Karcher accessories for window vac

Kärcher Window Vac Extension Pole for All Kärcher Window Vac Models
Designed For:Kärcher WV 50 Plus, WV 75 Plus
Kärcher Window Vac WV5 Premium incl. Accessories, Window cleaner for Windows, Tiles, Shower & Cabinets and Exchangeable Battery
The New Karcher WV 5 Premium Window Vac is 10% shorter and lighter than the original window vac but now has a 35 minute run time, allowing you to clean up to 105m² per charge. The WV 5 also includes a handy LED battery level indicator. Thanks to its powerful vacuum there are no drips, leaving surfaces completely dry and streak free. It’s also perfect for removing liquid from mirrors, shower screens, tiles, condensation from windows and even spills from floors and worktops. Comes with: 100ml Dirty Water Tank, Built-In Lithium Ion Battery, Charger, Wide Vac Head (280mm), Narrow Vac Nozzle (170mm), Spray Bottle and 1 x Detergent Sachet. Specification Working Width: 280mm.Cleaning Area: 105m² (Per Charge).Battery Run Time: 35 Minutes. Weight: 0.65kg.
Kärcher Spray Bottle and Microfiber Cloth Kit for Window Vac Accessory
beinhaltet eine Sprühflasche, einen Wischeraufsatz, einenMikrofaserbezug sowie 20 ml Fensterreinigungskonzentrat
Kärcher Window Vac WV2 Premium With Accessories
As the inventor of the battery powered Window Vac, Kärcher has revolutionised – and perfected – window cleaning. As a result of its practical vacuuming function and simple handling, window cleaning with Kärcher latest versions of their rechargeable Window Vac’s is noticeably better, easier and quicker than it ever has using traditional methods. Its powerful suction and patented blade technology make dripping water and puddles a thing of the past. Window Vacs are also ideal for other smooth surfaces such and mirrors, shower screens and tiles with the result always being the same: gleaming cleanliness with no streaks or residue. Box Contains 1 x WV2 Window Vac 1 x Wide Suction Head 1 x Narrow Suction Head 1 x Spray Bottle 1 x Microfibre Cleaning Head 1 x Window Cleaning Concentrate 1 x Charger 1 x Instruction Booklet
Kärcher Replacement Charger for All Kärcher Window Vac Models
OEM Window Vac Charger for: WV50 WV60 WV70 WV2 WV5
Kärcher 500 ml Glass Cleaning Concentrate for Window Vac
Karcher Glass Cleaning Concentrate 500ml KAR62953750KAR62953750
Kärcher Window Vac Small Suction Blade
Weight:0.6 kg, Included Tools:280 mm vacuum nozzle, Included Accessories:Spray bottle with microfibre wiper ¦ Battery charger ¦ Cleaning solution, Power Type:Rechargeable batteries, Battery:Lithium Ion, Full Charge Time:140 min, Main Voltage:100 - 240 V / 50/60 Hz, Operating Autonomy:25 min
Kärcher WV2 Window Vac
The Kärcher WV Easy is a limited edition version of Kärcher's popular Window Vac. It is perfect for removing liquid from mirrors, shower screens, tiles, condensation from windows and even spills from floors and worktops. The WV Easy is designed to be totally portable and can be used inside and outside the home, allowing for effortless and uninterrupted window cleaning. Both easy and comfortable to use, the WV Easy is very compact making it simple to clean those hard to reach spots. Innovative technology ensures that dirty water is hygienically sucked up before it starts to run therefore making it very easy to manage. Also, 20 minutes of battery life per charge ensures you'll enjoy a productive and effective clean.
Karcher 2.633-116.0 Charging Station with Rechargeable Battery for WV 5 Plus
- Replacement battery for endless cleaning - Convenient charger - Appropriate storage Weight & dimensions -Width: 132 mm -Depth: 200 mm -Height: 50 mm -Weight: 280 g Battery -Batteries included: Y -Number of batteries included: 1 pc(s) -Battery technology: Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) -Battery recharge time: 3.5 h Design -Product colour: Black Performance -Number of batteries supported: 1 -Type: Indoor battery charger -Compatible products: WV5 Window Vac