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WEBB R41SP Petrol 40cm Self Propelled Lawnmower
Offering effort-saving self-propulsion and boasting a compact 41cm working-width, this classic petrol rotary-mower from trusted British brand Webb will come into its own on smaller lawns with slopes and/or rough-grass areas to negotiate. Quality features include simple single-point cutting-height adjustment; a space-saving foldable handlebar; and a powerful but fuel-efficient 118cc Sanli OHV engine. The Webb WER41SP is built around a robust steel deck, but nevertheless weighs-in at just 27kg. Enjoy rugged build-quality, numerous convenience-features and superior cutting-capability when you get your hands on the UK-designed Webb WER41SP 'Classic' Petrol Rotary Lawnmower! It features single-lever height-of-cut selection, so selecting the most effective blade-position couldn't be simpler; and it benefits from a fold-down handlebar that makes for straightforward transport and storage. The Webb WER41SP is a self-propelled machine, so it will enable you to cover rolling ground and rough, tussocky areas with little effort expended. A compact 41cm width-of-cut means you'll have no trouble working around and between obstacles; while two-in-one mowing (bagging/rear-discharge) ensures you'll be able to manage varying grass-lengths. Driving the Webb WER41SP 'Classic' Self-Propelled Petrol Rotary Lawnmower is a high-specification 118cc Sanli four-stroke engine, which, thanks to its OHV (overhead-valve) design will prove fuel-efficient, quiet in operation and clean-running. It blends a substantial 50-litre collector-capacity with a roomy 1.1-litre petrol-tank so as to keep time-consuming stoppages to a minimum; and it's fitted with a sharp steel blade that will deliver a pleasingly neat and even finish. The cutting-height on this model is adjustable through seven stages, from 25 to 60mm. Comes backed by a lengthy two-year manufacturer's warranty.
Webb WER16SP 'Supreme' Self-Propelled Petrol Rotary Lawnmower
Boasting top-end Briggs & Stratton power and combining three-in-one mowing with a robust steel mower-deck, the high-specification Webb WER16SP 'Supreme' ticks all the boxes in terms of performance, versatility and durability. It runs on power-driven rear-wheels, so it will appeal if your lawn contains difficult rough-grass areas; and it's fitted with a foldable handlebar that works with a fabric grass-catcher to minimise its storage footprint. This 125cc model has a compact 41cm cut and can either bag, mulch or rear-discharge clippings. Gardeners seeking a traditional petrol rotary-mower offering premium features and superior build-quality should check-out this fine example from venerable British brand Webb! Key amongst those premium features is its Briggs & Stratton 450E-Series engine; a 125cc air-cooled four-stroke power-plant that incorporates Briggs' emission-cutting and fuel-saving OHV (overhead-valve) technology; and which blends Splash Lubrication with an oil-foam air-filter to guarantee excellent long-term reliability. A Lo-Tone muffler minimises headache-inducing noise; while a Magnetron electronic ignition makes starting ultra-dependable and stress-free. The Webb WER16SP 'Supreme' Petrol Rotary Lawnmower boasts a rear-wheel power-drive that means you'll be able to cover inclines (up to 15°) and bumpy terrain without tiring yourself out. It's fitted with a comfortable, height-adjustable soft-grip handlebar which can be quickly collapsed ready for transport or storage; and it sits on long-lasting ball-bearing-mounted wheels that ensure a smooth run across rough ground. Flexible in use, the Webb WER16SP 'Supreme' Self-Propelled Petrol Rotary Lawnmower gives you the choice of three mowing-modes (collection; mulching; rear-discharge), so you'll be achieve great results whatever the grass-conditions. A five-step cutting-height range - simple to set using only one lever - from 25mm - 70mm
Webb WERR17SP 'Supreme' Self-Propelled Petrol Rear-Roller Lawnmower
Equipped with a rear-mounted roller and constructed around a hardwearing ABS cutter-deck, this superbly well-engineered machine from leading UK brand Webb will appeal to gardeners who appreciate a classic striped finish and rugged build-quality. It employs top-end Briggs & Stratton power, so you can be sure of superior performance and unwavering reliability; and it's able to either mulch, rear-discharge or collect, so it's ideally placed to handle typically variable British conditions.The self-propelled Webb WERR17SP 'Supreme' has a 43cm width-of-cut and is supplied with a 55-litre catcher; a combination that makes it suitable for medium- to large-scale domestic use. Experience the very best in British design and lay-down a traditional striped finish with the impressive Webb WERR17SP 'Supreme' Petrol Rear-Roller Lawnmower! Delivering the power is a 140cc Briggs & Stratton 500E-Series engine that employs the US engineering-giant's efficiency-optimising and emission-reducing OHV (overhead-valve) technology and which combines a Magnetron electronic-ignition with a float-feed carburettor so as to eliminate starting-headaches. A premium oil-foam air-filter and effective Splash Lubrication ensure you can be confident of rock-solid reliability; while a Lo-Tone muffler minimises noise for a more pleasant working-environment. The Webb WERR17SP 'Supreme' is a three-in-one unit (collect; mulch; rear-discharge), so it can be set-up to handle the inevitable changes in conditions that occur through the growing-season. It's equipped a quick-fold handlebar that means it can be rapidly made more compact for storage or transport; and it's based around a robust ABS cutter-deck that confers the very best in durability. The stripe-producing rear-roller on the Webb WERR17SP is power-driven for the low-effort coverage of rolling-ground and tussocky grass; and has been split for enhanced manoeuvrability (it also prevents the mower tipping sideways when mowing over edges.
Webb WER18HW 'Supreme' Self-Propelled Hi-Wheel Petrol Lawnmower
Standing head and shoulders above other machines in its price-bracket, the UK-designed Webb WER18HW 'Supreme' packs-in the premium features, including large, manoeuvrability-enhancing drive-wheels; smooth-running and durable bearing-mounted wheels; and a handy deck-wash port. Its four-in-one capability (collection; side/rear-discharge; mulching) means it can be set-up to handle whatever conditions you're faced with; while its substantial 46cm width-of-cut and large 60-litre-capacity grass-catcher combine to ensure excellent productivity. Power comes from a high-performance Briggs & Stratton OHV engine. Offering best-in-class features at an eminently affordable price, this superbly well-equipped petrol rotary-mower from long-established British brand Webb is worth serious consideration if you're looking to get that bit of extra quality for your money. At its heart is a Briggs & Stratton 500E-Series engine that employs the US power-experts' economy-optimising and emission-minimising OHV (overhead-valve) technology; and which offers ultra-reliable starting thanks to a float-feed carburettor and a Magnetron electronic ignition. A Lo-Tone muffler makes your working-environment far less stressful; while an oil-foam air-filter and Splash Lubrication keep things running super-smoothly and ensure extended component-life. Unusually for a mower in this price-range, the Webb WER18HW 'Supreme' offers four-in-one mowing - you can elect to either collect, mulch, rear-discharge or side-discharge, thereby enabling you to manage the conditions confronting you on any given day. It runs on ball-bearing wheels and is built around a steel mower-deck, so it excels in terms of durability; and it's equipped with a collapsible handlebar that facilitates convenient transport and storage (a soft grip confers great user-comfort).
Webb 17
This Webb RR17SP Self Propelled Rear Roller lawn mower with a 42cm (17inch) cut will give a classic striped finish to the lawn and is powered by the easy starting Briggs and Stratton 500e series engine. Easy to use and manoeuvre and light weight for a rear roller machine at just 32kgs. It has an ABS - Thermoplastic deck, folding handles, a single lever height of cut adjustment with 6 setting from 23 to 77mms, a 55 litre grass collector and also comes with a mulch plug for recycling.This machine is ideal for small to medium lawns.
WEBB R46SP Petrol 46cm Self Propelled Lawnmower
With its sizeable 46cm cut, large 60-litre-capacity grassbag and self-propelled drive, the UK-designed Webb 'Classic' WER46SP will get you around a more substantial lawn quickly and with minimal effort expended. It boasts a seven-stage height-of-cut range, so you'll be able to achieve your desired finish; and it features a beefy 135cc Sanli OHV engine that's characterised by its low-emission performance and superior fuel-economy. This steel-decked model weighs just 34kg. Get your hands on this classic petrol rotary-mower from long-established British brand Webb and enjoy enhanced cutting-capability and robust build-quality at an eminently affordable price! Powering the Webb WER46SP 'Classic' is a high-performance 135cc Sanli air-cooled four-stroke engine which utilises the latest OHV technology - you'll get quiet, smooth-running operation with reduced fuel-costs and a marked cut in nasty exhaust-emissions. It features a rear-wheel power-drive, so you'll be able to traverse undulating terrain and rough-grass areas with the utmost ease; and it offers seven preset cutting-heights (25-65mm), which are quick and easy to select using just the one lever. So as to ensure it will easily withstand the inevitable knocks and bumps it will encounter during its working-life, the Webb WER46SP 'Classic' Self-Propelled Petrol Rotary Lawnmower has been built around a strong and durable steel cutter-deck. A two-year manufacturer's warranty provides reassurance when it comes to reliability and durability; while a fold-down handlebar and collapsible fabric grassbag mean you'll have no trouble finding a spot for the mower in your storage area. This model's 46cm width-of-cut and and 60-litre catcher make it ideal for medium- to large-scale domestic use.
Honda Izy HRG 466 SK 4-Wheel Self Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower
The Izy range is easy to start, easy to use and easy to look after. It's also stylish, quiet and easy on the environment. Type Izy Lawnmower Rear Roller (Stripe) No Cutting width 18"/46cm Cutting heights (mm) 20-74 Cutting height adjustment 6 positions Drive Self-propelled Grass bag capacity (litres) 55 Engine 1 cylinder, 4-stroke, air-forced cooled, overhead camshaft Mulching system:Not Included - Safety braking Flywheel brake Cutter deck material Steel Dry weight (kgs) 32 Starter mechanism Fix throttle type Auto choke Handle folding Yes Handle height adjust - Noise value (dB(A)) 94 Vibration (m/sec²) 3.0 Size (inches) 18 Garden size Compact to Medium (< 1 tennis court)
Webb WER21HW 'Supreme' Self-Propelled Hi-Wheel Petrol Rotary Lawnmower
Combining a widest-in-class 53cm cut with a hugely roomy 70-litre catcher and powerful self-propulsion, the fast-working Webb WER21HW 'Supreme' offers the sort of productivity that's essential if you're maintaining a very large lawn. It boasts a multitude of high-end features, including a four-in-one cutting-system for enhanced versatility; a hosepipe fixture for easy under-deck cleaning; and a 163cc Briggs & Stratton EXi-Series engine for superior performance. Cover a huge amount of ground fast and get the very best in British-design with the top-of-the-range Webb WER21HW 'Supreme' Petrol Rotary Lawnmower! Producing some aggressive torque is a Briggs & Stratton 675Exi-Series engine; a cutting-edge four-stroke air-cooled motor that boasts a substantial 163cc cylinder-displacement; and which features the globally renowned US manufacturer's ReadyStart system - you'll no longer have to prime the carburettor prior to starting. A paper-type air-filter provides optimum protection against damaging debris-ingress; while a mechanical governor means that bit of extra power is always there when you need it. Thanks to its four-in-one design, whereby you choose to collect, mulch, rear-discharge or side-discharge, the Webb WER21HW 'Supreme' is ideal if you've got both formal areas and sections of rough to manage. Its power-driven transmission makes covering slopes and tussocky grass a whole lot easier; while its extra-high drive-wheels ensure a smooth run across bumpy terrain and provide enhanced long-grass manoeuvrability. Designed with durability to the fore, the Webb WER21HW 'Supreme' Self-Propelled Hi-Wheel Petrol Rotary Lawnmower runs on bearing-mounted wheels that won't become stiff with age; and is based around a highly robust steel chassis. One of the most productive domestic-use mowers on the market, this model boasts an extra-wide 53cm cut and comes equipped with a cavernous 70-litre grassbag.
Webb WER18SP 'Supreme' Self-Propelled Petrol Rotary Lawnmower
Featuring a premium Briggs & Stratton engine and combining a three-in-one cutting-system with a highly productive 46cm working-width, the British-designed Webb WER18SP 'Supreme' represents fantastic value for money. It offers powerful self-propulsion, so it will come into its own on inclines and rolling terrain; and it boasts a deck-wash port that makes cleaning the undercarriage a fast, hassle-free process. This steel-deck model comes with a roomy 60-litre catcher and benefits from simple single-point cutting-height adjustment. Get that bit more for your money with this solidly-built, versatile and powerful petrol rotary-mower from trusted UK brand Webb! Supplying that power is a Briggs & Stratton 450E-Series motor; a top-quality four-stroke unit with the US engine-giant's OHV technology that works to deliver a marked reduction in noise, vibration, emissions and fuel-costs. A float-feed carburettor and a Magnetron electronic-ignition combine to eliminate starting-hassle; while Briggs' provision of Splash Lubrication and an oil-foam air-filter ensures season after season of unfailing operation. The Webb WER18SP 'Supreme' Petrol Lawnmower has been equipped with a rear-wheel power-drive, so it will prove a great by if your lawn's undulating, or has areas of rough that would be hard work to traverse with a hand-propelled machine. It benefits from a deck-wash port which makes the removal of clumped, performance-limiting clippings from around the blade a breeze; and it's fitted with a fold-down handlebar - with a comfort-enhancing soft-grip - that will maximise available space in your shed or garage. Designed to handle typically variable British conditions, the Webb WER18SP 'Supreme' Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower offers bagging, mulching and rear-discharge modes as standard; and gives you the choice of seven preset heights-of-cut, selectable using just one lever (the range is from 25 to 75mm).
Webb WERR19SP 'Supreme' Self-Propelled Petrol Rear-Roller Lawnmower
This Webb RR19 Self Propelled Rear Roller lawn mower with a 48cm (19inch) cut will give a classic striped finish to the lawn and is powered by an easy starting Briggs and Stratton 625 series engine. Easy to use and manoeuvre and light weight for a rear roller machine at just 39kgs. This machine has an ABS - Thermoplastic deck, folding handles, a single lever height of cut adjustment with 6 setting from 20 to 65mm, a 70 litre grass collector and is ideal for medium to large size lawns. This rear roller machine will give that classic stripe to lawn.
Webb WER460SPES Classic Petrol Self Propelled Rotary Lawnmower 460mm
Forget about strenuous pull-starts and take the hassle out of mowing with the WER460SPES, an advanced electric-start machine from Webb. It's a two-in-one mower bag/rear-discharge, so it offers flexibility of use; and it boasts powerful self-propulsion that takes the manual labour out of pushing the machine through challenging terrain like rough grass. The WER460SPES has a robust steel deck deck for durability and comes with a 60 litre grass collector, so you won't find yourself constantly having to stop and empty it.The mower is equipped with a Sanli 140cc OHV engine and a 46cm rotary blade. A seven-position cutting height range 30mm - 70mm, adjustable via a single lever, lets you choose the finish you're after, and once you've finished for the day the handles can be folded down to save space in storage.Specifications- Power: Petrol- Engine Capacity: 140cc- Chassis: Steel- Collection Capacity: 60 Litre- Cutting Systems: Collect, Rear Discharge- Cutting Width: 46cm 18"- Overall width: 50cm 20"- Drive Type: Self Propelled- Weight: 39.50kgFeatures & Benefits- Sanli SL1P65F 140cc OHV Engine- Self propelled- 2 In 1: Rear Discharge or Collect- Single lever height of cut adjustment- 7 Cutting heights 30-70mm- 60 Litre Collection Bag- Foldable handles- Steel deck
Webb WER18SPES Self Propelled Petrol Rotary Lawnmower 460mm
Featuring a broad 460mm cutting width & an exceptionally powerful Briggs & Stratton DOV 775 Series engine, the R18SPES from Webb will make short work of broad lawn areas & thick, overgrown grass. As well as delivering an exceptional 7.75 N.m of torque, the lawnmower's engine also propels the machine over the lawn for enjoyable, effort free operation. Unlike with many petrol lawnmowers, starting will never prove a problem - the R18SPES is equipped with the innovative ReadyStart® feature, which utilises the power of a large capacity Lithium Ion battery to eliminate the need for priming. An hour's charge will provide more than 50 starts, so the R18SPES is always ready to use. An extremely robust solid steel deck is conveniently single lever adjustable at 7 different heights between 25 & 75mm, for adaptable mowing to suit every lawn. You also have the choice between 4 different operation modes; collection, mulching, & rear or side discharge, useful for recycling waste in order to improve soil nutrition. The large 60 litre collector is fitted with an Easi-View window to help indicate when emptying is required, & is also equipped with a carry handle for easy disposal. Additional benefits include the lawnmower's smooth turning ball bearing wheels, its ergonomic handles - foldable for space saving storage - & 2 years deck, drive & engine warranty included with the product. Features & Benefits:- 46cm 18" cutting width- Briggs & Stratton DOV 775 Series engine- Self propelled- 4-in-1 cutting system: Rear & side discharge, collect or mulch- Single lever height of cut adjustment- 7 heights of cut 25mm - 75mm- Soft grip easy fold handles- 60 litre grass collector- Ball bearing wheels- Steel deck with wash port- 2 years deck & drive warranty- 2 years engine warranty- ReadyStart® feature - 10 minute quick charge provides 10
Webb ELITE' 46cm (18
For the discerning gardener the Elite R46SPHW, powered by the Briggs and Stratton 550E series 4 stroke engine, represents the very best of the Webb range. Like all Webb mowers, it is a finely crafted traditional machine that makes the best use of modern technology. Easy to use and easy to maintain, the self-propelled 4-in-1 R46SPHW is ideal for the busy domestic gardener. Use the large 60 litre grass collector for a pristine finish, or side or rear discharge for a quick cut. Alternatively, use the mulch plug to aid water retention in dry weather, and recycle nutrients for a healthier lawn. The high rear wheels make this lawn mower more manoeuvrable than most, ideal for cutting around trees and borders. Environmentally friendly, the R46SPHW uses the renowned low-emission and energy efficient Briggs and Stratton 550E series engine. The Elite R46SPHW has a wide 46cm (18") heavy duty steel deck with 7 cutting heights from 25mm to 60mm. The height is easily changed with the single height adjustment lever. The Webb Elite R46SPHW comes complete with a free bottle of 4 stroke oil. Please ensure that the oil tank is full before using your mower and check the level regularly. •Self-propelled •46cm (18") cutting width •Heavy duty steel deck •Briggs and Stratton 550E series 4 stroke engine •60 litre grass collector •7 cutting heights from 25mm to 60mm •Blade speed 3600 rpm •Weight: 32 kg •Overall dimensions height 110cm x length 165cm x width 65cm •Sound level: 96dB •2 year conditional warranty (an annual service after the first year will activate the 2nd year's warranty)
Webb WER19A 'Supreme' Self-Propelled Petrol Rotary Lawnmower with Alloy Deck
Briggs and Stratton Ready Start 4-stroke Engine;3-in-1 Facility: Collect, Discharge or Mulch;19inch/48cm Cutting Width;Single Lever Cutting Height Adjustment, 7 Settings: 19mm-76mm;70 Litre Easi-View Grass Collector