Spray paint primer metal

400ml Surface Primer Grey
Tor Coatings Ltd
400ml Surface Primer Grey
Hycote Grey Primer , 400ml
Grey Primer... Ideal for various surfaces including metals and rigid plastic etc.. Tough durable finish.. Hycote's modern acrylic formulation provides a durable finish with enhanced covering power. It is also suitable for application to many rigid plastic surfaces e.g bumpers and trim. Hycote paint may be used in conjunction with cellulose paints and primers if desired, but best results will be obtained with prior application of hycote primer. For best results on plastic apply hycote adhesion aid prior to priming.. UK Mainland Delivery Only..
Plasti-kote 1148 400ml Super Enamel Primer - Grey
Plasti-kote Super Grey Primer Spray is ideal for many applications, both interior and exterior, and is suitable for use on wood or metal. It provides a preparatory coating that allows finishing paint to adhere much better than if it were used alone. Use after initial preparation and prior to the top coat being applied.PTDPKT1148
Plasti-kote 10601 400ml Metal Primer - Grey
Plasti-Kote Metal Spray Primer offers ultimate metal protection with a non-sanding formula for areas of moderate corrosion. The primer is quick and easy to apply and fast drying. Available in a range of colours. For protection from severe corrosion use Plasti-Kote Zinc Primer which actually fuses to the surface it is applied to. Drying time: touch dry in 20 - 40 minutes, thoroughly dry in 2 - 4 hours. Coverage: approximately 2.23m per tin.PKT10601 metal primer has the following specifications: Colour: Grey. Pack size: 400ml.PTDPKT10601
Autotek AT00PRG500 Primer, Grey, 500 ml
Excellent adhesion to metals and rigid plastics Suitable for weld-through operations Enhanced covering power High build Compatible with most other paint types
Hycote XUK03015 Grey Primer 500ml Aerosol Spray Paint x 6
Use as the basis of all normal decorative applications. These primers are also suitable for use on most rigid plastics.WHERE NOT TO USEOn surfaces previously treated with alkyd paints, without first ascertaining suitability [see Section 6 technical data sheet].BENEFITSEnhanced covering powerExcellent adhesion to metals and rigid plasticsSuitable for weld-through operationsProduct Code:Grey XUK03015-500
All Purpose Automotive Spray Paint 250ml Can Grey Primer Finish Aerosol Metal Interior Exterior Fast Dry Excellent Coverage Adhesion - Grey Primer - Single
This automotive spray paint is perfect for touching up scratched or damaged surfaces and gives and excellent coverage and adhesion. The 250ml cans of spray paint feature a quick and easy spray nozzle to help minimise the loss of paint during a spray, this paint comes in a fast drying Grey Primer and is great for interior and exterior application. The spray paint is available in different pack sizes to meet all your needs, they are: Single, 3 Pack, 6 Pack and 12 Pack. Automotive spray paintGrey Primer250ml Spray CanExcellent coverage and adhesionQuick and easy spray with minimum lossFast drying with a matt finishGreat for Interior and exterior applicationAvailable in different pack sizes (Single/3 Pack/6 Pack/12 Pack) MeasurementsEach canHeight: 20cm Diameter: 5cm Weight: 100g Package ContentGrey Primer Spray Paint (Please choose your pack size)
Rust-Oleum AE0040030E8 400ml Surface Primer Spray Paint-Red Matt, not_ not_Applicable
Tor Coatings Ltd
Drying Time: Touch dry in 20 minutes. This quick drying primer is designed to give a good bonding to surfaces before spray painting. Blocks stains, discolouration's and irregularities for a smoother, more uniformed paint finish. Suitable for use on bare or painted wood, metal, ceramics, plaster, masonry, unglazed ceramic and more. It can be used indoors or outdoors. Fast drying formula and can be sanded wet or dry. Cleans up with just soap and water. For best result, put the can in warm water for 15-20 minutes before use to ensure a good paint flow.
151 Spray Paint Grey Primer 250ml
151 Products
This fabulous range of spray paints from 151 are brand new. Available in a full colour range, these are suitable for most surfaces including wood, metal and brick. Leaving a fantastic finish, these are a must for your spray painting job.Generous 300ml can.Full colour range available.Suitable for most surfaces including wood, metal and brick.See can for full application instructions.
Rust-Oleum Surface Primer Multi-Purpose Spray Paint Stain Block Grey Matt (1 Pack)
A quick-drying primer designed to provide a tight bond for spray painting on bare or painted wood, metal, ceramics and more. Apply to wood, metal, plaster, masonry or unglazed ceramic
MOTIP Primer Spray - Grey - 500 ml
Motip Dupli Gmbh
Colour: Grey
2 x 151 Grey Primer Aerosol Paint Spray Cars Wood Metal Walls Graffiti 400ml New
Fast drying Indoor & outdoor use No CFCs Excellent coverage and adhesion Easy and quick spraying operation which helps minimise the loss of paint Quick drying, bright colour with a smooth coat For a superior paint finish, we recommend attaching a spray trigger from our shop All spray cans are ideal for vehicle and most surfaces that are clean & oil free Good results are easily achievable with these simple to use spray paints Size:2 x 400ml
Plasti-kote 25000 400ml Primer - White
Plasti-kote 25000 Primer White 400 ml PKT25000 Plasti-Kote primer increases top coat adhesion, seals porous, bare or corroded surfaces, maximises durability and improves the overall finish of many surfaces with a formula designed for enhanced and consistent coverage. The new easy spray technology provides added control to make spray painting easier, faster and cleaner than ever before. The primer can be recoated at anytime for simple, faster project completion. The can’s large, comfortable finger pad requires 33% less finger pressure than other spray paint cans, and the twist and lock mechanism means there is no separate top to remove or replace after use. Its cap and button design shields the finger from paint for a cleaner spray-painting process.PKT25000 primer has the following specifications: Colour: White. Size: 400ml. PKT25000
Plastikote Project Paint 2217 Tool Box Blue Metal Hammer Spray Paint 400ml - 2.23m² Coverage per can - Heat Resistant to 150°C - Touch Dry in 30 Minutes. (Set of 4)
Plasti-Kote Spray Paints
Plastikote Project Paint 2217 Tool Box Blue Metal Hammer Spray Paint 400ml - 2.23m² Coverage per can  - Heat Resistant to 150°C - Touch Dry in 30 minutes.Bring colour to your home and garden with the amazing PlastiKote Spray Paint range.PlastiKote spray paints allows you to brighten your old furniture, planters or décor with ease.This 400ml can provides 2.23m² coverage and delivers an authentic hammered finish effect to steel, wood, ceramic, wicker and stone.Colour: Hammered Finish Tool Box Blue 2217 - 400mlSold individually or in great value multi buy sets of 2, 4 or 6 cans.
Hammerite 5084781 Metal Paint: Hammered Black 400ml (Aerosol)
Hammerite Products ICI Ltd.
Hammerite Direct to Rust Metal Paint is specially formulated to perform as primer, undercoat and topcoat in one.