutting of plugs and dowels as well as precise cutting such as dovetails, small joints and cut-offs.The soft-grip handle gives comfort and support during use.23 teeth per inch - cuts quickly and cleanly on the pull stroke.Length 125mm (5 in). STA020331
Gyokucho Set of 3 Japanese Hand Saws
• The world's finest set of three Japanese saws• Dozuki: Ultra-fine finish saw for dovetail joints, picture framing and beading• Ryoba: Double edge saw for cross and end grain sawing• Kataba: Fine finish saw without a spine for long and deep sawing• Impulse hardened teeth for superior sharpness• Teeth are symmetrically set to ensure straight, drift free sawing• Ultra thin steel blades require significantly less sawing force• Blades are surface plated to prevent rust and minimise friction• Light weight strong handles for fatigue free sawingThis is our best selling set of three Japanese saws and is favoured by professional cabinet makers, joiners and home woodworkers. Japanese handsaws have one stand out difference from their western counterparts; they cut on the pull stroke rather than the push stroke. Due to this single fundamental difference, Japanese saws have blades that are thinner, lighter and cut much smoother and faster. As the action of pulling the saw keeps the blade in tension through the cut, the blade does not need to be as thick or as heavy as a push saw which requires the extra bulk to withstand the compressive force of the cut keeping the blade, and the resultant cut, straight. This set consist of a Dozuki, Ryoba and Kataba saw. The Dozuki saw has an ultra thin blade for fast, accurate sawing where an ultra fine finish is required when sawing dovetail joints, picture framing, moulding and beading. The Ryoba is a double edge saw with two tooth patterns, one for cross cutting and the other for cutting with the grain on hard and softwoods. It features impulse harden teeth that are successively finer from tip to tang for easy starting cuts.
Irwin Pullsaw - Double Sided 240mm 7/17TPI
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Irwin Pullsaw Double Sided 240mm 7/17tpi IRW10505164 Designed to cut on the pull stroke. The thin blade and the teeth setting offer a cleaner cut and superb finish.The double edge saw is suitable for cross cutting and utility ripping. Length 240mm (9 ½ in)Teeth 7 and 17 tpi. IRW10505164
MURENA Japanese Saw 300mm with 2 Blades Handsaw Garden Saw for coarse and fine Cutting. Money-Back- Warranty !
S&R Industriewerkzeuge GmbH
Backless, robust Japanese saw MURENA saw with 2 hardened ground special teeth for deep cuts in solid wood, plastic and composite materials. Japanese saws work on PULL and are therefore easier to control and the cut can be made thinner.   + 2 RECHARGEABLE saw blades with 8 and 13 teeth per inch for coarse and fine cutting   + Flexible saw blade for edge sawing   + Special toothing for hard-wearing and durable use in the efficient pull-sawing of hardwood, plywood, caulking, roofing, hard foam, PVC, ABS   + Clean cut, also suitable for fresh thicker branches, good hand for left and right hands   + Handle is comfortable and secure in the hand and minimizes stresses with less effort during sawing   ====================================================== Total length: 630 mm Saw blade: 300 mm Weight: 204 gr. ======================================================   The thin sheets are extremely shock and pressure sensitive
Japanese Saw 180mm Ryoba Handsaw Compact and Smoothly HACHIEMON MOROTEGAKE
The HACHIEMON MOROTEGAKE is an artisan's saw, each one skilfully hand finished by a craftsman using the traditional Japanese "MOROTEGAKE" technique. Saws finished with the "MOROTEGAKE" technique have lines the texture of silk crepe on the surface of the blade. These vertical lines reduce the drag of each stroke and smoothly remove shavings. The HACHIEMON MOROTEGAKE is also double bladed, with a ripping blade and a crosscutting blade. The ripping blade is designed to cut along the grain of the wood, and can even be used to cut through hard woods. The crosscutting blade is more precise the the ripping blade when cutting perpendicular to the grain of the wood.
Irwin Pullsaw - Dovetail 185mm 22TPI
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Irwin Pullsaw Dovetail 185mm 22tpi IRW10505165 Designed to cut on the pull stroke. The thin blade and the teeth setting offer a cleaner cut and superb finish.The dovetail saw is suitable for flush cutting and fine, detail cutting.Length 185mm (7 1/4 in)Teeth 22 tpi. IRW10505165
HACHIEMON Japanese Saw RYOBA Mini 180mm for DIY and Hobby
It can be used for crafts, hobbies and easy DIY projects. It is a handy 180 mm-sized double edged saw. It has a vertical and horizontal saw blade and the different sides can be used depending on the type of wood to be cut.
Gyokucho 1151 Double Edged Flush Cutting Saw 125mm
Flush cutting saws are delicate precision tools used for cutting plugs, dowels, wooden nails and through tenons flush with the surrounding surface. The crosscut teeth of this saw have absolutely no set, so they do not scratch the surface. The blade is only 0.3mm thick and extremely flexible, light pressure with the index finger of your other hand is all that is required to hold the blade down onto the workpiece and achieve a truly flush cut.
Protanic Set of 3 Japanese Saw Hand Saw Wood Saw (Ryoba, Kataba, Dozuki)
protanic Gartentechnik GmbH
Kataba saw: For deep, long and flush cuts. Total length: approx. 60 cm. Weight: approx. 211 g. Saw blade thickness: approx. 0.6 mm thick. Saw blade length: 26.5 cm. Dozuki saw: For flat and long cuts. Total length: approx. 60.5 cm. Weight: approx. 222 g. Saw blade thickness: approx. 0.6 mm. Saw blade length: 26.5 cm. Ryoba saw: combined saw with trapezoidal teeth for cross-sections and triangular teeth for longitudinal cuts. Total length: approx. 61 cm. Weight: approx. 257 g. Saw blade thickness: approx. 0.8 mm thick. Saw blade length: 25 cm.
Gyokucho Compact Japanese Saws - Set of 3 180mm
This excellent value set of Gyokucho saws will cover the vast majority of your sawing needs for boxes, key cabinets, bookends, and similar small pieces of furniture. Perfect for toolbox use - giving you the same Gyokucho accuracy you enjoy in the workshop, for situations where you have to take the tools to the job. They are also excellent saws for younger woodworkers, efficient, easy to control, and very precise. The 291 compact Ryoba is used for much the same work as a western tenon saw, it has progressive rip teeth on one edge and 1.5mm/17tpi crosscut teeth on the other - ideal for tenons, saddle joints, lap joints etc. The 293 compact Atsuba Kataba is a small backless panel saw, ideal for dimensioning boards and sheet materials, or cutting components to length. The blade has a rounded tip of unset teeth, allowing stopped or blind cuts to be started within a panel. The 297 compact Dozuki is a dedicated dovetail saw for fine accurate joinery, the blade is just 0.3mm thick with 1mm tooth spacing (26tpi) and has a full length back that supports the blade right to the tip. It will happily cut dovetails in hardwoods up to 12mm (1/2") thick or as thin as 3mm (1/8"). The sturdy evagrip handles are made from a specially developed plastic that is hard and durable, yet feels soft and grippy to the touch. With appropriate care the nickel plated blades last for a very long time, it is not uncommon for us to supply first replacement blades for Gyokucho saws between 7 and 15 years old.
Folding Japanese 17 cm saw blade made of carbon steel, chrome-plated surface. Robust, ergonomically designed handle. Cuts up to 5 cm growth and weighs just 160 g.
Roamwild Multi Pull Saw PRO Japanese Double Edge Pullsaw - 12 inch/30cm 14 TPI & Unique Angled 6.5 inch/17cm 22 TPI - Nail Puller & Hammer (Roamwild Multi Pull Saw PRO)
The Roamwild multi-pullsaw PRO has a unique design. This Japanese pullsaw incorporates 2 cutting edges - a 12 inch / 30cm 14 TPI carpentry cutting edge and a unique 6.5 inches / 17cm long angled 22 TPI fine cutting edge. Great plastic pipe cutting saw. The ultra thin Japanese saw blade is pulse-hardened and incorporates teeth that have 3 diamond-ground cutting edges with almost no set. This combined with its fine narrow kerf gives extremely high cutting efficiency, the cleanest cut and best performance. It can cut to an amazing 0.6mm accuracy. This pull saw is so versatile - it can cut chipboard and laminates such as contiboard or kitchen worktops with ease and with no chipping. For the best cut you need to angle the saw at no more than 10 degrees to the surface you are cutting. The Unique 22 TPI angled fine cutting edge design makes the reverse cut much easier giving you much more control. The angle of the blade design allows for the handle to be held in a position away from a vertical surface, allowing you to flush cut objects like door frames with ease and without risk of catching your hand painfully. The design of the blade means this saw is also great for cutting in awkward places. The saw will cut with or against the grain at any angle and in tight spaces. An ergonomic new handle design with built in finger guard and has a unique nail puller and tack hammer on the base of the handle. There is a deliberate thumb groove on the top of the handle to allow for maximum control and accuracy whilst cutting. There is a blade quick release button on the handle, meaning that you can replace the blades of this saw when required. Replacement blades are available to buy separately. The ultra-fine thin blade is ideal for extra fine controlled cuts, such as cutting hardwood, dovetailing, furniture restoration and other intricate & fine wood working applications. The Roamwild Multi-Pullsaw PRO - The ultimate fine cut finishing hand pull saw
GRÜNTEK Japanese Saw Ryoba FUGU 300mm for Fine and Coarsed Cutting. Blade with Teeth on Both Sides. Rapid Pull Saw
S&R Industriewerkzeuge GmbH
GRÜNTEK JAPANESE SAW RYOBA FUGU + The FUGU Japanese saw operates on "pull saw" and is lighter to control than normal push saws. The thickness of the blade allows cleaner and more precise cuts. + Double-sided blades with 8 and 12 teeth per inch for double and fine cuts + Japanese saw with flexible blade for hobby or professional use and is suitable for both left and right handed + Fine Saw for long-term use and efficient cuts of hardwood, plywood, wooden beams, roof battens, foam, PVC, ABS + The handle is comfortable and safe: minimizes stress during cutting and avoids slipping ============================= Total length: 620 mm Blade length: 300 mm Weight: 290 gr. ============================= Light, fast and flexible Japanese saw Ryoba - universal wood saw
GRÜNTEK Piranha Garden and Carpenter's Saw with 2 Blades for Coarse and Fine Cut Hand Saw Japanese Saw with Slide Cutting System
S&R Industriewerkzeuge GmbH
NEW! The light and sharp carpenter saw Grüntek PIRANHA saw with 2 saw blades and with PULL-CUT-SYSTEM guarantees a light and precise cut. + Special toothing with a 3-dimension grinding per tooth ensures strong and long lasting use in the efficient pull-sawing of hardwood, plywood, caulking, roofing, hard foam, PVC, ABS; + Clean cut, also suitable for fresh thicker branches, good for left and right hands; + 2 easy-to-replace saw blades with 8 and 13 teeth per inch for coarse and fine cutting + Ergonomically curved, 2-component handle is comfortable and secure in the hand; Slightly curved grip and soft touch handles prevent slipping; + Balanced construction minimizes stresses with less effort during sawing _____________________________________________________ Total length: 520 mm Saw blade: 350 mm Weight: 344 gr.