Sentinel Push Button wall mounted Key Safe
Don't be fooled by cheaper alternatives! The wall mountable Sentinel push button key safe is made of aluminium and steel, which allows it to be lightweight yet hard wearing. The shutter door is coated with weather resistant paint and the shutter hatch is made of plastic. Holding up to ten Yale keys, the Sentinel key safe offers over 10,000 safe combinations and is an extremely secure way to store keys. IDEAL FOR USE WITHIN: The health and social care sector The boat industry The caravan/mobile home industry General home and holiday home use BENEFITS OF THE SENTINEL PUSH BUTTON KEY SAFE: Provides a safe place to keep spare keys. Allows workmen gain access into your home so they can get on with required work, and so can you. You no longer have to worry about your pets and plants while you go away on holiday, with the Sentinel Push Button Key Safe your neighbours, friends and family can get safe access into your home. Don’t ever be locked out again as the Sentinel Push Button Key Safe provides a set of spare Keys. The Sentinel Push Button Key Safe provides a safe, weather resistant place to keep your keys. No need to worry about your spare key being found under the front door mat or plant pot. Guarantee: 12 Months
Extra Large Key Safe Box with 5 Key Fobs - Key Storage box - Wall Mounted - Share the access of your keys
Mighty Safe
Product Description With the advancement in technology and innovation, you no longer need to hide your keys under the flower pot or the mat since products such as the Key Safe Lock Box are sure to keep your keys secure. The sturdy and exceptionally designed key storage box brings on board a new way for homeowners to safeguard their homes. Featuring a durable metal design that is tough and durable, the wall mount lock-box can be used in any location whether it is on the door, wall or the fence. Since the product primarily meant to be used outdoors, it is made of great materials which can withstand the harsh weather conditions and stand the test of time. From the compact shutter door which protects the dials against harmful elements such as rainwater, dirt, and grime, to the metallic molded body that can withstand hammering, sawing and scratching, the performance and durability of this key lock box are unmatched. Additionally, you don't have to worry about the possibility of someone guessing your passcode since the key lock box comes with up to ten thousand code combinations which can allow you to personalize your four-digit password just the way you like. Trustworthy, reliable and secure, the wall mount lock box is a convenient solution to can safeguard your house or car keys.
MoFut Safe with 4-Digit Combination, Lock Wall Mounted Outdoor Weatherproof
Why Choose MoFut? ✽Compare with other small key safe box, the Extra large space is enough to store house and car keys, door access cards, watches, etc ✽The removable rubber cover protects from dust, rust, sunlight, rain and snow Seamless Construction: ✽People can barely see what was put inside the box, keep your things safe ✽Personalized 4-digit combination for optimal safety ✽Key box with 4 digit 10000 combinations is much safer than 3 digit lock Re-settable Passwords: ①Open the waterproof cover of the key box ②Open the key lock box with the default code (0-0-0-0) ③Push the RESET lever on back of the door to the right and upward ④Rotate dials to set your desired combination ⑤Push the RESET lever downward and left,back to the original position Specification: Size: Inside size: 9 x 7.5 x 3 cm (3.5 x 2.9 x 1.2 inches); Exterior size: 12 x 8.5 x 4 cm(4.7 x 3.4 x 1.6 inches) Material: Zinc alloy Package: 1 x key safe box 1 x waterproof cover 4 x screws 4 x nylon expansion dowels 1 x manual Tips: ☛Please close the waterproof cover of key safe box to protect it from the weather ☛It is not recommended to use a combination like "A-A-A-A", otherwise it is easy to crack ☛Please turn the dial every week to make sure it works ☛Do not forget the password, otherwise you will not be able to open the key box
Outdoor Key Safe Key Keeper Wall Mounted Safety Combination Code Locking Storage
Schlosser Technik
The Schlosser Technik Key Keeper provides a secure storage option for spare house and car keys. Don't get locked out again when you lose or forget your key! Store a spare key in the Schlosser Technik Key Keeper! You can also provide carers, cleaners, workmen and neighbours access to your home via a spare key kept safe in the Schlosser Technik Key Keeper. Great for those times when you're at work or on holiday.
MASTER LOCK Key lock box [Reinforced security] [Wall mounted] - 5415EURD - Key Safe
MasterLock Reinforced Security Key Safe MLK5415E Masterlock have been very successful with the key safe, and now bring you the Masterlock 5415E which enables the safe storage of house keys or even cash. Masterlock have now taken this to the next level with the 5415E in which you can safely leave keys for children to get in after school - so you don't have to be there to let them in - for an elderly family member you need to visit on a regular basis, or for just storing keys safely just in case you lose them on your travels.All the high quality features are on the 5415E and it is also fitted with an easy-to-set key pad combination security lock with hundreds of multiple code options. A tough metal body provides the ability to store larger items and not just keys.This Masterlock 5415E can be used both inside and outside the home, office, worksite or anywhere that restricted or safe access is required.Features ;Solid zinc body with dual locking levers.Interior storage size: 6.5 x 9.6 x 3.5cm.Resettable combination.Storage for keys, credit cards and more.Weather resistant.Strong resistance to hammering and sawing attacks. MLK5415E
Diyife Key Lock Box, [Updated Version][Wall Mounted] Combination Key Safe Storage Lock Box for for Home Garage School Spare House Keys.
Make your home accessible to trusted friends and family With our 4-Digit Combination Key Safe Lock Box you never have to leave work because school was dismissed early for weather, or because your in-laws showed-up on a whim. This durable, wall-mounted key box can be affixed to any solid surface, indoors or out, to make up to 5 keys available to those who you trust with your access code. Weather-resistant and impenetrable The steel construction of our Key Box makes it non-corrosive and weather-resistant. It won't freeze and crack or rust. A weatherproof shutter cover slides over the 4 combination dials is to shield them from rain, snow and ice. The hinged access cover stays connected to the box so there is no 2-handed fumbling, and its' flush mount adds impact resistance. No amount of sawing or prying will gain access the key compartment. When you or a loved one needs access, though, the process couldn't be easier. Anyone, young or old, can deftly turn the combination dials. Choose your own pass code, or one that a caretaker or service tech can remember; there are more than 10,000 possibilities, making it even more difficult to guess a combination. Installs in mere minutes You'll want to use your Key Safe right away so we include all mounting hardware. Holes are pre-drilled on the back of the key box for your convenience. Your Key Safe can be installed on drywall, steel doors, fence posts and more. You can even mount one near the newspaper box. The roomy key compartment has plenty of room for subscription money. You can have security AND convenience when you add the Wall Mount Key Safe Lock Box with 4-Digit Combination to your cart today.Package Included: 1 x [Wall Mounted]Diyife Combination Key Safe Storage Lock Box4 x Screw 4 x Expansion plug 1 x Instruction 【Warranty】 We provide a 45 days money back and 12-month worry-free service
MASTER LOCK Light Up Dial Key lock box [Large] [Wall mounted] - 5425EURD - Key safe
The Master Lock 5425E Light Up Dial Select Access Wall Mounted Key Box is packed with high quality features and it is fitted with an easy-to-set 4 digit combination security lock with a large easy to grip release lever, and 10,000 possible combination options. Light up back lit dials allows use in low light situations. Plastic full front weather cover protects the Select Access from the elements and offers more discretion. Enables the safe storage of house keys or even cash. Door keys can be safely left for children to get in after school, for an elderly family member you need to visit on a regular basis, or for just storing keys safely. Lifetime Warranty against mechanical failure. 1 x CR2032 Battery Included.PTDMLK5425E
Futura Key Safe Key Safe Genuine Wall Mounted Key Lock Box Safe
Stop worrying about hiding your keys under your doormat or behind a plant pot. Make sure that you always have the ability to get inside with the Futura Wall Mounted Key Storage Security Lock. It has enough room to hold up to five keys inside. The wall-mounted key safe has been built to last, it has a simple design to complement any decor. This key safe comes with the necessary fixtures and fittings for mounting. It is made of hard and resilient materials that are resistant to the force of a hammer, sawing, prying and the weather. The four-digit combination is easy to use and resets whenever you need to change it. Large key storage compartment holds over 5 house, car or padlock keys Futura wall-mounted key safe has a 4-dial resettable combination provides simple, set-your-own combination convenience Key storage door pivots and opens smoothly and remains attached to lock-body for convenient operation Reinforced body withstands hammering, sawing and prying Wall-mounted key lock box has a shutter door that provides weather resistance Wall mounting fixtures and fittings supplied 120mm x 88mm x 40mm - outside dimensions Pack of 1 Units
SPOTACT Key Lock Box, 4-Digit Combination Lock Box, Weatherproof Key Storage Lock Box, Key Safe Box, Holds up to 6 Keys of House/Car/Padlock, Portable for Indoor/Outdoor
Package Included: 1 x Key lock box . 1 x Metal rod. 1 x Instructions . Note: ▲ Please keep the key box closed for weather resistance. ▲ It's recommend to use combination such as "A-A-A-A", otherwise it might be easily cracked. ▲ Please rotate the dials weekly to keep them work properly. ▲ Don't forget your own password, or you have no way to get it back.
Rhino Lock Secure Key XL Combination Safe - Outdoor Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Security Lock Box - XL Large Internal Storage for House or Office Keys with Strong 4 Digit Lock #UKBrand (Large, Black)
Rhino Lock
RHINO LOCK: SECURE KEY STEALTH XL.  Have you ever been locked out or needed quick access to your home or office?  Do you worry about leaving spare keys for children or require regular access for an elderly family member? Perhaps you have valuable or sensitive items in your home, which need to be kept safe? Whatever your situation, don’t hide your keys under the doormat; keep intruders away and protect your belongings with Secure Key Stealth XL from Rhino Lock.  Built using a strong, heavy duty and weather resistant aluminium alloy to ensure that the security of your valuables is never compromised.  A large internal storage capacity allows keys to be securely stored; the box can also be used to secure multiple credit cards or even cash; it's up to you.  Safeguarded by a 4-digit, multi combination code to ensure robust protection for your valuables whilst allowing easy access to only the people you choose.  Each Secure Key Stealth XL includes a wall mounting kit and instructions containing all you need to easily and conveniently fit the key box to a discrete outside location.  As always, Rhino Lock Secure Key Stealth XL is protected by both our 30-day money back guarantee and 12-month manufacturer replacement warranty.  ADD TO CART TODAY AND PROTECT YOUR HOME!
Outdoor wall Lock mount lockable combination key storage safe security Indoor and outdoor By HOME HUT®
Home and Garden Products Ltd
The answer for storing all your spare keys. This outdoor wall mount allows you to safely store your keys, allowing you to lock the box with a combination code of your choosing. It has pre-drilled holes to allow quick installation on to your wall. Specifics: Made of aluminium alloy Size:11.8cm x 8.5cm x 3.8cm Pre-drilled holes Programmable code Strong zinc alloy construction
Hausen Outdoor Combination Security Weather Resistant Wall Mounted Home Key Safe
The Hausen® Grey Combination Key Safe is ideal for use in emergencies at home for home care and any other medical professionals visits. The safe has a 10 digit, push button combination system. You can access this safe via a code chosen by you making it ideal for those authorised visitors. This is a heavy duty, solid construction key safe. Also being weather resistant this is complete with a rubber cover to protect the safe. Colour: Grey, Material: Zinc alloy with rubber cover, Dimensions: External: 105 x 65 x 55mm, Internal: 70 x 40 x 25mm. Weight: 700g.
LB-20 Key Lock Box Door Knob/Fence Mounted Key Safe - 4 Pin Dial Combination -for Home, Work, Office, Construction Site, Schools - Outdoor Master Key Security
321 Locks
321 Locks is the UK's High-Security Lock Company. This Door Knob or Fence Mounted Keysafe Lock Box with Holds your spare keys - Store your spare keys for your home, business, construction site, emergency services or to provide access for elderly family members during an emergency - Discreet, Secure and Protected. 321 Locks has a full Catalog of Keyseafe lockboxes with high-security features that are the best in the UK and Europe. Easy to Install and set up in minutes. If you need help contact us via our customer support. Never get locked out again.
Ultra Tough Key Safe By CONTROLLED SECURITY. Wall Mounted Key Lock Box For Key Storage. Perfect For Key And Valuable Storage. Extremely Robust Key Box, With Easily Re-Settable 4 Digit Dial Lock.
Yiwu Changhao Locks Co Ltd.
THE CONTROLLED SECURITY CS112LB LOCK BOXHave you ever lost your keys? Needed quick access into your home, work place or even the home of a elderly family member? Does the thought about hiding keys for your children leave you with anxiety? Hiding your keys and valuables in the hope a stranger or intruder doesn't comes across them is no longer a viable option. Take CONTROL of your SECURITY and use the CONTROLLED SECURITY lock box to grant access to YOUR home to people YOU choose. The CONTROLLED SECURITY lock box boasts a 91mm x 65mm interior, more than traditional key safes, providing enough room to easily store 6 keys, cards or cash, securely. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that YOU and only YOU have the combination to unlock it. Enjoy the freedom from anxiety knowing your keys and valuables are in a controlled location that only YOU have the 4 digit PIN to. The heavy duty zinc alloy body makes the CONTROLLED SECURITY lock box the only real secure storage solution when it comes to your valuables. The black sliding front shield also provides protection to the combination, sheltering it from bad weather and dust etc. No more hiding your keys under your doormat or the nearest flower pot. Simply give whoever requires access your 4 digit combination. Perfect solution for giving after school access to your home for your children who may not be quite ready to have their own key, just yet.Or... How about an option to allow either normal or emergency access into the home, office or workplace?Alternatively, you can leave cash for services such as: the gardener, window cleaner, dog walker etc, just in case you're not around. You will, however, be safe in the knowledge that the CONTROLLED SECURITY lock box has it covered!