ecotableware disposable wooden cutlery 150 pack -forks(50), knives(50) and spoons(50), perfect alternative for plastic P203 (150)
16cm Compostable wooden cutlery. Made of smooth Birchwood which ensures no splinters and a sturdy utensil for any food choices. Absolutely earth friendly product.
Disposable Wooden Cutlery 300 pack -Forks(100), Knives(100) and Spoons(100), Perfect Alternative For Plastic P215 (300)
16cm Compostable wooden cutlery. Made of smooth Birchwood which ensures no splinters and a sturdy utensil for any food choices. 100% earth friendly product.
Disposable Wooden Cutlery set by Bamboodlers | 100% All-Natural, Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, and Compostable - Because Earth is Awesome! Pack of 200- 16.5cm utensils (100 forks, 50 spoons, 50 knives)
BAMBOODLERSbecause Earth is awesome!➤ DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER - but so is plastic! Plastic pollution can unfavourably affect lands, waterways, oceans and pose a dangerous threat to living organisms. Use Bamboodlers to help protect the Earth from plastic pollution and preserve its awesomeness for generations to come.➤ PACK IT, USE IT, LEAVE IT! - although we strongly condemn littering, with Bamboodlers, you will have peace of mind on those days when you leave behind your disposable utensils. Because unlike plastic, Bamboodlers will eventually decompose and become food for Earth's other awesome creatures.➤ BAMBOODLERIFFIC! - okay, so you're not a tree hugger, but Bamboodlers LOOK-SO-FREAKINGLY-AWESOME! Seriously. Look at them!➤ BE THE FIRST! - Sooner or later everyone will throw an awesome party with Bamboodlers, those cool wooden utensils that they saw for the first time from a cool friend's party. That could be you!➤ BE GREEN, BE "IN!" - Fortunately there is still hope for humanity because nowadays it's cool to be right. So complete the package by using Bamboodlers on your next food trip.★ 100% NATURAL! - Bamboodlers Disposable Wooden Cutlery are a great alternative to its Bamboo counterpart. They are made from 100% all natural Birchwood. Like Bamboo, Birchwood is Eco-Friendly, non-toxic, and sturdy but at a fraction of the price.★ FSC CERTIFIED! - All Bamboodlers are sourced exclusively from Forest Stewardship Council certified forestry operations, adhering to strict forestry guidelines. You can rest assured that with Bamboodlers, you are not harming the Earth with irresponsible forestry. ★ PERFECT FOR - PARTY • BBQ • PICNIC • GET TOGETHER • WEDDING RECEPTION • CAMPING TRIP • FISHING TRIP • HUNTING TRIP • HIKING • NATURE WALK • ROAD TRIP • PACKED LUNCH • SNACK✓ 100 Forks✓ 50 Spoons✓ 50 Knives
Disposable Wooden Cutlery 200 pack -Forks(50), Knives(50), Spoons(50) and Tea Spoons(50), Perfect Alternative For Plastic P206 (200)
16cm Compostable wooden cutlery. Made of smooth Birchwood which ensures no splinters and a sturdy utensil for any food choices. 100% earth friendly product.
Wooden Cutlery Set Vintage Style Practical Tableware Dinnerware Cutlery for Kitchen Home Restaurant Chopsticks Fork Spoon 3pcs (Cutlery set)
Cutlery set vintage, natural wood, creative design decorated with kinking. Durable and can use for a long time spoon fork wooden. These fork, knife and spoon, are perfect for your gathering, outdoor bbq or picnic by the lake. Specification: Material: wood Size: Fork: 17.5cm/6.9'' Spoon: 18.5cm/7.3'' Chopsticks: 22.5cm/8.9'' Warm Tips: After wash with water, please wipe with dried cloth, place in the ventilated area. If you keep it well, could smear a little olive oil about 12 hours to dry. Note: 1. Every piece is unique and might has a slight difference in color or grain. 2. Keep away from heat. 3.Avoiding direct-sun exposure for a long time. 4.Do not soak for a long time. 5.Don't wipe with a cleaning steel ball. Wooden cutlery set travel cutlery set kids cutlery sets chopsticks fork spoon wooden cutlery set wooden handled cutlery set wooden handle cutlery set cutlery set wooden portable chopsticks chopsticks and spoon set cutlery set vintage cutlery vintage portable cutlery portable tableware spoon fork wooden tableware wood wood fork wood spoon wooden chopsticks spoon fork tableware wooden dinnerware wooden dinnerware set wooden fork wooden forks wooden spoon wooden spoon cutlery wooden spoon set Coffee Spoons
Disposable Wooden Cutlery - Pack of 50 x Knives, 50 x Forks, 50 x Spoons (150) Disposable Biodegradable Birchwood Cutlery
Eco Supplies
Wooden Disposable Cutlery Set, Eco-friendly, 100% Natural and Biodegradable. Set of 150 serving utensils (50 forks, 50 knives, 50 spoons). Perfect for Parties, Camping, BBQs and Arts & Crafts.
Disposable Wooden Cutlery 48 pack -Forks(16), Knives(16) and Spoons(16), Perfect Alternative For Plastic P202 (48)
16cm Compostable wooden cutlery. Made of smooth Birchwood which ensures no splinters and a sturdy utensil for any food choices. 100% earth friendly product.
Disposable Wooden Cutlery 400 pack -Forks(100), Knives(100), Spoons(100) and Tea Spoons(100), Perfect Alternative For Plastic P216 (400)
16cm Compostable wooden cutlery. Made of smooth Birchwood which ensures no splinters and a sturdy utensil for any food choices. 100% earth friendly product.
300-Piece Disposable Wooden Cutlery - 100 Forks 100 Spoons 100 Knives - 100% Compostable Cutlery for Parties, Events, BBQs, Takeaways, Just Eat, Catering and Party Utensil - Streetfood Packaging
ECO-FRIENDLY - 100% natural, compostable and biodegradable disposable wooden cutlery. Absolutely no coatings or chemicals of any kind are added. DURABLE - Made from birch wood that is smooth, sturdy, and durable. Perfect for any party, wedding, baby or bridal shower, BBQ, dinner event or arts and crafts project. UNIQUE - Rustic wooden look that complements Aevia's palm leaf plates or other disposable bamboo plates. A unique eco alternative to disposable plastic or bamboo utensils. SUSTAINABLE - Approved by the Forest Stewardship Council (FCS) for environmentally and socially responsible production. GUARANTEE - 100% money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied for any reason. Each 300 pack includes 100 forks, 100 spoons and 85 knives in a reusable bag. Forks and spoons are 6.25" and knives are 6.5" in length. Are you looking for classy yet affordable styles of wooden cutlery for your event? You need not search for longer because we offer an impressive set of bamboo cutlery for your food shop. Our collection of bamboo cutlery is an excellent alternative to plastic utensils and these disposable wooden cutlery sets are your most eco friendly option available in the market. Our range of disposable wooden forks are made of natural Birchwood using 100% natural methods which are not only your best choice for the environment but also provide a great aesthetic to match your outdoor picnics, formal events as well as your themed restaurant serving . The next time you want to restock biodegradable cutleries for your catering event or host a BBQ party, think of how stylish your event would look with these disposable wooden forks. The beautifully plain design of these wooden forks makes them simply stylish for all your catering events, and if you want to stand out, you can always choose to customize, get a little creative and use your branded stickers to make them more distinctive.
Disposable Wooden Cutlery 200 pack -Forks(100) and Knives(100) Perfect Alternative For Plastic P219 (200)
16cm Compostable wooden cutlery. Made of smooth Birchwood which ensures no splinters and a sturdy utensil for any food choices. 100% earth friendly product.
OASMU 300 Piece Disposable Wooden Cutlery,Eco Disposable Cutlery, 100% Compostable Cutlery for Parties, Events, Bbqs, Takeaways, Just Eat, Catering and Party (100 Forks, 100 Spoons, 100 Knives)
Features: -Material: 100% natural smooth birch wood. Food safe and eco friendly. -Size: -Spoons: 160*34*1.8mm, -Forks: 160*27*1.8mm, -Knives: 165*22*1.8mm. -Perfect For: Birthday parties, BBQ parties,Celebrations,Picnics,Camping ect. -Practical and Convenient: The disposable forks knife spoon set can save you from doing loads of dishes washing. You don't need to eat with metal or plastic utensil in your mouth. -Quantity: 300 pcs, include 100 forks, 100 spoons and 100 knives. If there are some problems when using ourproducts, please contact us and our customer service will reply you within 24hours.
200 Pack Disposable Wooden Cutlery Set - 50 Spoons, 50 Forks, 50 Knives, 50 Dessert Teaspoons - Strong & Sturdy - 100% Natural Wood, Biodegradable, Eco-Friendly - Classy Alternative to Plastic
Enjoy our bamboo wooden cutlery for a bargain of a price & do your part to save the planet, one small step at a time!
Bamboo Cutlery Set | Travel Cutlery Set | Eco Friendly Flatware Set | Knife, Fork, Spoon and Straw| Wooden Cutlery Set | Camping Cutlery Set with Travel Pouch | 20 cm | Bambaw
Global Overuse of Single-Use Plastic Worldwide reliance on single-use plastic packaging is polluting our planet. The convenience of disposable plastic products has created a 'throwaway culture' that spreads to every corner of the world. Single-use plastic cutlery is one of the highest contributor to plastic pollution. Bambaw's bamboo cutlery set is a sustainable solution to this growing issue as they are lightweight enough to be taken anywhere, but also durable to withstand continued use. Give up single-use plastic, without giving up convenience. The bamboo cutlery set includes A 20-cm bamboo fork A 20-cm bamboo knife with a serrated blade A 20-cm bamboo spoon A 20-cm bamboo straw A cleaning brush A convenient jute pouch Great for The office Picnics Travelling Camping Meals on the go Festivals and Food Markets Why Bamboo? Bambaw's eco-friendly flatware set is made of 100% untreated bamboo Bamboo is a sustainable, fast-growing grass Bamboo contains natural antibacterial properties, making it ideal for reusable cutlery The strength of bamboo makes the travel cutlery set resilient and durable The wooden cutlery set is dishwasher safe, still we recommend to hand wash them for a longer lifetime. A simple solution to plastic pollution
Disposable Wooden Cutlery Set (150-Count) Knives, Forks, Spoons | Heavy-Duty, Ecofriendly Utensils | BPA Free, Biodegradable, Compostable | Party, Outdoor by Tru Eco
S16 Products
Choose natural, ecofriendly wooden cutlery for your next party or event and make a safer, cleaner choice for the environment. Whether you're hosting a garden party, enjoying a picnic at the park, or going camping for the weekend, you want biodegradable cutlery that's environmentally safe. That's why we created Tru Eco Disposable Wooden Cutlery that's tough, durable, and compostable, making it easy to enjoy delicious meals and sweet desserts without leaving excess waste behind. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Eco-friendly and stylish, these wooden utensils are ideal for birthday parties, backyard barbecues, camping, and even corporate events. They also make it easier to clean up when you're finished because they're recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable. Durable and Versatile Use Strong enough for meats, vegetables, cakes, fish and more, our wooden cutlery is great for kids and adults alike. They're tougher than plastic while also being BPA and phthalate free and are safe for both hot and cold use. Product Details: Ecofriendly Wooden Cutlery (150-Piece Set) 100% Natural Birch Wood Length: 6.25" (Each) BPA Free, Food-Grade Safe Strong, Heavy-Duty Strength Biodegradable, Recyclable, Compostable Guaranteed Satisfaction Order Includes: 50 Knives 50 Forks 50 Spoons Get this premium, ecofriendly wood cutlery set today by clicking 'Add to Basket' above and always be ready to enjoy your events or meals with ecofriendly peace of mind.
VIMOV 200 Pieces Disposable Wooden Cutlery Set, Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Utensils for Party, Camping, Picnics, BBQ, Event (100 Forks, 50 Knives, 50 Spoons)
Specifications: Materials: 100% Birch Wood Length: 6 Inch Quantity: 200 pieces   100 Wooden Forks   50 Wooden Knives   50 Wooden Spoons Package: Vacuum bag+OPP bag Make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race. With reverence toward nature, what we provide is environmentally protection and eco-friendly. The biodegradable utensil is capable of being broken down to soil by biological microorganisms without any pollution. It is a great alternative to plastic cutlery.  Practical and Convenient: The disposable cutlery can save you from doing loads of dishes washing. You don't need to eat with metal or plastic utensil in your mouth.  Healthy and Safety: Made of 100% smooth birch wood, it doesn't contain any hazardous substance. You're rest assured to use, and it is also prefect for children.  Wide Application: It can be used for birthday, catering business, company program, bridal shower, homecoming, grilling, brunch, cookout, thanksgiving day, buffet, everyday use,  Note:  Single Use Only
Disposable Wooden Cutlery Set 300 Pack - Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, and Compostable - Contains 100 Wooden Forks, 100 Wooden Spoons, and 100 Wooden Knives, 100% All-Natural Birch Wood
Sovereign Partners Ltd.
The Signature Series 300 Piece All Natural Birchwood Cutlery Set Each package includes: 100 high quality disposable wooden forks, 100 high quality disposable wooden spoons, and 100 high quality disposable wooden knives. Our cutlery is made from pure smooth Birchwood and is incredibly strong to prevent cracking or splintering while eating. Keeping Your Guests In Mind Signature Wooden Cutlery is specifically designed to balance between simplicity and style. Whether you’re throwing off a barbecue party, an on-the-go corporate lunch, or your kid’s birthday party, our cutlery is the best most versatile set available. Superior Product Quality Our wooden cutlery holds up to the most stringent quality testing standards in the world. It will not break, splinter, or crack while you are eating. Completely free from chemicals and toxic coatings, our cutlery is completely safe for you and your family as well as the environment. Suitable for all Occasions Office Parties Birthday Parties Barbecues and picnics Baby Showers Corporate Banquets and more! Our Promise We offer more than just a premium set of wooden cutlery, we provide unbeatable quality and service to all of our loyal customers. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason please reach out to us and we will do everything we can to make sure you walk away a happy customer.
Birchwood Disposable Forks - Pack of 100   Wooden Forks, Biodegradable Forks-Brown
The Birchwood Disposable Forks are havested from sustainable forests and can be disposed of with natural waste for an environmentally friendly product. Dimensions: W 28mm L 155mm.
Wooden Cutlery Set :: 150 Disposable Flatware Pieces, Birch Wood :: 50 Forks, 50 Spoons, 50 Knives, 200mm Each :: Eco Friendly, Compostable, Biodegradable, Natural by ClayOvenWorkshop
*** Here's Your Safe, Eco-Friendly Alternative to Plastic Eating Utensils: This Disposable Wooden Flatware Set, Exclusively from ClayOvenWorkshop. 150 Pieces; Solid Birch Wood *** Planning a party, picnic, cookout, wedding, family get-together, or other event? Or simply seeking an affordable, eco-smart way to set your everyday table? Check out this ClayOven wooden cutlery set, made of premium birchwood. Unlike inferior plastic flatware, it's: === > Stronger & sturdier, so it won't easily bend or break === > Recyclable, compostable & biodegradable, so it will never clog up landfills === > Completely nontoxic... contains no harmful chemicals that could leach into your food === > Carefully crafted with a silky-smooth sanded finish Plus, It's a Cut Above Other Wood Cutlery With its chic sophisticated "retro" design, this beautiful birchwood flatware adds a touch of high-end elegance to casual dinners & buffets. Plain wooden eating utensils can't compare. Your ClayOvenWorkshop Bulk Cutlery Set Provides: === > 50 spoons === > 50 forks === > 50 knives, complete with serrated edges (so they'll actually cut & slice) Each piece is about 7.9 inches long, with an easy-grip handle for comfort & convenience. SGS-Certified for Superior Quality & Backed by Our Great Guarantee Why wait till your next event? Order your ClayOvenWorkshop Cutlery Set right now. In fact, why not stock up on several sets? They'll always come in handy. Perfect for school lunches, camping, travel & much more.