Lubricating spray oil

3 In One 200ml Oil Spray Aerosol
3-in-1 3-IN-ONE Oil Aerosol Can 200ml HOW31LGAERO A multi-purpose oil that lubricates, cleans and prevents rust for countless applications. Its high viscosity provides better lubrication and long lasting protection. Size 200ml aerosol spray can. HOW31LGAERO
3-IN-ONE Drip Oil 100ml WD-40
3-in-1 3-IN-ONE Multi-Purpose Oil in Flexican 100ml Standard HOW31ST 3-IN-ONE is a specially formulated lubricating, penetrating, and cleaning oil. 3-IN-ONE's unique set of ingredients enable it to lubricate as well as protect metal surfaces, on nuts and bolts, hand and power tools, bearings, locks, fans, firearms, bicycles, rollers, wheels, drill bits, saw blades, ladders, seals, bearings, shafts, trailer hitches, skateboards, and moving parts...nearly everything that moves.Since 1894, 3-IN-ONE's versatile multi-purpose drip oil has been a trusted tool used by professional tradesmen and do-it-yourselfers to lubricate moving parts, penetrate rust, clean and protect tools, and much more.Its precise, easy-to-use drip spout enables precise application, with no overspray or splatter, and its updated packaging has a fill level indicator strip that shows you when you're running low. 3-IN-ONE oil can be used to lubricate tools, hinges, nuts and bolts, bicycles, wheels, fans and many other moving parts.Lubricate hinges to keep them from squeakingLoosen rusted nuts, bolts, and screwsLubricate stuck locksPrevent rust and corrosionExtend the life of hand and power toolsBicycle maintenanceMaintain and lubricate garage door partsKeep drill bits and saw blades coolLubricate wheel bearingsClean and lubricate trailer hitchesLubricate fan bearingsRestore garden shears and snipsSize 100ml. HOW31ST
Lubricating oil spray with Teflon gt-85
Prevents squeaking Penetrates and lubricates rusted and inaccessible parts Contains PTFE to form a long lasting, protective and lubricating film Displaces water The GT-85 Bike Lubricant makes a tough job easy by loosening rusty or stiff bike parts. In addition it lubricates and protects from future weathering helping your bike stay in good condition all year round.
3-in-1 Professional 44014 400ml Penetrant Spray
3-in-1 3-IN-ONE Professional Penetrant Spray 400ml HOW44014 With a fast acting formula, frees rusted or seized fittings.A must for the toolbox kit for anyone working with metal fittings and components, pipe work or engines.Type: Spray canSize: 400 ml. HOW44014
WD-40 Bike All Conditions Lube Lubricant - Grey, 250 ml
Perfect for riders who love being outside in all conditions, or who commute by bike all year round. The high quality PTFE used in WD-40 BIKE All Conditions Lube ensures maximum lubrication and reduces wear and tear of chain rollers, pins and all moving parts. The lubricant works deep into mechanisms leaving a long-lasting protective coating, preventing corrosion and keeping things moving slickly for a smooth and enjoyable ride. It's also great as a general purpose lubricant around the home or in the car.
Muc-Off Wet Lube - 120ml-Black
Muc-Off wet Lube is an ultra durable, long distance bicycle chain and component. It's specifically formulated to excel in long distance wet or muddy conditions. The state of the art, naturally derived formula penetrates deep into the chain links core to provide long lasting lubrication and total protection. The integral 'Extreme Pressure Additives' coat every part of the link to provide silky smooth gear change and ultra efficient drivetrain.
3-in-one 44230 / 44234/d 100ml Flexi-can 3 In 1 Oil
Multi-purpose oil which lubricates   Safety Data Sheet (37.29KB) EN Dispensing Method: Can Lubricant Type: Fluid Volume: 100ml Weight: - Lubricant Applications: Multi Purpose
BLACK+DECKER Hedge Trimmer Oil Lubricant Spray for All Hedge Trimmers/Shears/Shrubbers
Black & Decker
The Black and Decker A6102 Hedgetrimmer Oil Spray is ideal for maintenance of all hedge trimmers.It is also biodegradable.Size: 300ml.
Performance: Feinmechanik-öl for Household Commercial Vehicle and Garden - 100 ML - Resin and Acid-Free
Jean Products
Performance: Feinmechanik-öl for Household Commercial Vehicle and Garden - 100 ML - Resin and Acid-Free - Cleans, Lubricates and Protects · Resin and Acid-Free · - For Locks, Hinges, Sewing Bicycles and Maschinenteile · - High-Quality Resin and Acid Universal Oil · - ML Fastening Cap · - Content: 100 ML ·
3 In One Oil 200ml Drip Can
3 in 1 Oil for a multitude of uses around the home, in the garden or the garage. 200ml Plastic flexibottle for ease of use.
3-in-1 3 in 1 Aerosol With Ptfe 250ml
3-in-1 3-IN-ONE Aerosol with PTFE 250ml HOW31PTFE Superior lubricant for long lasting protection. Ideal for chains, cables and gear mechanisms, with PTFE. Size 250ml aerosol. HOW31PTFE
TriFlow TFL200-TB Lubricating Sprays & Oils, 200ml.
TriFlow Industrial Lubricant with P.T.F.E. 200ml 34689 TFL200 Triflow provides preventative maintenance and problem solving solutions for the most demanding applications.Its unique formula also contains P.T.F.E. to maximise load bearing, reduce friction and wear and resist corrosive build up.- Virtually eliminates friction and wear, even under the most extreme pressure and abrasive conditions.- Displaces and prevents the build-up of dirt and dust.- Repels moisture, preventing the formulation of ice, rust and other corrosives.- Effective at -53°C to +246°C.Protects, lubricates and penetrates.Suitable for use on:-Folding ArmsHingesPulleysGuide RailsGearsAgricultural MachineryWater PumpsLawnmowersSoil Working ToolsTracksPneumatic Components (cylinders, valves, etc...)Roller TablesWinchesCement MixersLifting ArmsChainsCablesLocksTool ProtectionBearingsRunnersScaffoldingEarth-Moving EquipmentPneumatic DrillsConveyor BeltsRevolving SupportsDrillsValvesSize: 200ml. TFL200
Aerosol AERPR400 Lubricating Sprays & Oils - 400ml
Aerosol Pocket Rocket Lubricant Repellent 400ml AERPR400 Pocket Rocket is a high specification penetrating moisture repellent. The special blend of water dispersing agents and corrosion inhibitors instantly displace water leaving a light 'Silicone Free' protective lubricating film.Uses: Penetrates and Lubricates, Repels Moisture, Helps Prevent Re-seizure, Cleans, Protects Against Corrosion.Suitable for 100’s of applications including: Protecting car ignition systems and electrics. Penetrating and realeasing seized nuts, hinges etc. Protecting metal components against rust. Cleaning grease and grime from threads and components. AERPR400
WD-40 Smart Straw 300ml
WD-40 is a multi-use product that is used for a wide range of mechanical maintenance at home or work. Use it to protect metal from ruse and corrosion, remove grime and grease and lubricate surfaces, including door hinges, bikes, gardening tools, power tools and countless more. This can be used to fix squeaks on hinges, loosen rusty mechanisms and lubricate mechanical joints making them run smoothly. The nozzle has a 360-degree rotation and features a handy straw mechanism for reaching difficult areas making maintenance easy. • Stops squeaky parts • Cleans and protects • Lubricates equipment for smooth running • Loosens rusty parts and frees sticky mechanisms • Smart straw for precise use • Approximate dimensions (mm) H 170 W 80 D 80
WD40 High Performance White Lithium Grease 250ml
WD-40 Specialist White Lithium grease is a thicker solution which provides long term lubrication that wonâ€t drip or run|Itâ€s great for metal to metal applications, reducing friction to ensure your tools and equipment keep moving smoothly|For use on load bearing metal connections
WD-40 Silicone 400ml
WD40 Specialist Silicone Aerosol 400ml W/D44377 A waterproof fast drying silicone lubricant formulated for high pressure performance. Eliminates sticking and binding and prevents rust and corrosion. Operating temperature -35°C to +200°CSuitable for use on metal, plastic & rubber. W/D44377
WD-40 5L with Applicator
WD-40 Company
WD40 WD-40 5 Litre Can Plus Spray W/D5LITRESA WD-40 is a mixture of chemical concentrates suspended in a high grade petroleum distillate.Will not affect fabrics, rubbers or plastics.Its working temperature is between -100°F and +500°F.WD-40 is an all purpose liquid for displacing moisture, corrosion control, lubrication,cleaning and penetration. WD-40 has the ability to penetrate the minute grain boundaries on all metals. Although not essentially a lubricant, WD-40 is regularly used to lubricate all light machinery and electrical equipment.Thoroughly recommended to clean, preserve and protect all tools.5 Litre container plus spray. W/D5LITRESA