Scroll saw blades 130mm

Pack of 40 Scroll Fret Saw Pin End Blades Carbon Steel 10TPI 14TPI 21TPI 24TPI 130mm Long
Pack of 40 scroll saw blades ideal for cutting Wood, Plastic & Non-Ferrous Metals. 10pk 10TPI 1.72mm x 0.51mm wide. Pitch 2.54mm 10pk 14TPI 1.2MM X 0.46mm wide. Pitch 1.81mm 10pk 21TPI 0.65mm x 0.29mm wide. Pitch 1.21mm 10pk 24TPI 0.6mm x 0.26mm wide. Pitch size 1.05mm
Silverline 580485 Scroll Saw Blades 130mm 10pk 24tpi
130mm length scroll saw blades. For cutting wood and plastics.
Proxxon 28747 Spiral Scroll Saw Blades Without Pin
Spiral saw blades provide teeth all the way around and thus allow for cutting in all directions without the need to turn the work piece. This is advantageous, especially with bigger work pieces. The saw blade fits through a 1/16" (1.5 mm) hole. Ideal for plastics, hard and soft woods. Standard 5" (125 x 1.2mm) without pin ends. (12/pkg) For use with the 37088 Scroll Saw DS115/E and 37090 Scroll Saw DSH/E
Pack of 40 Spartacus SPA007 Pinned Scroll Saw Blades 130mm Long 24tpi
Hardened carbon steel. For cutting wood, plastic & non-ferrous metals. 3mm wide x 0.4mm thick. 100mm effective cutting length. 40 Pack of Pinned Scroll Saw Blades 24tpi. Spartacus is a registered trademark of Power Tool Centre LTD (ptctools). Spartacus spare parts are only available from Power Tool Centre LTD (ptctools)
Qty 10-130mm 21tpi Scroll Saw Blades - Cutting Wood & Plastics
Scroll Saw Blades 130mm 10pk 21tpi 130mm length scroll saw blades. For cutting wood and plastics.