Stanley knife blades 100 pack

Footprint 100-Heavy Duty Knife Blades
These Footprint Heavy-duty Knife Blades are suitable for cutting a variety of materials, including carpet, vinyl, cardboard, leather and canvas. The blades have been oiled to prevent rusting and are suitable to fit most trimming knives. They are supplied in a high-visibility, wall-mountable container. Pack quantity: 100
Faithfull H/Duty Trim Knife Blades (Box 100)
Faithfull Heavy-Duty Trimming Knife Blades (Box 100) FAITKB100 The Faithfull general purpose heavy-duty blades are made from quality steel and suitable for trade use. The blades are designed to cut carpet, vinyl, cardboard, canvas, leather and some softer plastics. The heavy-duty trimming knife blades are made in Sheffield and fit most leading brand knives.Size: 19 x 60mm, Thickness: 0.63mmSize: 18.7mm x 60mmThickness: 0.6mmBox Quantity: 100 in a sturdy plastic dispenser FAITKB100
Stanley Blade Dispenser         8 11 921
Stanley 1992B Knife Blades Heavy-Duty Pack of 100 Dispenser STA811921 The Stanley 1992B blades are heavy-duty, general purpose blades, which fit all standard Stanley knives.These blades are ideal for carpet, vinyl and any other material requiring a stiffer and stronger blade.Specifications:Blade length: 62mm. Blade thickness: 0.65mm. Blade height: 19mm.Push blade dispenser 10 x 10 blades. STA811921
Stanley FatMax Utility Blade Pack of 5 STA511700
Stanley FatMax Utility Blade Pack of 5 STA511700 The sharpest, strongest, longest lasting Stanley blade ever. Up to 75% longer life.Up to 20% stronger and up to 35% sharper than normal 1992 blades.Snap resistant to 35Kg based on average values compared with Stanley 1992 blade.5 per pack x 10 boxed quantity. STA511700
Stanley Snap Off Blades (10) 18MM    0 11 301
Stanley Snap Off Blades 18mm Pack 10 STA011301 These 18 mm snap-off blades have a straight cutting edge and 7 snap-off sections. They are suitable for use with the following knives: STA010481, STA010418, STA010018, STA010380, STA010280, STA010151.For 010018, SM18 and MP0 knives. The standard blades are 0.43 mm thick.Pack of 10 STA011301
Roberts Heavy Duty Straight Blades are strong & durable,will not bend on the cut so ideal for the Carpet Fitter to gain that straight edge you need when fitting flooring,comes in a box of a hundred Blades.
20 X Royal Blades Mixed Heavy Duty Trimming Blades Made In Sheffield England cutting edge 10 Straight 5 Hooked 5 Concave
ROYAL BLADES BOXED TRIMMING BLADES New Listings Now Available for bulk buys of boxes of 100 please our new bulk boxes search the  Asin number or search royal blades  Straight Edge: B07L53GKRH Hooked Edges: B07L51LJ2G Concave Edge :B07L5292MW Super Hooked: B07L525QCP
STANLEY Tylon Tape, 8m/26ft
Stanley Pocket Tape 8m / 26ft 25mm Carded STA030656N Corrosion resistant long life nylon coated blade with bi-material case for improved grip and positive blade lock for accurate measurements. With belt clip. and 3-rivet tru-zero hook, reduces risk of breakage. Class II accuracy.Length: 8m (26 ft). Blade width: 25mm.Carded STA030656N
Stanley 1991B Knife Blades Yellow Dispenser of 10 STA211911
AutoMotion Factors Limited
Stanley 1991B Knife Blades Yellow Dispenser of 10 STA211911 Normal-duty 1991B general purpose blade for paper, card, leather and most sheet material.Not suitable for the STA210099 knife. STA211911
Stanley Fatmax 2-11-700 Knife Blade in Dispenser, Silver, Set of 10 Pieces
Stanley FatMax Utility Blade Pack of 10 STA211700The sharpest, strongest, longest lasting Stanley blade ever. Up to 75% longer life.Up to 20% stronger and up to 35% sharper than normal 1992 blades.Snap resistant to 35Kg based on average values compared with Stanley 1992 blade.STA211700
IRWIN 10504563 18 mm Carbon Steel Snap-Off Blade (Pack of 50)
Irwin Tools
Snap Off Blades 18mm Pack of 50
Westcott E-84020 00 18 mm Utility Knife Replacement Blades - Metal (Pack of 10)
Acme United Europe
Westcott - Cutter Blade (Pack of 10)
OX Pro 10 Pack Heavy Duty Knife Blades & Dispenser Ox-P222010
Ox Tools
OX P222010 Pro Heavy Duty Knife Blades & Dispenser 10 Pack General purpose heavy duty blades in dispenserHigh quality SK2 steelExtra flexible and durable
Stanley 1996B (5) Knife Blades 0 11 983
Stanley 1996B Hooked Knife Blades Pack of 5 STA011983 Reversible sharpened double hook with point for penetrating and cutting sheet material, in particular floor covering and plastic sheeting as used in the packaging industry. 1996BPack of 5 STA011983
Blue Spot 29190 Utility Blade Set in Dispenser (50 Pieces)
Blue Spot Tools
Features: Includes heavy duty dispenser. Fits all standard retractable and fixed blade knives. Made from high carbon steel. 0.6mm thick. Product Dimensions: 19 x 10.5 x 5cm Product Weight: 0.55lbs Case Quantity: 48  
SBS® Trapezoid blades with Holes -50- Pieces
Schlößer Baustoffe GbR
We offer our cutting knife from SBS® in different sizes and Qulitäten. Made of plastic, with or without metal rail, aluminium and in various sizes. To all knives we also offer various replacement blades. Including: Trapezoidal Blades with or without holes Abbech blades 18 mm & 9 mm Hook snap-off blades Hook Blades As a base layer under other carpet knife with Retractaway handle or a knife you understand A very sharp knife that is decorated with a blade that can be seen after use feeding And according to wear and tear can switch gradually break, and finally, with the shaft For further use is available. Attention: Replacement blades are very sharp and should be under the utmost caution be changed. We recommend Protective equipment to carry. Assembly Gloves are also available from the SBS® brand. Cutter/Segment Blade are relatively high accident, what happens on lack of practice that the user &'Sorglosigkeit in dealing with "blades used can be traced back to.
Blue Spot 29192 Utility Blades (10 Pieces)
Blue Spot Tools
10 utility knife blades in a dispenser.0.6 mm thick, 61.5 mm long. Fits standard utility knives.