Mvpower magnetic push pins

MVPOWER 60 Magnetic Push Pins,Transparent Assorted Color Strong Push Pin Magnets,Perfect for Maps, Whiteboards,Calendars and Refrigerators
Why choose our MVPOWER Colored Magnetic Push Pin. -Made of durable translucent acrylic and neodymium magnets. -These beautiful and powerful magnetic pins are very easy to put on/off, can stick onto any metallic surfaces without making any marks, small but pretty strong and hold well. -Designed to use at Home, Office, School.Ideal for Holding Sheets of Printer Paper, Notes, Photos on Filing Cabinets, Whiteboards, Bulletin Boards, Magnetic Maps, Calendars, Lockers, Fridges and other Magnetic Surfaces. -Each magnet in this 60-piece set reliably hold up to 12 sheets of printer paper on any metallic surface. Specification: - Colors: Clear, green, blue, yellow, rose red, orange and purple - Material: Neodymium magnets and durable translucent acrylic Package included: 1*60pcs magnetic push pin
Pin Magnets,Strong Neodymium Magnetic Push Pins Heavy Duty for Magnetic Whiteboard Office Noticeboard Kitchen Map 12x16mm Magnets for Magnetic Board
Ideal for Home, Office or School Use Our set of 24 pin magnets can be used in any office, school or you can even place your cherished vacation photos on your fridge! Easy-to-grasp design will make them your go-to accessory for hanging your documents or photographs! Easy to Use Magnetic pins can be used on pin boards, whiteboards, magnetic boards, fridges or any other metallic surface, but not on glass and dry erase boards or panels! Now you'll never forget that important report or crucial task, since you can use magnetic pins to hang your most important documents on any metallic surface! Specifications: Product size: 16mm X 12mm Material: Neodymium Magnet Colour: Sliver Package Contents:: 24 X Push Pin Magnet Warm Tips: Please keep in mind that magnets do not stick to non-metal materials such as wood, glass, plastic, textile, concrete, etc. However, many non-metal surfaces may have metallic properties, so these magnets will stick on them. Always keep magnets away from items that may be damaged by the magnetic field such as credit cards, computers, mobile phones, CD's. Warranty & Support: Any issues or suggestions, contact us and 24-hour reply is guaranteed. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction.
24 Neodymium Push Pins Magnets for Pinboard, Whiteboard, Memo Board, Refrigerator (NOT Suitable for Magnetic Glass Boards), Very Strong Small Pin Cone Stainless Steel Magnet, Ø 12 by 16mm
The package contains 24 magnetic pins of steel, each of which is 12 x 16mm in size and weighs 7g. UNIVERSALLY APPLICABLE - they can be attached to the refrigerator for example and are great for your home, office and school. The cool magnet pins are great for your notes and pictures. Attention: The magnetic pins are not suitable for glass magnet boards or glass magnetic panels! SUPER STRONG - Every push pin is super strong (N35 neodymium magnets) and holds up to 10 DinA4 sheets. They are packaged in a slightly re-sealable storage box. Material: sintered neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) Imperial dimensions: Diameter 0.47 inch x Thickness 0.63 inch Metric dimensions: Diameter 12 mm x Thickness 16 mm Shape: Pin Magnet Plating: Ni-Cu-Ni (nickel) Magnetization direction: thickness Grade: N35 Vertical Pull force: 8.8 lbs. Surface field (G): 5500 Maximum operating temperature: 80°C (176° F) Dimensional tolerance: +/-0.005 in. Magnet quantity: 24 pcs per set CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - if you are not 100% satisfied with your order, send it back for a full refund!
Wukong 60 Pieces Colour Strong Fridge Magnets Whiteboard Magnets Magnetic Push Pins for Map, Office, Whiteboard, Refrigerator, Map & Calendar
Aitsite Magnet Expert. Tools in order, Life is better. Professionally solve your magnetic problems. Aitsite Magnet Expert Has been working on magnetic work research and development, After working on the magnetic market for long time, we have developed many magnets dealing with different situations in Storage: magnetic hooks, magnetic bars, magnetic disc, fishing magnet, etc. Each one bring convenience to the customers with great quality and price. Also, the customers good feedback and review drive us keep moving to digger more satisfied tools. Need to pin some notes on a whiteboard or fridge without marking or damaging it? and this time we bring you the Aitsite Colour Magnetic pin.You will love it. They can pin up to 7 sheets of 80gsm A4 printer paper per pin! With these monster-like performance, you can digger out unlimited usage. Specifications: Material: R-PS (plastic part) + Neodymium magnet. Heat-resistant temperature: 176 ℉. Weight: 59g. Size:Dia 11mm x Height 17mm. Colours & numbers:Total 60 pcs. red 10pcs, yellow 10pcs, pink 10pcs, green 10pcs, Clear 10pcs, blue 5pcs, cyan-blue 5pcs. Note: Any questions or not satisfied with the product, please contact us and we will work our perfect solutions for you.
24 Clear Magnetic Push Pins - Perfect Magnets for Fridge, Calendars, Whiteboards, and Maps
Bullseye Office
24 Clear Magnetic Push Pins. Apply to any magnetic surface - magnetic whiteboard, fridges, cabinets and lockers. Guaranteed to keep your photos and notes up. Perfect also for marking magnetic maps and as fridge magnets. Will NOT work well on Glass magnetic boards.
UKCOCO 60 Assorted Color Magnetic Push Pins - Perfect for Maps, Whiteboards,Calendars and Refrigerators
Are you tired of those flimsy magnets not being able to hold up your notes on your fridge? Or perhaps your office space looks disorganized and messy with all of those multicolored magnets holding up important papers in your office or cubicle? We are here to solve your problems! Our clear colored, clean cut magnetic push pins come in a professionally packaged jar that makes whatever space you are using it on look clean and organized! Why do you choose UKCOCO Push-Pin Magnets ? BEST VALUE!Our 60 pack jar of magnetic push pins gives you more magnet for your money! VERSATILE! Perfect for holding items on Filing Cabinets, Whiteboards, Maps, Calendars, Refrigerators, or any other Metallic Surface! EXTRA STRONG! You will be surprised at the strength of our magnets! A single push pin lets you stick 8-12,could be able to hold up 12 pieces of paper ! PREMIUM QUALITY ACRYLIC MATERIAL! Each Push Pin is 17mm tall x 11mm in diameter and our material is made of Acrylic + NdFeB permanent magnets! So what are you waiting for? Please Click "Buy Now!" Order these Magnets take advantage of this great value while it still lasts! This UKCOCOC product is sold with a full money-back guarantee. If our product does not live up to its reputation, simply return and GET YOUR MONEY BACK. GUARANTEED.
12 pcs Office Notice Board Pins, WHITEBOARD MAGNETS, Round FRIDGE MAGNETS, Smiley Face Magnets & LINT CLOTH, Schools, Call Centre, Home
12 pcs Office Notice Whiteboard Colorful Round Magnetic Smiley Face Paper Pin Main Features Smiling face magnet, cheering up your house, cubicle and kitchen. Adhere to metallic surfaces, present your children's great art. Ideal for adhering to refrigerator or other magnetic boards to post notes, arts etc. Funny and easy to post messages.
Magnet Experts F4M20-1 Small Notice Board/Planning Magnets, Assorted
Magnet Expert®
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