Aloe Vera - promotes healing & reduces inflammation Cascara & Senna - stoll softeners which aid elimination of waste matter & toxins from the colon Fennel & Peppermint - aid digestion and help to reduce stomach gases Dandelion & Rhubarb - help regulate bowel function and aid the detoxification process Liquorice & Gentian - digestive tonics which can help combat inflammation in an irritated bowel Aniseed & Mallow - promote normal digestion & soothes mucous membranes of the digestive system Alder Buckthorn - softens stools by attracting fluid to the intestines
Fybogel Orange - 30 Sachets x 2 Packs
Fybogel Orange high fibre drink is an easy and convenient way to increase the fibre in your diet helping your digestive system work more efficiently and gently relieving constipation the natural way. Fybogel Orange works naturally with your body to treat constipation without undue straining, discomfort or unnatural urgency, so helping to restore and maintain regularity.A lack of fibre in the diet is one of the main causes of bowel irregularity.
Dulcolax Constipation Relief Laxative 5mg Bisacodyl Gastro Resistant Tablets - 60 Tablets
Boehringer Ingelheim Med (Dhl)
Gentle and effective relief from constipation, working predictably and reliably overnight. Dulcolax Tablets have a special coating that helps to ensure the medicine works only where needed, gently stimulating the bowel and returning the body to its natural rhythm. For oral administration. Suitable for Adults and children over 10 years. Please read the enclosed leaflet carefully before use. Adults and children over 10 years: Take one or two tablets at night, or as directed by your doctor. If you have not taken Dulcolax before, start with one tablet and increase to two if necessary. Swallow tablets whole, with water. Children under 10 years: Consult your doctor. Hazards and Cautions If laxatives are needed for more than five days in a row, or if you have a persistent abdominal pain, consult your doctor. Do not take if you have an intestinal obstruction, an inflammatory gastrointestinal disorder, or severe dehydration, or if you are pregnant, planning a pregnancy, or breast-feeding. Storage Do not store above 25°C. Keep the container in the outer carton. Keep out of the sight and reach of children. Precautions If laxatives are required daily or if you have persistent abdominal pain or change of bowel habits consult your doctor. Consult your doctor or pharmacist if you have an underlying medical condition, are taking any other medication or complementary therapy or if symptoms persist. Seek advice before using if you are breast feeding, pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or suffer from allergies. Keep all medicines out of the reach of children.
Clean Confidence Bowel Regularity Support - 60 Capsules - One Month Supply by ConfidentU
CLEAN Confidence is the daily High-Fibre food supplement that promotes bowel regularity, cleanliness and personal hygiene. It also promotes overall digestive health and well-being. "Is it clean?" Is the foremost concern on the mind for many when it comes to fun. 'Accidents' however small, have a way of creating disproportionate embarrassment, interrupting play and sometimes they kill the mood all together. Our 100% natural high fibre ingredients, made from Psyllium Husk, Chia Seeds and Flax Seeds, allow clean bulk transit through the digestive system. So, once you go, you are confident that you are clean and ready for any intimate opportunities that may arise, planned or otherwise with minimal effort. Our unique formula also promotes a healthy digestive system thanks to Aloe Vera which has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect on the mucous membrane of the digestive tract and cinnamon which is known to be anti-microbial, promoting the balance of good bacteria in the digestive tract, with the added benefit of neutralising odour. CLEAN Confidence comes in a discreet minimalist black pot just 10.7cm x 5cm. It is perfect for discreet storage and traveling .____ RELIEF FROM TRAVEL CONSTIPATION: Do you find you get irregular when you travel? Take CLEAN Confidence Bowel Regularity Support with you to keep your bowel evacuations regular (as if you were at home) and be Stress-Free to enjoy your trip and time away. RECYCLING: We encourage all our customers to please use whatever recycling facilities are available in their area for our empty recyclable pots and packaging.
Califig 100 ml Syrup of Figs
Califig Syrup of Figs help to maintain regularity for all the family. Made using natural ingredients and free from lactose, gluten, yeast and sugar. Contains real fruit extract of figs help to maintain regularity for all the family. Made to the very highest specification and only from natural ingredients. Every care and attention has been taken to ensure that this product reaches you in optimum condition. We hope sincerely that you are pleased with this natural product. This product is never tested on animals.
Fybogel Orange Sachets 2*30 (60) Sachets,
Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare
Fybogel sachets Orange How to take Fybogel Adults and children over 12 years should take one sachet morning and evening, or as recommended by your doctor. Children aged 6-12 years: Give half of one sachet, morning and evening. Children under 6 years: Should only take Fybogel Orange on doctor's advice. Fybogel orange ispaghula husk, a natural fibre which can help to relieve constipation. It is an easy-to-use and pleasant tasting way to increase the fibre in your diet, helping your digestive system work more efficiently and gently relieving constipation without straining, discomfort or unnatural urgency, helping to restore and maintain regularity. Fybogel Orange is sugar and gluten-free and contains no chemical stimulants. We all know that fibre is good for your digestion. It helps to maintain regularity and adds bulk to our stool, making it easier to pass. However, modern lifestyles do not always make it easy to eat the recommended daily amount of fibre. People leading stressful or busy lives, for instance, may find it more convenient to buy ready-made meals and fast-food takeaways, which typically contain less fibre. Over time, this type of diet can cause constipation. To stay regular in the long term, increasing your fibre intake is advisable. In the short term, sometimes a constipation remedy may be required to rectify the immediate problem. You should carefully read all product packaging and labels prior to use
Alflorex by PrecisionBiotics 30 Capsules (4 weeks supply) clinically shown to reduce bloating, abdominal pain and unpredictable bowel movements.
PrecisionBiotics Ltd.
Alflorex, with the natural 35624 strain, has been clinically studied and shown to remain active through the entire digestive system and then work in harmony with your gut. Alflorex is gluten free, lactose free, dairy free and suitable for those on a low FODMAP diet. Alflorex is free from all allergens as listed in Annex II of EU regulations No. 1169/2011. Alflorex can be taken when pregnant or breastfeeding and by children aged 3 years and over. It has no known interactions with other medications and can be taken with antibiotics. Alflorex does not need to be refrigerated.
Care Glycerin Suppositories 4g 12s x 6 Packs
Thornton & Ross
glycerin suppositories adult , care brand, long expiry date
Denes Nux Vomica, 15 ml
Denes Homeopathy Nux Vomica Drops help with constipation, restoring the digestion after an upset, help to detoxify the liver and stimulate the pets appetite. They can also help in cases of vomiting caused by overeating or change in diet, strengthening weak back legs and for low grade lower back pain. 15ml
Activated Charcoal 300mg Vegan 365 Capsules (not Tablets) | One Year Supply of Triple Strength Activated Charcoal by Nu U Nutrition
Nu U Nutrition
Nu U Activated Charcoal Capsules Maximum StrengthActivated Charcoal is produced by heating charcoal to in excess of 800 degrees Celsius. This process produces charcoal in a structure similar to honeycomb, with an enormous surface area of over 1,000 square meters for every 1 gram of activated charcoal. This huge surface area is part of the secret of its benefits. The charcoal does not enter your blood stream it simply collects gases and toxins and then passes harmlessly and painlessly through the body. Why Buy Nu U Activated Charcoal Supplement? 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - No questions asked, feel the benefit or your money back ADVANCED FORMULA - Our Activated Charcoal supplement is a full 300mg and has been designed to be easy to swallow. Our activated charcoal is produced from sustainable coconuts which is the most effective form of activated charcoal. UP TO 12 MONTH'S SUPPLY - Amazing value, so simple no need to reorder for a full TWELVE months if you take one capsule per day. UK PRODUCED - Produced to the highest manufacturing standards in the world in a state of the art facility. We do NOT just bottle the finished product in the UK like some competing brands, the production process is carried out 100% in the UK.
Ex-Lax Container. /Ntin For Ex-Lax Chocolate Flavored Laxatives C1920. Fine Art Print (45.72 x 60.96 cm)
Granger Collection
Ex-Lax Container. /Ntin For Ex-Lax Chocolate Flavored Laxatives C1920. was reproduced on Premium Heavy Stock Paper which captures all of the vivid colors and details of the original. The overall paper size is 45.72 x 60.96 cm and the image size is 45.72 x 60.96 cm. This print is ready for hanging or framing and would make a great addition to your home or office.Brand New and Rolled and ready for display or framingPrint Title: Ex-Lax Container. /Ntin For Ex-Lax Chocolate Flavored Laxatives C1920.Paper Size: 45.72 x 60.96 cm / 18.00 x 24.00 inchesPublisher: Granger Collection
Andrews Original Salts Fast and Effective Relief from Upset Stomach, 250 g
Effervescent powder containing sodium bicarbonate 22.6%, citric acid 19.5%, magnesium sulphate 17.4% Indigestion, biliousness, and symptoms of upset stomach, and constipationAdults and children 12 years and over: (antacid) 5ml in a glass of water up to 4 times a day, (constipation) 10ml in a glass of water before breakfast or at bedtime. Children over 3 years: Half the adult doseFast & effective relief from upset stomach.What Original Andrews Salts do. Original Andrews Salts quickly and effectively relieve: Indigestion. Excess Acid. Symptoms of Over-Indulgence. Upset Stomach. Constipation.UsageHow to use Original Andrews Salts.See inside label for how to open and dosage instructions.Check before you take this medicine if you need a laxative dose every day or you have persistent abdominal pain (tummy ache). Use within 3 months of opening. Check inner seal is intact before first use. Contents sold by weight and may settle after packaging.
Net Tex Liquid Paraffin Laxative, 500 ml
Rumenco Ltd
Nettex Liquid Paraffin is a pure medicinal quality liquid laxative, suitable for cats, dogs, horses and ponies and all other farm animals.
Strong Colon Cleanse & Detox - 90 Capsules - High Strength Herbal Formula - Contains Rhubarb, Glucomannan & Cayenne Powder Plus Beet Fibre Help To Increase Faecal Bulk & Support Normal Bowel Function.
Elle Belle UK
Kula Nutrition - Strong Colon Cleanse Food SupplementFrequently Asked Questions:Q. What is Kula Nutrition's Strong Colon Cleanse?Our strong colon cleanse is a natural health food supplement formulated to gently cleanse, detox & help support healthy digestion & bowels. Our popular tried and tested formula contains 11 active ingredients including Rhubarb, Barberry Bark, Glucomannan, Cayenne, Aloe Vera and more...Q. What are the benefits of our Strong Colon Cleanse?Our Strong Colon Cleanse has a unique detox and cleanse formula that now includes Sugar Beet Fibre which contributes to an increase in faecal bulk and normal daily bowel function.Q. Is Kula Nutrition's Strong Colon Cleanse for me?Our strong colon cleanse is designed for adults looking for a high quality natural food supplement to support healthy colon and digestive activity.Helpful information about the colonThe colon and the rectum make up the large intestine. The role of the large intestine is the formation and elimination of waste, and the absorption of water and minerals. Many adults may experience bloating, abdominal discomfort, and irregular bowel movements due to an unhealthy colon.Factors that affect colon health may include:- Low fibre diet- Stress- Travel- Lack of exercise- Low water consumptionAdd 2 or more to your basket and select the free UK delivery option whilst stocks last.
Pukka Herbs - Triphala Plus, Organic Herbal Supplement - Pack of 60 Capsules
Pukka Herbs
Triphala Plus is a concentrated blend of some of the world's finest fruits and herbs gathered from fertile organic soils. Helping to support the body by increasing regularity, this broad-spectrum formula contains the highest organic grade, sustainably cultivated herbs, carefully selected to bring you the full potential of nature's goodness.