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BLACK+DECKER 500W Autoselect Scorpion-Powered Hand Saw with Kitbox and Auto-Select, RS890K-GB
Reciprocating Saw, Jigsaw & Garden Saw all in one tool, Black & Decker's Scorpion Saw is one of the most versatile power tools in the market, delivering highly effective sawing performance for a wide range of DIY & gardening applications. The Scorpion concept is deceptively simple, yet totally original: an adjustable shoe can be set at different angles to provide a sturdy base plate for jigsawing, a pincer for safe sawing through branches, & a hand guard for use as a reciprocating saw. Switching between applications is easy; three blades have been included for cutting through wood, metal & plastic, & can be replaced at the push of a button. Choosing the right settings for a given task also won't be a worry, as the updated Scorpion design features Black & Decker's innovative Autoselect™ technology. With Autoselect™ all you need to do is select the application, & the tool does the hard work for you, adapting its performance to the demands of the job at hand. Other benefits include the Scorpion's improved stroke length, for smoother & more aggressive cutting through resistant materials, as well as extensive anti-slip overmoulding across the saw's multiple grip points. A kitbox is included for convenient storage & transportation. Features & Benefits:- The incredibly versatile Scorpion powered hand saw - saw, jigsaw & prune with one tool- Cuts various material types including, wood, metal and plastic- Now also with Autoselect technology - simply select the application and the Scorpion chooses the correct settings for the task at hand- Tool free push button blade change system makes swapping between applications quick & easy- Improved stroke length makes material cutting even easier- Patented branch steady shoe maximises performance in pruning mode- Large shoe surface area provides stability in jigsaw mode- Includes 3
Hi-Spec 26pc Household Cordless Power Drill Tool Kit 9.6V Drill Driver with 1200 mAh Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery, 16 Position Keyless Torque Clutch, Variable Speed Switch, Drill & Screwdriver Accessory Set & 25pc Most Reached for Hand Tools Heavy Duty 370g Hammer - all in Sturdy Storage Box
Hi-Spec Products
♦ 9.6V Cordless Drill 1200Mah Rechargeable Battery - 16Nm Torque - 550RPM no load speed For drilling holes, and tightening and loosening screw ♦ 5 x High Grade Steel Wood Drill Bits: 3,4,5,6,8mm For making holes in wood ♦ Claw Hammer (370g / 13oz) With Low Vibration Fiberglass Handle for fixing and removing nails ♦ 4 x Precision Screwdrivers: Phillips:#1,#0 Slotted:2.4mm,3.0mm Great for all smaller screws found around the home ♦ 2 x Full-size Slotted & Phillips Screwdrivers (100mm) Soft handles for maximum grip ♦ Bit Driver Handle 10 x Extra long 50mm Bits: Slotted: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7mm Phillips: #0, #1, #2*2, #3 For screws in and around the home ♦ Long Nose Pliers (150mm) For manipulating and cutting cutting wire ♦ Tape Measure (3m) For accurate measuring ♦ Sturdy blow-mold storage case Keeps tools safe, secure and ready for when you need them
Bosch EasyCut 12 Cordless Nano Blade Saw with 12 V Lithium-Ion Battery
With over 40 patents to its name, the Bosch NanoBlade is an innovative concept that has essentially miniaturized a chainsaw blade to a degree that it is compatible with pocket sized power tools like the 12v battery powered EasyCut 12. Occupying a role similar to either a mini cordless chainsaw, reciprocating saw or a jigsaw, the EasyCut is a versatile and truly original power tool which offers several advantages over alternative machines. Firstly, unlike a standard chainsaw, the NanoBlade itself requires no oiling or maintenance, and can be swapped out easily, safely and quickly, simply by opening the hatch on the side of the tool. Furthermore, unlike jigsaws and reciprocating saws, it does not suffer from excessive vibration, making it easy to stick to a cutting line, even for an inexperienced user. It is ideal for pruning branches in the garden or light duty demolition tasks, but also cuts straight and accurately enough to be used for many DIY and carpentry applications, for example cutting out tenons and notches, plunge cutting, trimming sheet goods or sawing dowels and plastic pipes to size.Part of the Bosch 12v range of li-ion garden & DIY power tools, the EasyCut 12 shares battery compatibility with all other 12v tools in the range, as well as older 10.8v models.Specifications- Battery voltage: 12v- Stroke rate at no load: 0 4.100 spm- Sole plate: Steel- Cutting depth in wood: 65mm- Cutting depth in plastic: 30mm- Machine weight: 0.7 kgFeatures & Benefits- Compact and lightweight at just 0.7kg without battery- 12v Cordless for go anywhere power- Versatile sawing both inside and outside the house- NanoBlade technology allows freehand cuts even without clamping the workpiece- Enables quick, easy and straight cuts- Will saw close to edges, e.g when pruning branches close to the trunk- Maintenance free: no oiling or sharpening required- Bosch Electronic for fi
Bosch Advanced Hedge Cut, 36 V, 540 mm blade length, 20 mm tooth opening (Without battery pack and charger)
The ADVANCEDHEDGECUT 36 is a powerful 36v cordless hedge trimmer which shares battery compatibility with the rest of the Bosch 36v lithium ion range of garden power tools. Enabling you to complete hedge trimming tasks without having to worry about petrol or power leads, the ADVANCEDHEDGECUT 36 has a 540mm blade with 20mm tooth spacing, and benefits from an electronic anti-blocking system: while other hedge trimmers can stall if a branch or similar obstruction becomes entangled between the teeth, the ADVANCEDHEDGECUT is designed to power through the blockage, ensuring you can carry on trimming with minimal interruption.This version of the ADVANCEDHEDGECUT 36 is supplied without a battery and charger; it can be used with batteries from any other Bosch 36v lithium ion garden tool; batteries and chargers are also available separately should you require them.Specifications- Battery Voltage: 36v- Battery Type: Bosch 36v Lithium Ion Garden / Green range- Blade Length: 540mm- Tooth Spacing: 20mm- Weight: 3.5kgFeatures & Benefits- Shares battery compatibility with the rest of the Bosch 36v garden range- Cordless freedom with powerful 36v battery system- No more untangling cables or worrying about cutting through them- Anti-Blocking system: helps the trimmer power through obstuctions- Lightweight construction for less arm strain- Comfortable soft grip handles- Optimum weight balance and ergonomics- Long 54cm blade with 20mm tooth spacing: complete larger jobs fasterContents- ADVANCEDHEDGECUT 36 Cordless Hedge Trimmer only- No Battery- No Charger
This top of the range 68cc 5 in 1 petrol garden multi-tool is only available from Trueshopping. Powered by a massive 4HP engine, it's easy to start and air cooled.The multi tool comes complete with a 1 meter extension pole and 4 interchangeable cutting heads.Specifications Engine - 68cc, air-cooled, 2-stroke, gasoline Power transmission method: Automatic centrifugal clutch, spiral gear Carburettor: Diaphragm. Start system: Recoil Speed (min-1) - (idle): 3400 (Max.): 8500 Max. Power: 3KW / 4 HP Ignition: CDI. Stopping Method: Sparking Circuit Primary Short Cutting line: 430m Volume of Fuel Tank: 800ml. Petrol-oil-mixture : 25:1 Sound Power Level : 112db. Weight: 7.3KGHedge Trimmer - Hardened Steel Double Edged Blade. 10 Different Cutting AnglesPruning Saw - Chain Guide Bar: 10", 3/8" pitch. 043"gaugeTrimmer - Cutting Diameter Approx: 40cmBrush Cutter - Metal T3 Pronged Blade. Cutting Diameter: 30cmExtension Pole - 1000mm in LengthBox Contents 68cc Engine Base Unit & shaft Long Reach Hedge Trimmer Pruning Saw (Small Chainsaw) Trimmer Nylon Head 3 Pronged Metal Blade 100cm Extension Pole Protective Guard Hedge Trimmer Blade Guard One Shoulder Harness Mixing Bottle Plug Spanner Handle Tool Kit Instruction ManualSome assembly required. Spares available.Full spares back up service.
Trueshopping 52cc Petrol Multi Tool Long Reach Multi Function 5 In 1 Garden Tool Powerful Including: Hedge Trimmer, Grass Trimmer, Brush Cutter, Chainsaw Pruner & Free Extension Pole 2-Stroke 2.2KW 3HP
Powerful, reliable and easy to start and use, this petrol garden multi tool is great for trimming hedges and cutting hard to reach branches.Specification >Engine Displacement: 52cc>Engine type: Air-cooled, 2-stroke, gasoline>Power transmission method: Automatic centrifugal clutch, bevel gear>Carburettor: Diaphragm>Max. engine speed (min-1): 15000>Max. Power: 2.2KW / 3HP>Idle Speed(min-1): 3000>Ignition: CDI>Start method: Recoil>Volume of Fuel Tank: 840ml>Fuel/Oil Ratio: 25/1 with 2-cycle engine oil Tip of Hedgetrimmer to engine: (315cm with extra pole) Tip of Chainsaw bar/blade to engine: (300cm with extra pole) Hedge Trimmer - Hardened Steel Double Edged Blade, Blade Length: 435mm, Adjust to 10 Cutting Angles. Pruning Saw - Chain Guide Bar: gauge, Chainsaw bar/blade: (30cm) Trimmer - Cutting Diameter Approx: 40cm Brush Cutter - Metal T3 Pronged Blade, Cutting Diameter: 30cm Extension Pole - 1000mm LengthContents 52cc Multi Tool Engine Base Unit & tool shaft Long Reach Hedge Trimmer Pruning Saw (Small Chainsaw) Trimmer Nylon Head 3 Pronged Metal Blade 100cm Extension Pole Protective Guard Hedge Trimmer Blade Guard One Shoulder Harness Mixing Bottle Plug Spanner Handle Tool Kit & instructions Please Note: Simple pre-assembly is required. Spare Parts Available. Full spares back up service.
VonHaus 3.0Ah Spare/Replacement Battery Compatible with All Vonhaus 20V Lithium-ion D Series Tools (Not Compatible with VonHaus 20V MAX Garden Power Tools)
VonHaus 3.0Ah Spare Battery For 20V Max Lithium-ion D SeriesThis high spec battery is designed to be used across a selection of 7 different tools. Simply slot the battery in and out of each machine to suit your project.One minute you could be sawing a section for your garden decking, and the next, you could be drilling it in place - all with the same power source.The Vonhaus 20V Max Lithium-ion D SeriesExperience exceptional power and the freedom of cordless operation. Use your battery with any of the following tools:VonHaus 20V Max Circular SawVonHaus 20V Max JigsawVonHaus 20V Max Reciprocating SawVonHaus 20V Max Impact DrillVonHaus 20V Max Impact WrenchVonHaus 20V Max Impact DriverVonHaus 20V Max Angle GrinderCharge time: approx. 75 mins Please note: this battery is only compatible with the VonHaus 20V Max Lithium-ion D Series tools specified and will not work with any other VonHaus power tool.
DeWalt Performance 2 Power Tool Glove - Black/Yellow, Large
DeWalt Synthetic Padded Leather Palm Gloves DEWPERFORM2 The DeWalt work gloves have synthetic padded leather palms and breathable spandex backs. They also feature a gel padded palm, Neoprene wrist system and leather knuckle strap.The DeWalt DEWPERFORM2 synthetic padded leather palm gloves are sized large. DEWPERFORM2
DeWalt Performance 2 Power Tool Glove - Black/Yellow, Large
DeWalt Synthetic Padded Leather Palm Gloves DEWPERFORM2 The DeWalt work gloves have synthetic padded leather palms and breathable spandex backs. They also feature a gel padded palm, Neoprene wrist system and leather knuckle strap.The DeWalt DEWPERFORM2 synthetic padded leather palm gloves are sized large. DEWPERFORM2
Power Planter 307 Model - Cultivator Garden Hand Tool - for Planting Potted Colour and Larger Bulbs
Power Planter Inc.
A step up from the 207 model, it digs a wider hole suitable for potted colour, tubestock, planting larger bulbs like Daffodils and generally cultivating of the ground. Highly recommended for the home gardener as it will get used plenty. Fits any 10mm (3/8") drill or larger. For cordless drills a 18V drill minimum is recommended.
Silverstorm 247820 - 260W 13mm Power Belt File
Electric belt sander with narrow, file-like sanding belt, adjustable file arm angle and variable speed control. Quick tensioning system enables quick and easy belt changes. For intricate sanding of various materials in difficult to access areas. Ideal for descaling, sanding and polishing of welds, deburring, shaping mortices and joints, and other specialised tasks.
Power Planter 312 Model - Cultivator Garden Hand Tool - Deep Cultivating - for Planting Shrubs
Power Planter Inc.
When you need to dig deep, the 12 inch long Power Planter makes that job easy. Great for planting and cultivating the ground without having to lift a shovel! Imagine digging deep in the veggie patch the next time you want to plant some carrots and have them come out nice and straight rather than the usual deformed shapes! Works best on an 18v cordless drill run at the lowest speed and on screwdriver mode turned up to a high number so that you get good digging power but no kickback when you hit a tree root of rock. Safe for all ages and doesnt require Brute strength to make it work.
GutReise UK Safety RCD Socket Adaptor Home Circuit Breaker Cutout Garden Power Tools Trip Switch
how it works when the leakage currents >10mA or 30mA.The plug can quickly power off within 0.1 secons, not only can protect the personal safety ,but also protect electrical equioment from damage. With Test and Reset Button: 1 Put into main socket. 2 Press RESET to show red indicator. 3 Press TEST-red indicator should disappear DO NOT USE IF RED INDICATOR REMAINS. 4 Press RESET for use. rated voltage:200-260v rated current :13A Endurance test time:more than 20000 Color:white Tripping time:less 0.1s Breaking Capacity :250A PACKAGE LIST:1 pcs UK rcd 1 user
Davaon Pro Ratchet Secateurs & Garden Hand Tools Set - Up To 5 Times More Cutting Power Less Effort Sharp Pruner Best For Plant Tree Hedge - Zero Bend Gardening Trowel & Weeding Fork - Quality Gift
Davaon - UK Garden Tools - Manufactured For Excellence - Made With The User In Mind Find It Difficult To Prune Through Thicker Stems and Branches?Fed Up Of Your Soil Prep Tools Bending?Or Are You Looking For A Great Gift / Present To Give To A Gardener Friend Or Family Member? Introducing 3 Essential Tools In The Davaon Pro Cut Ratchet Secateurs And Garden Hand Trowel and Fork Tools Set Less Effort 24mm Cut Garden Secateurs, Comfort No Bend Stainless Steel Garden Trowel & Weed Fork. All For Easier Gardening Prep And Presented In A Printed Box RATCHET SECATEURS - Ideal for Woody Stems Branches ✔ Multiplies your hand's power up to 5 times✔ Each squeeze increases pressure so you don't have to do the work. Ideal for tough cutting✔ Slices through thicker branches than conventional pruners (up to 24mm) ✔ Super sharp to slice through easily and quickly✔ Soft-grip so they are very easy on your hands ✔ Aluminium body for strength ✔ Secaure easy lock mechanism ZERO BEND GARDEN HAND TROWEL WEED FORK SET- Ideal for Soil Digging, Loosening And Weeding ✔ Tough stainless steel that does not bend during use✔ Rust resistant and minimal soil adhesion helps push through soil easier✔ Comfortable TPR soft grips reduce chance of blisters ✔ Convenient thumb placement for optimal grip ✔ Long Lasting Stainless Steel Perfect as a Gift Present Idea for Gardening Friends and Family ✔Presented in a printed box suitable for giving as a giftImagine using quality garden tools that save effort and Click Add to Basket NowTrusted Quality and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee So You Have Nothing To Lose
Hyundai HYMT5200 52cc Petrol Garden Multi Function Tool (Hedge, Chainsaw, brushcutter, Grass Trimmer and Extension Shaft) -3 Years Warranty
The HYMT5200 multi-tool is a heavy duty and powerful machine, which enables you to maintain your garden with one versatile and complete gardening tool. Save money compared to buying individual machines and save storage space and receiving the same impressive power as several equivalent dedicated machines. Combining a hedge trimmer, pole chainsaw, brushcutter, pole grass trimmer and 800mm extension shaft, this 5-in-1 multi-tool has everything a gardener needs to make short work of even the toughest gardening tasks. It's powered by the IC52-2R EURO 2 Hyundai 52cc 2-stroke high torque, low emissions easy recoil start petrol engine, which has tremendous mid-range torque so the machine does not have to be operated at maximum revs for best performance. With a soft start recoil system and a digital rev limiter to protect the engine from overspeed damage, this multi-tool is ideal for both novice and experienced gardeners. It's engineered to let you focus more on your gardening and less on maintaining the machine. If properly serviced, it can provide years of reliable service. Assembly out of the box is quick and easy, with a full quick start guide provided, and after mixing your 2-stroke fuel and oil mixture (40:1 unleaded petrol and semi-synthetic 2-stroke oil) you'll be ready to tackle the garden in no time at all. Thanks to the ergonomic design this multi-tool is comfortable to use regardless of which attachment you're using, and the full double shoulder harness provides additional support and weight distribution. With a quick release clip system to attach the harness, it's easy to find the most comfortable setting to suit your height. When not in use, the machine and attachments can be carried with ease, and take up minimal space in the garden shed. Supplied with safety equipment, including full face shield, ear defenders and gloves. Easy soft pull recoil start system. Covered by Hyundai 3 Year Warranty.