Limestone Mosaic Grout 200g
Coverage varies depending on the size of the tiles and the size of the gaps. If this grout is being used with tiles that are 20mm x 20mm x 4mm with a 2mm gap between tiles a 200g pack will grout an area of 1.6 square feet (0.15 square metres). Instructions Wearing rubber gloves, make a 'volcano' by pouring the grout onto a flat piece of scrap wood, paper plate or plastic bowl and make a well in the centre. Gradually add water to the well and mix thoroughly with a lollipop stick, glue spreader or something similar. The mixed grout should be of toothpaste consistency - if it is too stiff it will not go into the gaps, if it is too wet it will wash out. Using a grout spreader or a plastic card, apply grout to the surface of your tiles running the grout spreader in all directions to fill all the gaps. Remove excess grout with the grout spreader as best you can. Leave for 10-15 minutes until you can see the grout is beginning to dry then rub the surface with colour free newspaper or grouting sponge until it is free from excess grout. If needed the tiles can be cleaned later with a mixture of vinegar and water and any stubborn marks can be removed with an abrasive grout cleaning pad.
Mapei Ultracolor Plus Coloured Grout Limestone 299
IDEABRIGHT LTD DESCRIPTION Mapei Ultracolor plus 299 limestone ALU 5kg 6029905A Fast setting and drying flexible polymer modified antiefflorescence grout for joints from 2-20 mm. Water-repellent with DropEffect and anti-mould with BioBlock technology. Available in 26 colours. Suitable for interior and exterior wall and floor grouting of ceramic tiles, porcelain, terracotta, stone material, glass and marble mosaics - not suitable for soft glazed tiles. Ensures complete uniformity of colour. Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, power showers, swimming pools, terraces, façades and heavily trafficked commercial areas, supermarkets, shopping centres, restaurants, airports etc. COVERAGE: depends on the size of the tiles and joints. END OF IDEABRIGHT LTD DESCRIPTION
10kg Ultra Flex Joint Limestone flexible floor grout
10kg Ultra Flex Joint Limestone flexible floor grout. Ultra FlexJoint (1-20mm) is a premium grade wide joint flexible grout, formulated for areas subject to slight movement, where vibration is likely and areas subject to high traffic. Water repellent. Polymer modified. Internal and External application. Anti-fungal. Mould resistant. Coverage: approx 16 sq mt per 10kg bag
BAL Superflex WJ Grout in Limestone 3.5kg water/frost resistant grout
BAL Superflex wide joint tile grout is a tile grout suitable for Walls & Floors JOINTS: from 3mm - 20mm USE FOR: most tile types, including porcelain dry/wet - interior/exterior including swimming pools/power showers POT LIFE AT 20°C: 30 minutes SETS IN: 24 hours Colour = White COLOURS AVAILABLE : White; Grey; Ivory; Limestone (3.5kg) TYPICAL COVERAGE (per pack): TILE SIZES: 300x300x9mm 200x200x9mm with JOINT WIDTH: 3mm 3mm SIZES: 10kg 32.6m² 21.9m² 3.5kg 11.4m² 7.7m² NOTE: Water-resistant tile adhesive/tanking required for wet applications 1 unit - 1 x 3.5kg bag BAL Superflex wide joint tile grout
Smartseal Grout Magic - Limestone - 237ml. an Amazing Grout Restorer That Makes Old Grout Like New. Permanently Seals The Grout to Help Protect Against Mould, Mildew and staining for up to 15 Years
Smartseal UK Ltd.
Grout Magic from Smartseal is the perfect solution to restoring wall and floor grout to make it look like new. Grout Magic can be used to restore the original look of grouting or if required, totally change the colour of wall or floor grout to create a dramatic new effect. Grout Magic from Smartseal is a powerful colourant and sealer that will absorb and penetrate deeply into existing grout on walls and floor tiles. Grout Magic can give a totally new appearance to add a fresh, new look that will dramatically enhance the look of any tile installation. Grout Magic comes in a range of colours, which when completely dry and fully cured, will provide a durable protective seal to the grouting and help reduce the growth and spread of mould and mildew on floor and wall tiles. Grout Magic will also provide a protective barrier against staining. In many cases after the grout has been stained it is very difficult to remove stains that may have formed over time. Rather than settling for grout that looks like it is half cleaned Grout Magic can transform the look of the grouting very quickly and easily. It is easy to apply and no DIY skills are required, just common sense. Grout Magic can change the look and appearance of even the dirtiest, damaged and ugly looking grout to create a whole new look. The speedy and simple application process permanently seals and adds colour to make it look like new. Grout Magic can be used by professional tradesmen and homeowners with limited DIY skills. Legal Disclaimer Due to shipping restrictions, this product is not available for shipping to any of the following postcodes: AB31-38, AB 40- 56, BT, GY, HS, IM, IV3-54, IV63, JE, KW1-14, PA20-49, PH5-50, PH60, PO30-41, TR21, ZE.
3kg Ultra Flex Joint Limestone flexible floor grout
3kg Ultra Flex Joint Limestone flexible floor grout. Ultra FlexJoint (1-20mm) is a premium grade wide joint flexible grout, formulated for areas subject to slight movement, where vibration is likely and areas subject to high traffic. Water repellent. Polymer modified. Internal and External application. Anti-fungal. Mould resistant. Coverage: approx 6 sq mt per 3kg bag
Essential Perfect Grout 237ml Colour Sealer (Limestone) Restore & Renew Old Kitchen, Bath, Wall & Floor Grout. Superior Alternative to Grout Pen or Paint. Long-Term Sealing Protection - Stonecare4u
Stonecare4u Limited
PERFECT GROUT COLOUR SEALER - 237ML (LIMESTONE) Available in 10 popular colours All new Perfect Grout Colour Sealer restores and renews wall and floor grout to a better than new condition by sealing and recolouring aged, dirty grout. NEW! Perfect Grout Colour Sealer offers unbeatable coverage and long-term sealing power. Don't waste time & money stripping tiles and grout, simply apply a new colour with our easy formula and your grout will look better than new. Available in Black, Charcoal, Medium Grey, Light Grey, Brown, Coffee, Sandstone, Limestone, Ivory and White. HOW TO APPLY: 1. Make sure the grout joint is clean and thoroughly dry before applying Stonecare4u Perfect Grout Colour Sealer, where necessary use a grout cleaner before application. 2. Shake bottle & mix well before use. Apply product thinly onto the grout joint using a brush or sponge working it evenly onto the surface. Wipe away any sealer from the tile surface instantly or within 60 minutes of application. 3. For best results apply two coats allowing 1-2 hours drying time between applications. Allow a further 48 hours drying time before wetting (using shower room) or cleaning the treated floor area. 4. PRO TIP: If using more than 1 bottle of a single colour for an application, mix all material together to ensure colour match and consistency. COVERAGE: 3-15m2 per 237ml bottle This will vary dependent on tile size & grout width. IMPORTANT NOTE: Perfect Grout Colour Sealer is not recommended for use around porous surfaces i.e. unglazed tiles and natural stone surfaces as it could permanently stain. Poor application, applying the product too heavy or thickly onto the grout joint can result in blistering, cracking and de-bonding of the grout colour sealer.
Paving grout - Buff Sand 12.5Kg Jointing compound
Supreme Landscaping Products
The original and still the best truly "All Weather Paving Joint Compound" available in the UK. Do not be fooled by others making similar claims. EASYJoint is a very quick, effective and aesthetically pleasing way to fill joints between paving materials. It is suitable for all types of paving material provided there is a gap of at least 3mm wide and 25mm deep. As the name implies it is easy to use - simply soak the paving with water before commencing and then simultaneously sweep and wash the compound into the joints, letting the water take the strain. The result will be a joint that is completely filled without the need for kneeling and compressing the material by hand that will last for years. EASYJoint is available in 5 excellent colours as shown below. Colours may vary slightly due to colour differences on monitors and may not be a true reflection of the final product. For non mainland delivery and some parts of Scotland please contact us and we'll be pleased to advise you.
Tile Grout Filler Repair Grout Granite Penetrating Sealer Works on Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Slate. Protects Against Water & Oil Based Stains. Designed for Floors & Showers (White 150ML)
😺❤️️。◕‿◕。 Hi, Friend, Welcome to AMhomely! We'll try our best to make you have a satisfactory shopping experience!❤️️ 😺❤️️Selling point:>>>> Tile Gap Refill Agent Tile Reform Coating Mold Cleaner Tile Sealer Repair Glue Product description Amazing bright white tile gap filling agent that is Waterproof and Moldproof! Use it for bathtub tiles, washbasin, bathroom toilet tiles, balcony sink, porch tiles, corridor tiles and other cracks landscape. Features: A ready use grouting fill in product, most easy grout product ever on the market! White color grout to fix and cover all those old and dirty grouting. Suitable for all kind of floor tiles. Provides waterproof feature for floor tiles. Provides anti-fungus feature to prevent fungus grow on flooring. Net:280ML//Size:10.5X5cm Net:280ML//Size:6*16cm Package Include: 1 x Tile Reform 😺❤️️--Brand Name: AMhomely>>>> ✔✔✔ 3-7 Days Expedited Shipping.10-25 Days Standard shipping. Within 48 Hours Shipping Out ✔✔✔ Our products have been well tested, examined and packaged before sending off. ✔✔✔ You can rest assured that your purchase at our store is guaranteed. We are committed to provide product with high quality. ✔✔✔ Any problem please feel free to contact us first so that we can supply the best service for you. ❤️--Our Item are manufactured by our fixed factory, strict quality testing, so that customers are happy to use it is our purpose,In return for the recent widely customers support and trust for our product,We will continue all of our products are sold at the best discounted ❤️️--AMhomely Men Tops Blouse clearance provide you with all the beautiful Jewelry 。◕‿◕。❤️️Finally, thank you for coming.
HG extreme power cleaner 1L - a powerful floor tile cleaner for the removal of grease, dirt and stubborn staining.
HG Hagesan (UK) Ltd, uk home improvement, HGHAG
HG super remover for tiled floors and natural stone floors is a professional cleaner, extremely effective for really stubborn contamination, such as persistent layers of polish, old layers of polish or heavily ingrained dirt in passageways, etc
HG cement grout film remover 1L -  the grout remover for all types of tiles and flagstones
HG Hagesan (UK) Ltd, uk home improvement, HGHAG
(HG extra) removes cement film from the face of tiles without affecting the grout. Its reacts chemically with the surface of the grout to harden it. This means that the grout is stronger and more resistant to dirt. Dilute HG cement grout film remover (HG extra) in water. Then apply with a scrubbing brush. Allow a few minutes for the product to work, scrub well and rinse off with water. One litre is enough for a surface area of 20 to 50 m². Use HG porcelain cleaner (HG quick) on floors when cleaning for the first time to remove the very last remains of cement.
Everbuild EVBGEOSTONE1 Geo-Fix Natural Stone Protector 1 Litre, Clear, 1Ltr
Everbuild Natural Stone and Tile Sealer - 1 Litre Features Size 1 litre. Everbuild natural stone sealer is a clear non-hazardous solution, which chemically bonds with the substrate, providing a natural look, water repellency and stain protection on most natural stone and mineral surfaces, inside or outside the home. It protects stone from staining from most liquids, hot cups, wine, coffee, tea, oil, soot, soil, foodstuffs etc. It is suitable for use internally or externally on most natural stone, masonry, cementicious substrates, grout, marble, terracotta, limestone, slate and terrazzo. Ideal for stone fireplace surrounds, hearths, floor tiles, paving and worktops.
Silverline 698461 Grout Rake, 200 mm
Tungsten carbide grit coated blade quickly and efficiently removes old or discoloured grout from between tiles before re-grouting. Ergonomic handle design reduces fatigue whilst allowing t he correct a mmount of pressure to be applied whilst working. Incl
Joint-It - All Weather Permable Jointing Paving Mortar - Great for Slabs, Cobbles and Natural Stones (Grey)
Joint It All Weather Paving Mortar 'Rain or Shine it goes in fine' is the best and easiest way to point your driveway or patio. Joint it is a ready to use self curing jointing material for ALL types of paving. Capable of being used on joints as small as 3mm with a minimum depth of 25mm. Joint it is a fast and easy way of jointing your paving without the need for any special tools or skilled labour. Designed for use in all weather, Stain Free- Suitable for use on all types of paving with no staining!
Grout Pen - Designed for Restoring Tile Grout in bathrooms & Kitchens (Grey)
Rainbow Chalk Markers
This Grout ink formula is water based and covers over stained areas that are caused by everyday mould and dirt build up on grout between tiles. Not only does this product restore the grout's look it also helps prevent further moulding with its anti-bacterial formulation. Product Specifications 5mm bullet nib reversible. Water based & non - toxic. Anti - bacterial & anti - fungal formula. Safe to use in enclosed areas. Covers 60 meters of grout area. Water resistant. Valve activated to control ink flow. For use on all types of wall & floor grout.
HG Protective Coating Satin Gloss Finish 1L - a floor polisher which has a protective coating for all floor tiles, flagstones and slate
HG Hagesan (UK) Ltd
Coverage: 40 m² per litre per layer . Two coats (recommended) 20 m² per litre. Directions for use: Prior to applying HG Golvpolish the floor should be thoroughly cleaned preferably with HG Cement Grout Film Remover (HG Extra) to clean off cement film and lime or HG Polish, Wax and Dirt Remover (HG Remover) to clean off grease, old layers of wax and dirt. After wet cleaning, the floor should be left to dry thoroughly for 3 days. With floor heating 24 hours. Turn off your floor heating 12 hours before treatment. On porous surfaces such as slate, brick or flagstones first use HG Impregnating Sealer (HG Impregnator) . To avoid foam, do not stir or shake the bottle before use. HG Golvpolish should be applied with a Non-Fluffy Cloth wrapped around a Floor Wiper or, on rough surfaces, use a Mohair Paint Roller. Pour some HG Golvpolish onto the cloth and always spread the polish in one direction. Do not rub or buff. Once the HG Golvpolish has dried after approx. 40 minutes a second coat should be applied at right angles. Dries after 3 hours, but allow three days for the HG Golvpolish to become fully water resistant. Maintenance: With HG Superfloor Shine Cleaner. To strip off old coats of HG Golvpolish annually use HG Polish, Wax and Dirt Remover (HG Remover) . For extra maintenance and shine (for example in high traffic areas/walkways) mop once a month with a dilution of 50ml (half a cup) of HG Golvpolish in 5 litres of water. Coverage: 40 m² per litre per layer . Two coats (recommended) 20 m² per litre.
HG Grout Cleaner Ready-to-use 500 ml - is a Ready-to-use Tile Grout Cleaner for Floor and Wall Grout
HG Hagesan (UK) Ltd
A ready-to-use tile grout cleaner that restores the colour of the grout. his grout whitener is a buffered, synthetic tile grout cleaner. Specially formulated to clean tile grout, floor grout, bathroom tile grout and other wall grout. Product Description HG grout cleaner ready to use removes persistent dirt from grout. Any yellow or brown dirt that remains after cleaning is limescale, which can be removed with HG profesional limescale remover (hagesan blue). For black deposits on grout, please use HG mould spray. Apply with a hard broom or a scrubbing brush. Just leave it to work, scrub well and rinse with water. Box Contains 1 x 0.5L Grout Cleaner ready to use