MVPOWER 60 Magnetic Push Pins,Transparent Assorted Color Strong Push Pin Magnets,Perfect for Maps, Whiteboards,Calendars and Refrigerators
Why choose our MVPOWER Colored Magnetic Push Pin. -Made of durable translucent acrylic and neodymium magnets. -These beautiful and powerful magnetic pins are very easy to put on/off, can stick onto any metallic surfaces without making any marks, small but pretty strong and hold well. -Designed to use at Home, Office, School.Ideal for Holding Sheets of Printer Paper, Notes, Photos on Filing Cabinets, Whiteboards, Bulletin Boards, Magnetic Maps, Calendars, Lockers, Fridges and other Magnetic Surfaces. -Each magnet in this 60-piece set reliably hold up to 12 sheets of printer paper on any metallic surface. Specification: - Colors: Clear, green, blue, yellow, rose red, orange and purple - Material: Neodymium magnets and durable translucent acrylic Package included: 1*60pcs magnetic push pin
MVPOWER Door Canopy Awning Window Rain Shelter Cover for front Door Porch White(190x 98.5cm/74.80 x 38.78 inches)
Our canopy, made of PC hollow slab and aluminiun ,is weather resistant, free from rain and corrosion. once you drill the hole in the right place and make sure you fit the frame tight to the bracket., you will easily install it! The rain shelter brings much convenience to our life, so we can no longer be disturbed by the bad weather. The light weight makes it easier for us to fix and dismantle, with the door canopy uses the non-rusting aluminium strips to secure the top and bottom of the PC hollow slab sheet inside the brackets.✔Note: There are two kinds of style of this product, the only difference is the pattern on the side. It is dispatched randomly. ✔Specifications: Dimensions: 190x 98.5cm/74.80 x 38.78 inches Material: ABS Bracket + PC + PVC Material of panel: PC hollow slab Material of edges of panel: aluminium strips Overall weight: 3.7kg ✔Package: 1xPC Board