Kärcher Soft Washing Brush - Pressure Washer Accessory
Karcher 2.640-590 Deluxe Soft Brush Wide Head - The Kärcher WB60 Wide Headed Soft Brush is ideal for cleaning large surfaces. - It has a working width of 248mm, and it can be used for cleaning conservatories, cars, boats and caravans.
Kärcher K2 Full Control Home Pressure Washer
The Karcher K2 Full Control Home Pressure Washer is part of the most advanced range of pressure washers from Karcher. Complete with the Full Control lance and trigger gun, which guides users on the ideal pressure setting for the area being cleaned. Uses iconography showing where each of the 4 pre-defined settings should be used. The telescopic handle and wheels make movement easy, whilst remaining compact with all of the accessories storing neatly on the machine. Comes with the Patio Cleaning Kit that is ideal for larger cleaning tasks such as decking, block paving and stone patios. Comes complete with a 2 year warranty. Supplied with: 1 x Full Control High-Pressure Gun.1 x Vario Power Spray Lance.1 x Dirt Blaster Spray Lance.1 x 4m High-Pressure Hose.1 x T150 Patio Cleaner.1 x 500ml Patio & Deck Detergent. Specification Max Pressure: 110 Bar.Flow Rate: 360l/h.Motor: 1,400 Watt.Max Water Feed Temperature: 40C. Area Performance: 20m/h.Hose Length: 4m.Weight: 4.34kg. PTDKARK2FCH
Kärcher 2.641-709.0 Hose Extension 6 m K 2 - K 7
High-pressure extension hose for greater flexibility. 6 m robust DN 8 quality hose for durability. For K2 - K7 series from 2008 with Quick Connect connector.
Kärcher 2.642-724.0 Vario Power Jet for K2-K3 - VP 120, Black
The Vario Power spray lance: from low-pressure detergent jet to high-pressure jet with infinitely adjustable pressure regulation simply by turning the spray lance. Ideal for cleaning smaller areas around the home and garden, such as walls, paths, fences and vehicles. Suitable for all Kärcher pressure washers in classes K 2 to K 3. - The pressure can be adapted to the cleaning task - Infinitely adjustable pressure regulation from low-pressure detergent jet to high-pressure jet - No need to change spray lance Weight & dimensions -Width: 45 mm -Height: 45 mm -Length: 448 m -Weight: 100 g Packaging content -Number of products included: 1 pc(s) Features -Brand compatibility: Kärcher -Compatibility: K 2, K 3 -Colour of product: Black
Kärcher FJ10 C, Foam Nozzle Connect and Clean Car shampoo 2.643-144.0
Car shampoo and + quick-change system FJ 10 C Connect 'n' Clean foam nozzle. Easy Change between different detergents with just a simple click. Technical details -Device type: Garden water spray nozzle -Colour of product: Black, Yellow -Compatibility: - G 4.10 M\n- G 7.10M\n- K 2 Premium\n- K 2 Premium Car\n- K 2 Premium Car & Home\n- K 2 Premium Home\n- K 2.200 Balcony\n- K 2.200 Balcony CR\n- K 3\n- K 3 Car\n- K 3 Home\n- K 3 Premium\n- K 3 Premium Home T150 *EU\n- K 4
Karcher Vario Power Jet VP 145 S, Short 360° 2.643), Black
Karcher 360 Degree Nozzle The Karcher Mini VP145 Vario Power Jet includes an infinite pressure regulator and is adjustable 360. Making this mini vario power jet the perfect solution for cleaning those difficult to reach areas, such as under your wheel arches. Suitable for use with the Karcher K2-K4 high pressure washers. Features Unlimited adjustment - the pressure can be adapted to the cleaning task. Time saving - no need to change spray lance. Flexible joint - adjustable 360 joint Contents 1 X Krcher 360 Vario Nozzle
Kärcher Alloy Wheel Wash Brush for Pressure Washer Accessory
Wheel wash brush with all-round bristles ensures extremely effective cleaning. Brush reaches difficult to reach areas and gets into the smallest gaps for thoroughly wheels or spokes. Uniform 360° water distribution for dissolving and flushing away the dirt. Quality bristles provide for a gentle and efficient cleaning action. Excellent all-round cleaning results. Includes union nut for secure spray gun connection and ergonomic handle for ease of use. In brief: The ideal solution for shiny clean wheels and spokes. Wheel wash brush suitable for all Kärcher K2 K7 series domestic pressure washers. Features -Colour of product: Black, Yellow -Compatible products: G 4.10 M\nG 7.10M\nK 2 Car & Home\nK 2 Home\nK 2 Car\nK 2 Classic\nK 2 Compact\nK 2 Compact Car\nK 2 Compact Car & Home T50\nK 2 Compact Home\nK 2 Premium\nK 2 Premium Car\nK 2 Premium Car & Home\nK 2 Premium Home\nK 4\nK 4 Car\nK 4 Car & Home T250\nK 4 Compact\nK 4 Compact Car\nK 4 Compact Home\nK 4 Home T250\nK 4 Premium\nK 4 Premium Car\nK 4 Premium eco!ogic Home\nK 4 Premium eco!ogic Home\nK 4 Premium Home\nK 5\nK 5 Car\nK 5 Compact\nK 5 Compact Car\nK 5 Compact Car & Home\nK 5 Compact Home\nK 5 Home\nK 5 Premium\nK 5 Premium Car\nK 5 Premium eco!ogic\nK 5 Premium eco!ogic Home\nK 5 Premium Home\nK 7\nK 7 Car\nK 7 Compact\nK 7 Compact Home T400\nK 7 Home\nK 7 Premium\nK 7 Premium Car\nK 7 Premium eco!ogic\nK 7 Premium eco!ogic Home\nK 7 Premium Home\nK7 Compact Car
Kärcher K2 replacement hose, high-pressure hose, 5 m long, with quick connect system
Replacement hose for a Karcher K2 Home user machine. This will only fit trigger with a YELLOW C-CLIP OR PUSH BUTTON retaining the hose in. IF you have a flat black C-Clip please purchase K2 Hose 63922440