Kärcher Steam Cleaner Cloth Set
Cloth set of high-quality cotton with 2 large floor cloths and 3 covers for hand tool. Compatible products - DE 4002 - SC 1122 - SC 1125 Plus - SC 1202 - SC 1202 + iron - SC 1202 + prof. iron - SC 1402 - SC 1402 + iron - SC 1402 + prof. iron - SC 1502 - SC 1502 + iron - SC 1702 - SC 1702 + iron - SC 1702 + prof. iron - SI 2125 Technical details -Quantity per box: 5 pc(s)
Kärcher Steam Cleaner Window Nozzle
Window tool thoroughly cleans glass surfaces using a steam cleaner. This makes Kärcher steam cleaners more versatile and thoroughly cleans windows and mirrors. Weight & dimensions -Width: 43 mm -Depth: 255 mm -Height: 130 mm Features -Compatibility: SC 1\nSC 1 EasyFix\nSC 1 EasyFix Premium\nSC 1 Premium\nSC 2 EasyFix\nSC 2 EasyFix Premium\nSC 3 EasyFix\nSC 3 EasyFix Premium\nSC 4 EasyFix\nSC 4 EasyFix Iron\nSC 4 EasyFix Premium\nSC 4 EasyFix Premium Iron\nSC 5 EasyFix\nSC 5 EasyFix Iron\nSG 4/4\nSI 4 EasyFix Iron
Kärcher Steam Cleaner Microfibre Floor Cloths x 2
2 soft microfibre velour floor cloths for easy dirt removal. For perfectly clean floors.
Karcher Floor Cleaning Tool for SC Steam Cleaners
This new & innovative floor tool provides even better cleaning results for your Karcher Steam Cleaner. Optimised steam utilisation & a larger cleaning surface deliver a more thorough clean over larger areas.Compatible With:SC 1.020SC 1.030 BSC 1402SC 1502SC 2.500 CSC 2.600 CSC 2.600 CBSC 5.800 C
Kärcher Set of 5 Terry Cotton Cleaning Cloths For Steam Cleaners - Extra Wide Cloths For Floor Tool
5 floor cloths made of quality cotton. Lint-free, absorbent and hard-wearing. Features -Compatible products: SC 1202\nSC 1402 B\nSC 1475 Jubilee *EU\nSC 1702\nSC 1702 B\nSC 1702 B Profi\nSI 2125
Kärcher Steam Cleaner 4 x Nylon Round Brushes
Kärcher UK Ltd
Designed For:Karcher SI 2125 ¦ Kärcher SC 1.030, SC 1202, SC 1402, SC 1502, SC 1702, SC 1702 B, SC 2.500 C, SC 2.600 C, SC 2.600 CB, SC 952
First4Spares Round Brush Nozzle Attachment for Karcher Steam Cleaner (Pack of 4)
First4Spares compatible Karcher steam cleaner round brush nozzles Pack of 4 nozzles Hard wearing and heat resistant nylon brushes Fits over 175 different Karcher models including SC2500, SC2600, SC3100, SC4100 Please note this part is a non genuine compatible spare part and the manufacturers' names and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only
Karcher 28630210 Steam Cleaner Accessory Extension Hose for SC1 37.5 x 5.1 x 26 cm
Karcher 28630210 Steam Cleaner Accessory Extension Hose for SC1 37.5 x 5.1 x 26 cm
Kärcher Steam Cleaner Detail Nozzle
Kärcher UK Ltd
35mm detail nozzle SC1002 SC1052 SC1122 SC1402 SC1502 etc.
Karcher EasyFix Floor Cloths
Microfibre floor cloths to fit the latest Karcher EasyFix Floor Cleaning System on the SC2, SC3, SC4 & SC5 EasyFix Steam Units. These will NOT fit Non-EasyFix SC2, SC3, SC4 & SC5 systems.
Kärcher Steam Cleaner Turbo Brush
Kärcher Turbo Steam Brush Accessory - No scrubbing required - Easy to clean - Compactible with all Kärcher steam cleaners (Excluding SC952) - Ideal for cleaning difficult areas such as crevices and corners - Turbo steam pressure
Deals365 Cotton Terry Cloth Cover Pads for Karcher Steam Cleaner Hand Tool (Pack of 5)
Replacement Washable Elasticated Utility Cover Cloths made to fit Karcher Steam Cleaner Handheld Tool (Pack of 5) - Fits models: K1102, K1105, K1201, K1405, SC952, SC1002, SC1020, SC1030, SC1052, SC1122, SC1402, SC1502, SC2500, SC2600, SC4100, SC5800, SC6002. Please Note: Manufacturers names and numbers and any illustrations are for reference and identification purposes only and these parts are in no way associated with the initial manufacturer's parts
Kärcher Power Nozzle Set
Kärcher 2.863-263.0. Type: Brush kit, Colour of product: Black, Yellow, Compatibility: SC 1 EasyFix SC 1 EasyFix Premium SC 1 Floor Kit SC 2 SC 2 EasyFix SC 2 EasyFix Premium SC 2.... Width: 21 mm, Depth: 107 mm, Height: 21 mm Weight & dimensions -Width: 21 mm -Depth: 107 mm -Height: 21 mm Features -Type: Brush kit -Colour of product: Black, Yellow -Compatibility: SC 1 EasyFix\nSC 1 EasyFix Premium\nSC 1 Floor Kit\nSC 2\nSC 2 EasyFix\nSC 2 EasyFix Premium\nSC 2 Premium\nSC 3 EasyFix\nSC 3 EasyFix Premium\nSC 4 EasyFix\nSC 4 EasyFix Premium\nSC 4 Premium\nSC 5 EasyFix\nSC 5 EasyFix Premium\nSC 1\nSC 1 Premium Floorkit\nSC 3\nSC 3 Premium\nSC 4\nSC 4 Iron Kit\nSC 5\nSC 5 Iron Kit\nSC 5 Premium
Karcher EasyFix Floor Tool Set
Karcher EasyFix Floor Tool Set for upgrading ANY Karcher SC machine to new EasyFix System. Comes with Floor tubes, EasyFix Cleaning Head and a Micro Fibre Cleaning Cloth