Peel away 7 750g

Peelaway7 (750g)
PeelAway 7 is a safe, low-odour alternative to conventional caustic paint strippers Poultice stripper suitable for use on wood, brick, concrete, metal, stone and plaster Removes up to 20 layers in a single application No need to neutralise the surface once old layers have been removed Degrades naturally, and does not contain methylene chloride or caustic soda High V.O.C
PeelAway 7 Spare Blankets Box of 10
Pack of 10 spare blankets for the Peelaway number 7 paint removal system
Polycell MSPS500 500ml Maximum Strength Paint Stripper
There is no better way to strip paint than Polycell Maximum Strength Paint Stripper. The powerful solvent strips most types of paint and varnish without harming the wood to get back to the surface you want.
Heat Gun, Tacklife HGP70AC Professional Hot Air Gun with 3 Temperature Modes 240V 50Hz 1800W for Stripping Paint, Soldering Pipes, Shrinking PVC
Tacklife - Professional team on Amazon, which deals only with development of the tools. We commit ourselves to using qualitative tools to improve the quality of life.✔Strong Power The uses for a heat gun are practically endless, especially a strong power one like this at 1800W. ✔Four Nozzle Attachments (1) Cone nozzle could be used to centralize hot air local heating(2) Reflector Nozzle is used as hot air guide, such as heating to make plastic pipe bending and increase the heating area of the pipe (3)Fish tail surface nozzle makes hot air nozzle concentrated into strips, in need of large flat heating. (4) BBQ lighter Nozzle can burn charcoalThese are the extras that should always come with a heat gun✔Three-temperature Settings and Three Flow Models The heat gun is built to be as dynamic as you need it to be. It has variable heat control(Setting I: 122℉(50℃) -250L / min; Setting II: 842℉(450℃) -250L / min; Setting III: 1022℉(550℃) -500L / min) to give you the ultimate customization. ✔Overheating Protection The built-in overheating protection design that makes your heat gun safer, and more reliable. ✔Special Design The Professional and durable material and ergonomic comfort grip provides greater comfort for long hours of use.The special switch design can reduce the situation that accidentally changing the use of temperature. ✔Technical Specification●Voltage: 240V ●Power: 1800 W ●Air temperature / flow: I 50 ℃ 250L / min; II 450 ℃ 250 L / min; III 550℃ 500 L / min ●Materials: ABS ●Certification: CE / ROHS ●Dimension: 29 * 26.8 * 9.2cm ●Power Cord Length: 1.8m ✔Package content 1* Tacklife HGP70AC Heat Gun1* User Manual4* Nozzles 1* 24 month Warranty
Biostrip 20 Paint Stripper 500ml, paint remover. Water based solution to effortlessly remove paint and varnish from Wood, Brick, Concrete, Metal, uPVC, Glass and More
Biostrip 20 is easy to use and safe. With high quality and proven performance it can be used in most situations to remove paint, varnish, primer etc from a wide range of surfaces. Water based solution providing a more ecological approach to paint and varnish stripping. Biostrip 20 can remove : Water Based Paints (emulsion, acrylic etc). Oil Based Paints (gloss, radiator etc). Primers (standard, chrome, aerospace etc). Varnish. Suitable for use on the following surfaces : Soft and Hard Wood, Stone, Brick, Concrete, Masonry uPVC, Metals, Glass. Directions for Usage: Step 1: Brush evenly onto paint that you intend to remove. Step 2: Leave in place until the paint blisters or softens Step 3: Once it has completely softened it can be removed using a scraper, cloth or power washer Step 4: Wash area down with fresh soapy water Repeat as required. 500ml should cover a surface of approximately 2-3 square metres. Depending upon the paint type and number of layers of paint present you may need to repeat the application in some areas Top Tip: Let Biostrip do the hard work, as long as it's not allowed to dry out it will continue to work. Cover the applied area with polythene or clingfilm. Leave 24 hours before removing. Biostrip can be used on most general plastics. We would however always recommend that you test on a small area first. Note: Biostrip 20 is not suitable for removing bicyle/automotive paint. Please contact us for advice on treating these surfaces.
PeelAway 1 Paint Remover 5Kg
PeelAway 1 is a highly effective paint stripper and varnish remover Poultice stripper suitable for use on wood, metal, brick, stone, concrete and plaster Ideal for removing older, lead-based coatings Removes up to 32 layers in one application PeelAway kit includes stripping poultice, blankets, spatula and neutraliser High VOC
Both Peel Away 1 and Peel Away 7 Paint Removal Systems are designed for the complete removal of many years worth of layer upon layer of paint in one application.
Hippo PARA030 Enviromose Safe Stripper 5 L
Enviromose Pro Grade Paint Stripper (5 Ltr) Enviromose paint stripper has double the strength with its extra strong gel formula. Ideal for using on metal, wood, masonry, artex etc. It strips all surfaces safely & quickly! Features: - Water Based - Low Odour - Safer - Easy to apply gel - Fast acting Useful Information Wear suitable gloves & eye protection Enviromose must be shaken well before use For best results use between 10C - 30C Do not try to spread the product too ar as this will result in poor penetration Allow Envirose to do its work: do not try to remove too quickly Never let the surface become too dry during treatment Preparation: Ensure surfaces to be stripped are dry. Protection should be provided for floor coatings, or any surface that may be damaged by Envirmose (perspex, plastics, rubber etc. How to apply Cover top with a cloth during opening to avoid splashes. Apply generous, even coat & do not brush out. Layer Enviromose onto surface to be stripped with suitable brush.. Leave for 1 hour & apply a second generous coat. For less than 5 layers of paint or varnish, a second coat may not be necessary. After product has penetrated to be substrate (up to 24 hours), scrape off, leaving surface as clean as possible. Rub down using a scrubbing brush or stainless stell pad & water. Rinse with clean cold water & allow to dry.
Trueshopping® Hot Air Heat Gun 2000W Paint Stripper DIY Tool Accessories Welding Ergonomically Designed Handle Comfortable Use 230-240V
Professional products at handyman prices.Make light work of removing old paint, soldering, removing vinyl floor tiles as well as bending, welding and heat shrinking plastic with the Trueshopping 2000W hot air heat gun. This high quality heat gun has an ergonomically designed handle for easier and more comfortable use over a prolonged period of time, while the removable front ring allows you to work easily in those tighter corners and hard to reach areas.Heat Gun Specifications:230-240V~, 50Hz, 2000W, BS plugI: 250°C, 250l/minII: 550°C, 550l/minCable length: 1.8mBrown boxIncl. accessories:1pc reflector nozzle(A)1pc cone nozzle(B)1pc fishtail nozzle(C)1pc glass protector nozzle(D)250°C Low setting ideal for:Welding plasticBending plasticHeat shrinking plastic550°C High setting ideal for:Paint strippingDefrosting pipesRemoving vinyl floor tilesSoldering etc. WARNING - PLEASE READ ALL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS IN THE PRODUCT MANUAL BEFORE USE. PLEASE MAKE SURE THE AIR VENTS ARE NOT BLOCKED IN ANYWAY WHILE OPERATING THIS MACHINE.
Rust-Oleum Industrial NR.1 Green Paint Stripper Hard Hat 2925 Aerosol Spray 500ml (1 Pack)
Rustoleum Nr.1 Green Paint Stripper 2925 is a quick acting, high viscosity green paint stripper. It is free of methylene chloride and almost entirely biodegradable. This paint stripper is very effective on all sorts of paints on both horizontal and vertical substances and can also be used as a glue remover. Remove paint in just minutes! Paint dissolving product, without methylene chloride. Better for the environment. Unique foam product for difficult to reach places. Even usable on vertical substrates. Effective with alkyds, emulsions, varnishes and most 2-component coatings.
Kling-Strip - The Original Peel-It-Off Paint Stripper 10kg (5L)
Strippers Paint Removers
Kling-Strip is the original peel-it-off paint stripper. Manufactured in the UK since 1974 it is effective at removing multiple layers of oil based paint and varnish in one application. Kling-Strip is a paste, which when applied thickly to the surface, will gradually dissolve the paint to a water-soluble residue. Its poultice action draws out paint and stain from the pores of the surface or the grain of the wood, which are then left completely free of paint by washing down. There should be no scraping necessary. Kling-Strip will remove thick layers of oil based paints, distempers etc, old varnishes and stains from wood, render, stone marble, brick, fibrous plaster, cast-iron and many other substrates. It is a particularly effective way to remove paint from ornate plasterwork and beams. Being a wet process, it also provides a safer means of removing paint containing lead. Usage: Simply paste on, cover with polythene, leave to work, remove excess, wash down. Coverage: 3 to 6 litres per square metre, depending on the thickness of paint, profile of surface etc. If you are not sure of the type of paint you have please contact the seller who would be happy to advise. For removing masonry paint, emulsion paint and water-based paints please try our product Solvistrip.
ANYCUBIC Ultrabase 3D Printer Platforms, Heated Bed with Microporous Coating Build Surface Glass Plate 220 x 220mm Compatible with MK2 MK3 Prusa i3
How to assemble the Ultrabase platform: Ultrabase has the same installation holes (209*209mm) as the standard MK2 and MK3 hot bed, and it's compatible with almost all 3D printers with MK2 and MK3 hot bed. Just peel off the blue tape on the backside, and then fit the Ultrabase to the hotbed (base).  About customer Service: We provide best quality products and best services for our customers. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Attention: * Suggested bed temperature may vary depends on the filament material; * Please properly level the bed before printing; * Never let the nozzle rub against the Ultrabase directly; * Clean the platform surface with alcohol/water. Temperature settings for different filaments: 1. PLA:50-70℃ 2. Flexible filament: 50-70℃ 3. ABS:100-125℃ ( 110℃ is recommended ) 4. PC:100-130℃ ( 120℃ is recommended ) 5. Nelon:90-120℃ ( 110℃ is recommended ) 6. PP:100-130℃ ( 120℃ is recommended ) 7. PETG: 50-70℃  Ultrabase Specification:  1. Material : Special Glass + microporous coatings + Heatbed 2. Item size : 220*220*5.5mm 3. N.W :750g 4. G.W :870g 5. Box size : 26.5cm*26.5cm*5.5cm  Heat bed Specification:  (1)Material: Aluminum base  (2)Voltage: 12V/24V (3)Max Temperature:120 Degree Celsius  (4)Dimensions:220mmx220mm  (5)Thickness: heat bed 1.5mm  (6)Resistance around 0.9 ohm for 12V  (7)Resistance around 3.6 ohm for 24V (8)100 Degree Celsius suggested for both 12V and 24V  Package List: 1x ANYCUBIC Ultrabase 3D Printer Platform with Ultrabase heatbed 4* M3X35 Screws  4*M3 nuts 4* spacers