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Festool 497565 SYS 3 T-LOC Systainer
IDEABRIGHT LTD Description FESTOOL 497565 SYSTAINER T-LOC SYS 3 T-LOC - Several SYSTAINERS can be connected to one another - even previous models of Festool. - Permanent order, maximum visibility, flexible modules - High savings in time, steps, paths, effort - Simple, bundled transportation - Professional appearance in front of customers - Cover for marking field - Sophisticated : When tow SYS T-LOC SYSTAINERS are connected to one another, the bottom SYSTAINER can still be opened without having to separate the two. Specification : - Interior Dimensions : (L x W x H) 377 x 277 x 176 mm - Exterior Dimensions : (L X W x H ) 396 x 296 x 210 mm - Weight : 1.8 kg End Of IDEABRIGHT LTD Description
Festool SYS 4 TL-SORT/3 200119 Systainer Box, Grey
Festool SYS 4 TL-SORT/3 Systainer Box - SORTAINER for the organised storage of accessories, consumables and small parts - Flexible and individually divisible drawers - Simpler, more convenient transport in a Systainer system
Festool SYS-Combi 3 Systainer T-Loc - White
SYSTAINER at the top, SORTAINER at the bottom. The SYSTAINER of the SYS Combi has plenty of space for the transport-safe storage of power tools and hand tools. The SORTAINER drawer below it, which can be divided up as required, is ideal for storing accessories, consumables and small parts, meaning you can keep everything you need to hand. SYS Combi can be connected to the entire SYSTAINER and SORTAINER system via T-LOC.Specifications- Internal dimensions of the drawer L x W x H: 350 x 255 x 69 mm- Internal dimensions of the top compartment L x W x H: 382 x 266 x 180 mm- Dimensions with adjustable legs L x W x H: 396 x 296 x 322 mm- Dimensions L x W x H: 396 x 296 x 315 mm- Weight: 3.50 kgFeatures & Benefits- Electric or hand-tools can be safely housed in the classic SYSTAINER- Drawer underneath provides space for small parts or consumables- Everything close to hand- Simple, compact transport of machine and accessories in a single SYS-Combi- Connection compatible with all T-LOC and Classic Systainers, Sortainers and CLEANTEC mobile dust extractors- More mobile than ever thanks to the SYS-Cart roll board and the Systainer SYS-Roll transporter- Joint storage of the machine and required accessories- Simpler, more convenient transport in a Systainer system- Saves significant time, effort, movement & expense
Festool SYS 3 TL-DF Systainer DF T-Loc - White
Festool SYS 3 TL-DF Systainer DF T-Loc - White - Everything stored neatly within reach - Permanent organisation, clear overview, flexible modules - Saves significant time, effort, movement - Easy, compact transport - Provides a professional appearance to customers
Festool 498044 Foam Lid Insert for SE-DP SYS 1-5 TL Systainer Case
Original Festool Cover pad SE-DP SYS 1-5 TL, supplied in a bag
Festool SYS 3-SORT/6 Sortainer - White
The festool sortainer sort 6 is a 6 draw storage unit. Ideal for storage of fixing and accessories when working on a job saving time, effort and expense. The sortainer is compact which enables easy transportation.
Festool SYS 3-SORT/12 491986 Sortainer, White
Festool Sortainers are an easy way to organise and carry tools and accessories. They can be clipped together and can be used with the Festool Systainers.12 small drawers2 dividers per drawer12 label holders16 labels
Festool SYS-MIDI 3 TL Midi Systainer
Festool SYS-MIDI 3 TL Midi Systainer - Safe transport of tools and accessories - Dimensions: L 503 x W 296 x H 210 - Saves significant time, effort, movement, expense
Festool SYS-TB-1 Tool Box
Supplied By IDEABRIGHT LTD Description FESTOOL 495024 SYS-TB-1 Systainer Tool Box - Two spacious compartments for better organisation - Robust high-quality plastic design - for a maximum load capacity of 7 kg - Coupling system for carrying several units together; saves time and energy - Unique 3 in 1 coupling system: Sys-ToolBox + Systainer; Sys-ToolBox + Sys-ToolBox; Sys-ToolBox + CLEANTEX mobile dust extractor - for practical transportation of hand tools, consumable materials and accessories FESTOOL 495024 SYS-TB-1 Systainer Tool Box Comes With : - 1 x Toolbox FESTOOL 495024 SYS-TB-1 Systainer Tool Box Specification : - Brand : FESTOOL - Product code : 495024 - Contact surface : 396x296 mm - Height : 150 mm - Carrying power : 7 kg - Volume : 12,5 l End Of IDEABRIGHT LTD Description
Blackout Roof / Skylight blinds For Velux GGL/GPL/GHL (WHITE 0008 (SYS F), P10/410/3)
Vale Blinds
Easy to install, only requiring a screwdriver (5 Mins). Perfect fit - No adjustments/ No cutting required. Sliding mechanism allows complete operational control. Slim aluminum profiles. 100% polyester, coated with an acrylic backing. The fabric is hard wearing and dirt resistant. Access to installation Video on our website. Child Safety - No Cords. Manufactured in the UK. 3 Year Manufacturers Guarantee. Compatible with Telescopic Poles. Reduces heat loss from your window. Proven Quality Components. All Sizes Available. Over 40 Colours Available. On all VELUX roof windows you will find a type sign stating exact information about the window. For instance as regards the roof windows with control bar (illustrated above) the data plate is placed in the right corner of the top sash behind the ventilation flap. On other types of VELUX windows you will find the type sign somewhere visible on the inside of the frame or sash or behind the ventilation flap. All you have to do, when ordering a blind, is to indicate the window code of the data plate to make sure you receive the right product. To find out your window code see pictures above. Key 1 Window model.(this only tells us how the window opens). 2 Window code (this determines the size). 3 Window surface (first two digits) Pane type (last two digits). 4 Production code. IF YOUR WINDOW CODE ISNT SHOWN OR YOU NEED HELP WITH THE SIZE PLEASE CONTACT US!.
Bose  SoundTouch 20 Series III Wireless (Bluetooth/Wi-Fi) Speaker System - White - works with Alexa
There’s a world of music out there. And the SoundTouch® 20 SERIES III wireless music system is a great way to play it throughout your home - wirelessly. It connects directly to your home Wi-Fi® network, so there’s no complicated equipment to worry about. You can even play your favourite music instantly. Simply press one of six presets on the speaker or remote, and the music starts.The SoundTouch® app lets you explore music services like Spotify and Deezer. It also gives you access to thousands of Internet radio stations and your stored music library, so you can always find the perfect soundtrack. The app also transforms your phone into a powerful remote so you can control your music from anywhere in your home.Place this compact system just about anywhere around your home and enjoy clear, room-filling sound. The SoundTouch® 20 SERIES III system is part of an entire family of wireless speakers and systems for every room of your home. From one-piece music syste
Festool 498045 Base Padding SE-DP SYS 1-5 TL
Original Festool Base pad SE-BP SYS 1-5 TL, supplied in a bag
Festool 499622 Systainer SYS Mini TL Storage Case
FESTOOL 499622 SYS MINI Systainer (Old code 460853) - Not able to connect with SYS 1 , SYS 2 , SYS 3 , SYS 4 , SYS 5 , SORTAINER - Dimensions (LxWxH): 265 x 170 x 70 mm
Wido 3000W Double Motor Wet & Dry 80L Vacuum Cleaner
Powerful 3000W double motor wet and dry vacuum cleaner with 80L capacity tank. Ideal for use in any industrial environment and can be used almost anywhere where an electrical socket is available. The vacuum cleaner is simple to operate and easy to move around with base on four castor wheels. It comes with a drainage pipe and tilting axis for safe and effortless emptying of the tank. The vacuum cleaner comes with two floor brushes, one for dry and one for wet cleaning, an upholstery brush and thin nozzle for difficult to reach spaces. Item also comes with instruction booklet in English. Features:  80 litre stainless steel container  8m long cord for increased mobility  1.5 m plastic hose, with suction regulation  Metal suction tubes  Floor nozzle with integrated rubber lip brush  Tilting axle for easy cleaning/emptying  Easy lifting plastic cover  Large handle on the cover for convenient access even with gloves  Container handle at the front of the vacuum cleaner  Metal fasteners for locking the cover  Stable plastic base with four castor wheels  All connections and fittings sealed with vibration-resistant rubber  Power switch with rubber cap for protection against dirt and water
Russell Hobbs 22851 BRITA Filter Purity Kettle, 3000 W, 1 Litre, Transparent
Russell Hobbs
Filtered water makes for a clearer, better tasting drink Includes a Brita Maxtra+ filter to get you started 1 litre boil capacity, 0.5 litre hopper capacity 360 degree base Internal blue illumination Concealed element Removable, washable filter Cartridge replacement reminder Cord storage 2200 watts 2 year warranty for peace of mind Dimensions (mm): H232 x W210 x D218
Kair 5 inch / 127mm PVC Flexible Hose (133mm outer dia) - 3 Metre Length - Flexi Plastic PVC Ventilation Ducting - SYS-125 - DUCP0092/127/35
KAIR SYSTEM 125 ROUND PVC FLEXIBLE HOSE - 133MM DIAMETER - 3 METRE LENGTH Summary: White PVC Flexible 133mm x 3000mm length (3 Metre) Ducting for use with extractor fans, cooker hoods, and tumble dryers.Flexible ducting offers an easy solution for running ducting around obstacles or in tight spaces where using rigid plastic ducting is unsuitable. Kair flexible PVC ventilation ducting hoses contain a light wire spiral reinforcement inside white PVC ducting material. Our flexible duct lengths come packed compressed for ease of shipment and can be cut on site to desired length. Manufactured in the UK Flame retardant PVC film Static Working Temperature: -5C to 60C Bending Radius: 1D How to install? Flexible ductwork is considered as female i.e. duct fittings such as bends and reducers are male and generally slip inside the duct tube. You can use quick release worm clips, metal hose clips to attach the hose to a spigot or male fitting. For permanent fixings, seal joints with silicone sealant, or duct tape. You can join multiple hoses together using a connector. You can connect flexible hose to rigid pipe using a female threaded hose connector. We offer flexible hoses in a variety of round and rectangular sizes. If your duct run passes through a cold space such as a loft, we would recommend using an insulated ducting hose. Common applications: The Kair range of flexible ducting hoses are commonly used for the following ducting applications: Bathroom & Kitchen Extractor Fans Cooker Hoods Heat Recovery Ventilation Air Conditioning HVAC Tumble Dryer Venting
Festool SYS-MFT Tabletop Systainer
Festool SYS-MFT Tabletop Systainer - The mobile workbench with stowage space for keeping everything close to hand - Flexible attachment using clamps or adhesive strip to prevent tool from slipping - Permanent organisation, clear overview, flexible modules
Festool Long Life-FIS-CT SYS Long Life Filter Bag - Multi-Colour
Original Festool Filter bag Longlife-FIS-CT SYS, supplied in self-service display pack
Polar Counter Top Ice Maker 10kg Output 380X305X380mm Black Manual Fill Machine
Popular manual fill table top ice maker from Polar, built to be a compact, convenient solution for small restaurants and bars needing a limited amount of ice. Simple to fill and drain, you lift the lid, fill water reservoir and wait for the ice to fill the internal removable basket. This Polar ice maker is supplied with a scoop for added value. Comes supplied with scoop.