Weber briquettes 8kg

Weber 17591 Briquettes, Black 40.5 x 35 x 17 cm
Weber-Stephen Products
Novelty 2016 fast hot longer Weber barbecue briquettes, New Recipe 20min. Lighting time 3h burn time New Design Larger Surface of the briketts. Wiederverschlissbarer Waterproof Bag won't light amazingly Cat6 LSZH
Weber 8 kg Charcoal Briquettes
Weber Charcoal Briquettes 8Kg
Weber 17594 BBQ Briquettes 8 kg Bag
Weber Spain
WEBER BRICCHETTI CARBONE KG.8 17594 Nuovi,meno fumo,più rapidi
Image 17in Grill Cleaning Brush and BBQ Unique Scraper 2 in 1 Design,Threaded Grill Scraper Brush for Weber Gas,Charcoal Grilling Grates, Metal/Porcelain Grates with 3 BBQ Seasoning Brushes/1 Cookbook
Description: EASY TO CLEAN: With this unique and special 2 in 1 design of this BBQ grill brush, we can use the brushes to clean the stains that are easy to wipe off first and then start to remove some stubborn dirt by using the grill cleaning scraper. Therefore, the stoves or ovens can be cleaned thoroughly at last. THREADED BRUSH DESIGN: There are triple-row polishing grill brushes with threaded portions, which can clear and clean the stains existed in the hidden locations and hence, it can wipe out the dirt and stains in a more effective way. WIDE APPLICATION: This type of grill cleaning brush and scraper can be widely used to clean any stoves or ovens, such as charcoal grilling grates, metal grates, infrared grill as well as porcelain grates or other types of stoves like Weber grill or Foreman grill. All your grates will look brand-new after using our product. Feature: 2 in 1 Design High Quality Material Durable Use Scraper Gap Design Easy to Clean Optimum Force Generation Wide Application Specification: Material: Stainless Steel Product Size: 17 Inch*5.5inch Product Weight: 340g/12oz Package: 1* Grill Cleaning Brush 3* BBQ Seasoning Brushes
CPL Brazier Smokeless Coal 20Kg
It is great value, considerably cheaper than other premium smokeless fuels..HETAS approved Smokeless Fuel, Suitable for use in smoke control areas Lasts 40% longer * Produces 80% less smoke * Emits 25% less CO2 *.Suitable for Multi-Fuel Stoves and Open Fires.Leaves little residual unburned fuel compared to traditional coal.1 x 20 Kilo Bag
Hotblocks Great British Made Wood fuel.Quarter Pallet of 288 Briquettes (240kg) for use in woodburners, multi stoves, wood ovens, log boilers, chimeneas, firepits & open fires
Penntree Ltd
Hotblocks are made from clean recycled wood. They are extremely dry and more dense than logs. This means that they burn hotter and longer than seasoned logs. They are also cleaner and easier to handle. Unlike logs the convenient rectangular shape means stacking and storage is really easy and efficient, so they take up very little space compared to logs. (They can easily be stored inside the house if needed!) Hotblocks come in packs of 24. A quarter pallet contains 12 packs totalling 288 blocks. Delivery is included, the delivery company will ring you in advance to arrange a day that suits you.Delivery will be made to curbside on an 18 tonne vehicle with a tail lift. Please ensure that you have sufficient access for this size truck.
Big K Charcoal Briquettes 5kg
Big K
Big K charcoal briquettes 5kg. - Briquettes are compressed charcoal mixed with sawdust and wood. They burn more efficiently than lumpwood - they last longer and produce more heat. - Ideal for use on the barbecue. - Comprehensive safety and usage instructions outlined on the packaging. FSC Certified Product - from responsible sources. - Prepare and Use: Place several Big K Charcoal Lighter Cubes on a bed of Big K Briquettes. Heap more briquettes over and around the lighter cubes. Light the cubes with a long taper or a match, wait for the flames to die down and the briquettes to take on a greyish appearance about 30-40 mins. Start to cook
Lumpwood Charcoal 10kg by Big K Products
Big K
Lumpwood Charcoal 10kg by Big K Products
12kg Restaurant Grade Hardwood Lumpwood Charcoal Char coal BBQ Barbecues
Big K Restaurant Grade Charcoal is large pieces of hardwood charcoal produced from Lumpwood, which is often used in Tandoori and Turkish BBQ ovens as they burn at a consistent hot temperature, and are also longer lasting due to the size of the charcoal pieces. Excellent hardwood charcoal, burns hotter and longer than any other type of charcoal! Produces less smoke, sparks and spitting than other charcoal! Suitable for Catering, Open Stoves / Ovens, BBQs, Pizza Ovens etc... Tigerbox safety matches are made according to ISO 2858-3 standards. Composed of natural wood.
Extra Value Pack of 4(Huge Savings on Postage) - Heat Beads Barbecue Briquettes Bag 4kg
Heat Beads
This fuel provides the longest cooking time (more than 3 hours). Once you have tried it, you'll never be without it. It's proven, this fuel is the best available. Whether you prefer quick grill cooking or a rotating spit, our briquettes are your best option for a successful barbecue. Without these briquettes, your barbecue would not be a real barbecue.
ProQ Cocoshell Briquettes (10 kg)
ProQ Cocoshell Briquettes will burn 2-3 times longer than ordinary wood charcoal, making this product much more economical to use for longer cooks. ProQ Cocoshell Briquettes also burns hotter than ordinary wood charcoal, making it perfect for grilling. ProQ Cocoshell Briquettes are 100 % natural, containing no sulphur or any other chemicals, which means it is completely tasteless and odourless. ProQ Cocoshell Briquettes will also produce a much smaller amount of ash than standard charcoal. A 10 kg pack of ProQ Cocoshell Briquettes will burn for the same amount of time as a 20 kg bag or standard lump wood charcoal. ProQ Cocoshell Briquettes are environmentally friendly and have a negative Carbon footprint.
Bar-be-Quick Charcoal Briquettes 10kg Ideal for Smokers and Pit Barrels
Briquettes take longer to develop their heat due to their density but when they have, they will burn longer with a uniform temperature making this fuel ideal for slow roasting and smoking. The average barbecue fuel load of 2kg will burn for almost 3 hours. Bar-Be-Quick's Briquettes are made from carbonised wood, starch and water. The timber used is FSC certified and ethically sourced. These are then compressed into an even pillow shaped block, approximately 50mm x 25mm. The generous surface area helps with the lighting process and the shape provides good air circulation promoting an even burn.
Weber Grill Starter Set
Product: Chimney Starter + briquettes Material: Metal Features: Portable Chimney Starter Mountig: Assembled Dimensions: L.33 D.20 H.32
PENFUELS® PENBEAD Premier Charcoal BBQ Briquettes 10kg Plus Hardwood Lumpwood Charcoal 15kg
Lumpwood Charcoal is specially selected hardwood, for maximum fire duration and clean burn. PENBEAD is specially designed, using a high quality carbon/charcoal pure mix, to provide the chef with a constant - hot - low clean flame, that burns for a considerable period of cooking time. With less stoking and fuel charges the chef has more time for his prep work. The even level of heat also minimises hot spots on the food. GREAT FOR BBQ's, Rotisseries, Smokers, Half drums, Pizza Ovens,Metal chimineas and Firepits etc.
CPL Brazier Smokeless Coal 20Kg
It is great value, considerably cheaper than other premium smokeless fuels..HETAS approved Smokeless Fuel, Suitable for use in smoke control areas Lasts 40% longer * Produces 80% less smoke * Emits 25% less CO2 *.Suitable for Multi-Fuel Stoves and Open Fires.Leaves little residual unburned fuel compared to traditional coal.1 x 20 Kilo Bag