Swa cable cutter

C.K T2250 Cable Stripper, Multi-Colour
arl Kammerling International has launched an innovative new Steel Wired Armoured (SWA) cable stripper, designed to speed up the process of SWA cable termination for installers. Typically done utilising a hacksaw and trimming knife, the conventional method for stripping SWA cable is slow, cumbersome and can result in an uneven cut of the wire strands, and even possible damage to the inner conductors. The new C.K ArmourSlice 'strips away the hassle' of preparing SWA cable for electricians, allowing the job to be done up to 50% faster compared with traditional methods, and ensures a perfect cut eveytime, includes free utility blade. Key points Faster than coventional SWA stripping methods Armour is scored to a uniform depth for a clean break off and trouble free gland connection Automatic cable clamp provides constant pressure, making retightening a thing of the past The wide cable clamp allows precise cuts with perfect blade-to-cable alignment Rugged all-metal construction with integrated spare blade holder Comes complete and ready to go with 6 cutting blades
Heavy Duty Ratchet Cable Cutter Wire Cut up to 240mm Square Aluminium and Copper Cable
Features: 100% NEW,High Quality Cutting Range: 240mm² Max HS-325A. Cutting Easily With Forging Blade And Long Lifetime. With Safety lock. Note: Not for cutting steel Or steel wire. Do not use to cut live wires. Unique ratchet action holds cable tight and allows rapid- straight cuts with minimum effort. Hold-open spring speeds cutting action. Quick-release lever opens blade at anytime during operation. Large- finger-formed handles have limit guards and plastic covering for comfort. Compact- lightweight tool can be locked in closed position for pouch carrying Mechanical design easily cut copper or aluminum cable. Anti-slip rubber hand guard offers secure grip. Light weight for one-handed operation. Easy to store and transport. Specifications : Cutting Range: 240mm² Max. (AWG 600MCM) , Cutting range max. 32mm or 1 1/4 " Apply to: 300 MCM copper--600 MCM aluminum Length: 260mm (10 1/4'' ) Weight: 0.66 kg
KKmoon 240mm² Ratchet Cable Cutter Professional Heavy Duty Wire Cut Hand Tool for Cutting Copper and Aluminum Cable
This is a useful cable cutter tool for cutting the aluminum and copper wire with single-handed operation. It's easy to use, just hold the handle and operate it once to successfully cut the wire. It's a good tool for electrical repair.Features: Open spring speeds up cutting action. Anti-slip rubber handle for comfortable and secure grip. Two sides of handle have pressure lines for easy operation. Built-in quick release lever, easy to remove the cable. Can apply to cut 300MCM copper or 600MCM aluminum wire. With precise ratchet mechanism for rapid and straight cutting. Hard steel cutting blades for lasting strength and sharpness.Specifications: Color: Red + Black Material: High-carbon Steel Max. Cutting Range: 240mm² Apply to: 300MCM copper or 600MCM aluminum wire Total Length: Approx. 25.5cm / 10in Handle Length: Approx. 11.7cm / 4.6in Item Weight: Approx. 593g / 20.9oz Package Size: Approx. 34.5 * 14.1 * 3.7cm / 13.6 * 5.6 * 1.5in Package Weight: Approx. 662g / 23.4ozNote: Please do not use to cut steel wire and live wire.Package List: 1 * Cable Cutter
Ratchet Cable Wire Cutter Cut Up To 240mm² HS-325A
utting Range: 240mm² Max Capacity: 0.5-6.0mm² Length: 260mm Weight: 750g Cutting Easily With Forging Blade Long Lifetime Safety lock NOT FOR CUTTING STEEL OR STEEL WIRE
Ck Tools
Scores armour strands to a uniform depth. Automatic cable clamp applies constant pressure throughout the cut. Wide cable clamp ensures perfect blade to cable alignment. Rugged all-metal construction with integrated spare blade holder. Perfect results on cables from 12mm up to 36mm Ø. Integrated spare blade holder. Supplied with 5 spare blades.
C.K T3678 Ratchet Cable Cutter, Heavy Duty, Red
High-grade special tool steel cutting jaws, forged and hardened for an extended working life Heavy duty ratchet action for the effortless cutting of large diameter cable Suitable for copper and aluminium cables up to 52 mm and SWA cable up to 36 mm.Max cutting capacity 52mm Cu/AlMax cutting capacity 36mm SWA
C.K 430007 Ratchet Cable Cutter
CUTTER, CABLE, RATCHET, HEAVY DUTY Overall Length:270mm Cutting Capacity Max:32mm Cut Type:- Product Range:- SVHC:No SVHC (17-Dec-2015)
Vzer Ratchet Cable Wire Cutter Cut up to 240mm2 Ratcheting Wire Cutting Hand Tool
Light weight for one-handed operation. Easy to store and transport. Note: Not for cutting steel Or steel wire. Do not use to cut live wires. Specifications : Cutting Range: 240mm2 Max. (AWG 600MCM) , Cutting range max. 32mm or 1 1/4 " Apply to: 300 MCM copper--600 MCM aluminum Length: 260mm (10 1/4'') Weight: 0.66 kg Package Included: 1 x ratcheting cable cutter
C.K 3963 Cable Cutter 210mm
Drop forged high alloy steel construction with razor sharp, induction hardened cutting edges offering efficient long term cutting performance. The specially profiled blades are designed for stripping and cutting a wide range of cables including aluminium, copper and plastic sheathed up to 11mm diameter.Size 210mm 8 1/4"Diameter 11mm
Ratchet ActionCuts Pipes 28-67mm In DiameterCuts Through:Stainless SteelWall ConduitCopperAluminium
C.K T2255 ArmourSlice SWA Cable Stripper Spare Blade Set
T2255 pack of 5 spares blades for CK Tools Armourslice SWA stripper (T2250).
Ratchet Cable Cutters cuts upto 400mm sq copper & aluminium cable CC400
Very handy cable cutters makes light work off those big heavy SWA cables & solid core alumium cables etc
Knipex 51735 Cable Sheath Stripper
Expert Quality, designed to strip cable sheath on cables 6.0 to 29mm dia. Self locking adjustable cutting depth for sheath thickness.... - Preferential UK Warranty (Minimum 3 years).Simple 2 minute Online Warranty Registration.Essential A4 Wall Safety Chart (folded).Easy-Open Eco-Friendly Packaging.Manufactured to the Highest Standards.UK Safety Specification with Simplez Safety101 Guide.UK Warranty Card Included.
Irwin Record Wc16 Wire Cutter
Irwin Record
Record Irwin WC16 Wire Cutter 718mm (28 1/4 in) RECWC16 Manufactured to a specific requirement this cutter will cut 16 mm wire rope, and up to 21mm armoured cable. ODIt therefore follows that this cutter will cut practically any cable in everyday use. Length. 718mm (28 1/4 in) RECWC16
High Quality Outdoor Steel Wire Armoured (SWA) 6943X Cable A Quality, Well constructed Cable which is easily stripped and worked with. 1.5mm² copper conductor size, Nominal Overall Diameter 11.54mm 3 Core Cable with Brown, Black & Grey coloured cores as indicators High quality Class 2 plain annealed stranded copper cores to BSEN 60228:2005 (Previously BS6360) Insulated with XLPE (Cross linked polyethylene), Bedded with PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), Armoured with SWA (Steel Wire Armoured) and Sheathed with Black PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Suitable for voltages up to a maximum voltage of 600/1000V Maximum current of 23A Suitable for Temperatures between -15°C and 90°C Conforms to BS5467, IEC 60502, BSEN (IEC) 60332-1-2 and BSEN 60332 Steel Wire Armoured Cable, commonly known as SWA Cable, is a hard wearing power cable which is designed for the supply of mains electricity. Suitable for use in power networks, underground, internal, external applications and for use in cable ducting. It can also be connected to an earth via a Cable Gland which will give the cable further protection. The steel wire armour sits below the cable sheath to provide protection to the conductor and insulating layers which means the cable can withstand high stress and be buried directly underground. Cable supplied as 50 meter Reels
KNIPEX 95 32 315 A Cable Cutter (ratchet action) for steel wire armoured cables (SWA cable) with multi-component grips 315 mm
The Knipex 95 32 315 Cable Cutter cuts through steel wire armoured cables with a diameter of up to 45mm, using one or two-handed operation. Not suitable for ACSR cable or wire ropes. It has a low weight, compact design that is great for using in confined areas. The innovative three-stage ratchet-drive ensures high leverage for easy cutting in one-handed and two-handed operation. The steel cutting edges are hardened and precisely ground, ensuring a smooth, neat cut without crushing. They have a fixed handle with a support area and are ideal for use in confined areas.PTDKPX9532315
6 Inch Wire Cable Cutters, Hand Tools Wire Cable Cutting Tools High Leverage Hardness Cable Shears, High-Carbon Steel Material Pliers, Excellent Bolt Cutters, Eco-Friendly Wire Cable Strippers.
6 month warranty for the wire cable cutters Attractive Prize-Giving Sales To promote, we keep sending some 10-inch wire cutters and 8- inch wire cutters to our buyers RANDOMLY starting from the day of 27, June. If you get the 10-inch wire cutter or 8-inch cutters LUCKILY when you pay for the 6-inch one,  CONGRATULATIONS!!  you will receive a new 6-inch cutter FREELY and IMMEDIATELY, and if you still receive a 10-inch cutter or 8-inch one in the second time , we will send you another one again until you receive a 6-inch cutter. You just need to send us the photos , that's enough. Good Luck!! You can cut aluminum, copper and communications cable with the Auban Tools High-Leverage Cable Cutter. Cable-gripping shear-type jaws and a high-leverage design provide exceptional cutting capability. Through-hardened, not case-hardened, cutting surfaces are longer-lasting. QUALITY There are hardly any bad complaints about its quality, Newest technology and good material of origin guarantee its perfect quality. SERVICES A free one will be offered for any products with bad quality. Kindly Remind: The package may be torn during the delivery , that's OK, feel free to use it.