Thompsons roof seal 2 5l

Thompsons Water Seal 5L
Protection for bricks, stone, concrete and wood. Prevents damage caused by freezing and thawing. Coverage up to 10m2/litre depending on porosity of the substrate. Hazard safety codes: R38.
HPRS25L 2.5L Thompsons High Performance Roof Seal - Black
A high performance coating for repairing and weatherproofing roofing materials. The super flexible formula moves with the roofing material to provide a long lasting barrier against water penetration. Works under the most extreme weather conditions.Easy to apply compared to conventional bitumen coatingsNo primer required - apply direct to roofing material.Quick Drying - Rainproof in 6 hours Dimensions (HWD): 110x100x100mm
TWSU5L 5L Thompson's One Coat Water-Seal
This superior sealer penetrates deep into bricks and masonry to provide outstanding protection against the expensive effects of water damage - in just one coat. Quick and effectiveReduces efflorescence in brickworkParticularly effective on areas exposed to the weather
Thompson's TDSB5L Drive Seal Black 5 Litre
Thompson's TDSB5L Drive Seal is a high-performance acrylic coating specifically designed to enhance the appearance of tarmac drives and obliterate existing stains.Its quick drying formulation means that the drive can be back in use in as little as 4 hours. Once dry Thompson's Drive Seal reaches its optimum performance after a few days and gives an attractive, low sheen, slip resistant finish which provides unrivalled protection from weather damage and prevents oil and petrol spills leaving unsightly stains on the surface.For maximum performance ensure all surfaces are clean and free from any dust or loose material that may interfere with the adhesion of Thompson's Drive Seal.Remove dirt, moss, lichen, dust or loose material by brushing with a stiff bristle brush. Use Thompson's Oil & Drive Cleaner to remove existing oil/grease deposits and to clean driveways prior to application.Thompson's Drive Seal can be applied by long pile roller to damp, but not saturated surfaces. Using a roller tray, load the roller fully and apply in an even coat ensuring all irregularities are covered.6m²/L per coat depending on the porosity of the substrate.Size: 5 Litre.Colour Black.
Grangers Fabsil Gold, 1 lt
Grangers Fabsil Gold 1lt Tent Material Waterproofer Water repellent treatment for camping equipment manufactured from synthetic and natural fabrics. Fabil Gold is a more concentrated formula of Fabsil and is available as a brush-on formula and an aerosol spray. PROOFING No matter how good your clothing, footware and equipment, factory-applied DWR coatings will not maintain their performance indefinitely. Grangers have developed a range of products designed to care for all your outdoor gear to the highest standards and extend the life of your equipment for many years. ADVANCED MIRRORED TECHNOLOGIES Granger's Advanced Mirrored Technologies mirror the performance of both the cleaning and proofing processes of the manufacturer's Durable Waterproof repellency (DWR) layer. Our AMT technologies mirror those of the world's leading outdoor brands. Granger's AMT means: * fabric breathability is maintained. * superb bonding of treatment to the fabric. * visual appearance of garment is maintained. * our DWR finish will remain on the fabric even after many washes