Luigi's - The World's Best Toilet Plunger: Big, Bad & Powerful. Clears and Unblocks all Toilets With Unique Bellows Design (Updated 2018)
"" The Large Luigi Toilet Plunger This Powerful bellows plunger has a much greater capacity than traditional plungers and will provide a highly powered strong push directly to where it is needed. Through back and forth motion, the bellow will also use water to aid in the breakup of the blockage, unclogging even the most stubborn of toilet clogs. It's designed for toilets of all sizes, but please do check the dimensions in the image before purchase to be sure that you're covered! Easy to Clean It's all PVC plastic, it's long lasting and it's sturdy. It's also easy to clean and there aren't any nooks and crannies that you have to scrub to keep it clean. When you're finished with your dirty job just fill your toilet bowl with bleach and pump the water in and out a few times. It'll shine like new! Can be dismantled and stored easily The Luigi Plunger comes in two sections, the head and the bellow separate. So when you're done, just unscrew the two parts and it makes it much easier to store in your bathroom cupboard! ""
Powerful Toilet Plunger | Tested & Proven to Clear & Unblock Tough Drain Blockages | Air Has 8x More Power Than Traditional Toilet Plungers | M&W
Our toilet plunger is specifically designed to powerfully blast away tough blockages by using water rather than traditional air, creating up to 8x the power. Made from PVC the plunger is very durable and and an ease to clean after use, after flushing simply pump water in and out and it'll shine like new! Specifically designed for toilets, the plunger creates a seal at the bottom of the basin so high pressure water can be shot down the drain to remove blockages. SPECIFICATIONS: Material: Plastic Colour: Black Handle Length: 28cm (Approx) Head Length: 37cm (Approx) Total Length Once Assembled: 62cm (Approx) Product Weight: 250g (Approx) FEATURES: Detachable handle for easy storage. Easily cleanable high grade PVC 8x more power than a traditional toilet plunger All product images 2017 Maison & White (Xbite Ltd) Cat: BA01
Luigi's The World's Best Toilet Plunger: Heavy Duty Toilet Unblocker to fit all toilets, Clears and unblocks with Powerful Bellows (Grey with Holder)
All New Luigi's Toilet Plunger (2018 Edition) What do our customers say about us? "Clears blockages fast, a must have bathrooms accessory.  Yes it's very large but the design is excellent.  It's what our handyman calls a 'plumber's plunger' and it comes highly recommended" "We heard about the beehive style plunger and it was the our last chance to clear the clog on the cheap before calling in the professionals.  Two pumps and boom! Unclogging has never been easier" "Who would have thought a piece of plastic could work so well.  We had a rather heavy clog and the plumber's wanted $80 to fix it.  This works by vacuum through the accordian style.  Better than industrial acid liquid as it doesn't damage the toilet.  Well worth a shot." "Toliet blocked.  Other tools didn't reach around the bend.  Simple to use.  Must have unblocking accessory." "It could do with a caddy, and cleaning it after use isn't easy.  Other than that it works well, just like commerical bathroom plunger.  The handle is quite small but once plunging you have a grip you are finished in a few seconds so not a problem" "We have tried so many plungers on our commercial toliet.  We tried snake style unclogger, auger, rod style, rubber suction plungers,  and were considering a fix to the macerators.  In the end all it took was luigis super dooper blaster!  Cleared our drain with no effort.  Superb" "Just dip the head under the water, pull back so the mouth applies suction from under the water, then push back down with force.  Unblock nice and easy"
MR.SIGA 2 Way Rubber Toilet and Drain Plunger, Aluminium Handle, Black
Ningbo Shijia Cleaning Tools Co., Ltd.
MR.SIGA 2 way Rubber Toilet plunger with Aluminium handle, 2 way use for both toilet & Drain, 6" extra large rubber suction cup, long aluminium handle with comfortable grip, Strong & NO more rust.
XREXS Drain Buster Toilet Air Plunger - Powerful Drain Plunger with 2 Type Suction Cups, Suitable for Toilet, Bathtub, Shower, Sink
Powerful Plunging Action Clears Drains Quickly and Easily Without the Mess Revolutionary Plunger design gives your Powerful De-Clogging Action Includes 2 Interchangeable Plunger cups that attaches to fit any size opening Powerful Multi-Drain Plunger De-Clogs: Toilets, Bathtubs, Showers, Sinks and Drains
Powerful Toilet Plunger and Unblocker - Heavy Duty Tool to Easily Clear All Blocked Toilets
Buy this nice ivory-light teal version of the popular bellows-type toilet plungers available in stores and on Amazon. Steps to be followed for best results Place the narrow end of the plunger into the toilet down below the water line. Without applying force push the plunger into the toilet as far as it will go and use the flexibility of the accordion style while plunging. There is no need to form a tight seal or push the plunger too deep as the water pressure from your pumping action will clear the blockage. Using a quick back and forth motion push up and down on the plunger for 10 to 20 seconds. Repeat in case of stubborn blockages. Once you finished unclogging your toilet clean the plunger by plunging the clean water 5 times. Add a little bleach for extra hygiene. Frequently asked questions Q: How does this plunger compare to conventional designed rubber cup plungers? A: Clogs are cleared with plungers through the process of water displacement. The amount of water pushed towards the clog per plunge determines the ability and effectiveness of the plunger. Conventional designed rubber cup plungers displace about 2 cups per plunge. This toilet plunger by PowerPlunger displaces between 4-8 cups per plunge. Q: Is it necessary to form a seal with the plunger? A: Contrary to standard plungers you don't need to form as seal. This is because you are not pushing just air but water at the blockage. Nevertheless, push the plunger as far as it will comfortably go. Q: Can I use this plunger for bathroom sink drains? A: Although we have heard about several cases where our toilet plunger successfully removed clogs in sink drains, this type of plunger was designed for toilets.
Tech Traders ® Powerful Toilet Plunger,The World Best Toilet Plunger With Flexible Silicone Rubber,Piston Type Toilet Clog Remover,Clears all blockages, Stainless Steel Handle with Wall Hook
Tech Traders
Tech Traders Powerful Toilet Plunger,The World Best Toilet Plunger With Flexible Silicone Rubber,Piston Type Toilet Clog Remover,Clears all blockages, Stainless Steel Handle with Wall Hook 1-Natural Material:Tech Trader use a natural ABS,TPR and Stainless steel in plungers.They are strong and environmentally friendly. 2-Innovative Design:Repeated use, stainless steel handle with long handle design, convenient and effort, durable, comfortable grip, easy to force, can be suspended storage, When not in use can be placed, dry and hygienic, ABS handle, wavy design, anti-skid wear, more effort 3-Effectively Dredge and Clean: Double role,Dredge the toilet while cleaning the toilet wall, spiral design,both clean the toilet wall,high quality material not hurt the toilet surface. 4-Easy to force, can be suspended storage, Flexible, bendable. 5-Satisfaction Guaranteed
Bambelaa! Pümpel Drain Cleaner Toilet Suction Plunger Rubber Plunger Approx. 40 cm.
Bambelaa! Toilet Plunger Drain Cleaner Suction Plunger Spout Cleaner Rubber Total Length: Approx. 40 cm handle material: light wood bell material: Rubber elastic plunger head colour: red drain cleaner drain bell cleaner pipe cleaner toilet pump drain free masher pomper the drain cleaner can be used in the toilet, bath, shower or in the wash and sink. With compressed air, they use the plunger to free the drain without using chemicals. The total length of the toilet plunger is approx. 40 cm, enough to grip the handle for use to get the drain free again. The bell is made of elastic red rubber and the handle is made of light sturdy wood. Slight blockages in the pipes can be fixed with the suction cup with little effort. Instructions for use: Seal off further drain openings so that an underpressure can be created and place the suction cup with a little pressure on the drain. Then fill in approx. 2-3 cm of water and with quick movements press and vacuum, so that the clogging is exerted alternately over and under pressure. Once the drain is free, remove the dirt and let hot water run and clean the rubber stamper. Box contents: 1 x toilet suction cup large as a chemical-free solution for drain cleaning.
Mercury Trade | Heavy Duty Wooden Toilet Plunger | Black
Mercury Trade
A convenient heavy duty toilet plunger, ideal for unlocking toilets, drains, sinks and baths. Features a high-quality rubber plunger and a long wooden handle for effective unblocking.Unblock toilets, drains, sinks and bathsLong 500mm wooden handleHigh-quality rubber plunger
RECUTMS New Design Toilet Plunger,Piston Type Toilet Clog Remover 30 inch length Flexible Rubber Head Stainless Steel Handle Toilet Dredge Pipe for Clogged Siphon Toilet
QC Life
Newly designed Toilet Plunger Simple appearance,effective dredging and cleaning of the toilet Special purpose for siphon toilet Feature:  Material: Natural ABS,TPR and Stainless steel  Tainless steel handle Length: 13.05" Diameter of the head of the plunger: 4.8"X9"  Package: 1x Toilet Plunger  1x Product Manual Warm Tips:Sold by QC Life Online Store only and Dispatched by Amazon.
Elliott Large Plunger
George East Housewares Ltd
The Best Toilet Plunger | Clears & Unblocks Tough Drain Blockages | Powerful Air Hole | 8x More Power Than Traditional Toilet Plungers | Durable & Easy Clean | Sealesia
Sealesia Awsome Products
This innovative Toilet Plunger is designed to clear blockages in drains and pipes in the toilet (not sinks or bathtubs). It consists of a long nose with attached handle for an easy grip, both made of plastic for an easy clean.
Neiko 60166A Toilet Plunger with Patented All-Angle Design | Heavy Duty | Aluminum Handle
Ridgerock Tools Inc.
This is the perfect plunger for any home owner. Super-Pliable industrial-rubber cup with tiered ridges forms ultra-tight seal on any size drain. Heavy-Duty aluminum handle allows for maximum pressure forced to alleviate the source of clogging. Designed to work effectively at any angle for hard-to-reach, low-clearance applications.
Royalford Toilet Air Plunger - Wooden Handle, Convenient Size, High-Quality Rubber Nozzle - Instant Solution For Clogged Toilets
Easy To Use The one shot drain cleaner is applied with a suction cup to a wide inlet so that its edges rest tightly on a hard surface. Smooth translational movements move the device handle up and down for 20-25 seconds so that the rubber cup transfers pressure to the liquid. After completing the pumping, with a sharp movement upward pull the handle. Durable And Reliable You can use the toilet unblocker a large number of times. It has a straightforward design, so the likelihood that it will break is very less. It can handle intensive usage every day, and you do not have to be afraid to break it. Due to its shape, it will not damage your pipes either, if you apply a force to clean it. Heavy Duty Compared to simple plungers and other toilet accessories, which are cup-shaped, this one is more powerful. With the help of airflow, it allows you to suck the blockage out of the pipe and push it up. With such a sink plunger you can clean the toilet much faster and spend less effort. Practical Nozzle The choice of one or another shape of the nozzle will influence the force with which this plunger will act on the blockage. Depending on this, it will be possible to obtain one or another degree of compression efficiency. This plumbing tool has a tapered rubber nozzle, which has a high degree of elasticity. It will fit snugly to the pipe and effectively get rid of the blockage.
Monument 1453e Suction Plunger 5.1/2in
Monument 1453E Suction Plunger 5.1/2in MON1453 Suction or Coopers Plunger.Ideal for clearing WC pan wastes and gullies with soft flexible rubber and wooden tee handle.Size. 140mm (5 ½ in). MON1453
INTEY Inflatable Toilet Plunger Ultra High Pressure Sink Plunger Multifunctional Drain Plunger with 4 Plunger Heads Use for Toilet, Sink, Floor Drain, Drain Basin, Bathroom
Blockages in toilets, bathroom floor drains and kitchen sinks always bother us. We need a variety of tools to help us deal with these tough problems, but these products will reduce our extra space and sometimes we can't find them. The traditional plunger can solve the problem but you need to do it dozens of times. The processing time is too long and laborious. INTEY plunger can bring you a brand new experience!WHY CHOOSE INTEY PLUNGER ?Ø Turbocharging, forming high pressure air (up to 0.6MPa), one button to solve the blockage. It works perfectly with minimum effort, Saving time and strength for our customers.Ø This product adopts a new style and is generous and elegant. It is also an ornament when not in use. We always strive to provide practical and pretty products to our customers. New attempts may be a good start!Ø Toilets head can be inflated to accommodate different toilet caliber when the toilet plunger at work and toilet plunger is 55cm long, so effectively preventing splashing, don't worry about getting intimate contact with sewage.Ø Ergonomic design allows you to hold the grip comfortably and prevents hand fatigue. ABS material is smooth and easy to clean, strong anti-corrosion, durable, powerful guarantee of service life.Ø INTEY plunger with 4 plunger heads are suitable for multiple occasions, no need to buy multiple plungers which occupy your valuable space.Ø The included high-pressure pump is lightweight which can also be used to inflate basketball, bicycle, balloon and other products.PACKAGE CONTENT1 x Plunger1 x inflator4 x Plunger heads1 x User Manual