ecotableware disposable wooden cutlery 150 pack -forks(50), knives(50) and spoons(50), perfect alternative for plastic P203 (150)
16cm Compostable wooden cutlery. Made of smooth Birchwood which ensures no splinters and a sturdy utensil for any food choices. Absolutely earth friendly product.
Disposable Wooden Cutlery Set (150-Count) Knives, Forks, Spoons | Heavy-Duty, Ecofriendly Utensils | BPA Free, Biodegradable, Compostable | Party, Outdoor by Tru Eco
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Choose natural, ecofriendly wooden cutlery for your next party or event and make a safer, cleaner choice for the environment. Whether you're hosting a garden party, enjoying a picnic at the park, or going camping for the weekend, you want biodegradable cutlery that's environmentally safe. That's why we created Tru Eco Disposable Wooden Cutlery that's tough, durable, and compostable, making it easy to enjoy delicious meals and sweet desserts without leaving excess waste behind. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Eco-friendly and stylish, these wooden utensils are ideal for birthday parties, backyard barbecues, camping, and even corporate events. They also make it easier to clean up when you're finished because they're recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable. Durable and Versatile Use Strong enough for meats, vegetables, cakes, fish and more, our wooden cutlery is great for kids and adults alike. They're tougher than plastic while also being BPA and phthalate free and are safe for both hot and cold use. Product Details: Ecofriendly Wooden Cutlery (150-Piece Set) 100% Natural Birch Wood Length: 6.25" (Each) BPA Free, Food-Grade Safe Strong, Heavy-Duty Strength Biodegradable, Recyclable, Compostable Guaranteed Satisfaction Order Includes: 50 Knives 50 Forks 50 Spoons Get this premium, ecofriendly wood cutlery set today by clicking 'Add to Basket' above and always be ready to enjoy your events or meals with ecofriendly peace of mind.
150 Piece Disposable Wooden Cutlery Set by Kindly Natural | Compostable & Eco-Friendly Alternative to Plastic | Parties, Events, Cafes | Be Kind, go Natural
Kindly Natural
   150 piece set of disposable WOODEN CUTLERY. 50 forks, 50 knoves, 50 spoons Completely PLASTIC FREE, including all packaging Environmentally friendly, sustainable, compostable BIRCHWOOD Go GREEN, Be KIND, Go NATURAL    
Disposable Wooden Cutlery - 300-Pack Eco-Friendly Forks, Knives and Spoons - Biodegradable Ecotableware - Plastic-Free & Safe - Ideal for Parties, Home Use, BBQ, Camping
How would you like not having to spend your after-party time doing the dishes while all your friends and family are simply relaxing? This wooden cutlery set is definitely the right choice for every event! Why is this product for you? Made from superior quality, extra-durable wood which is 100% plastic-free and biocompostable, this ecotableware is a must for every home! Use it for all sorts of special events, parties, picnics, a backyard barbeque with friends and family or for outdoor adventures such as camping trips or hiking, and you’ll save your money, time and energy, all while minimizing plastic waste and contributing to a cleaner, safer world! Some of the amazing features of this product: Premium quality, food-grade wood; Biodegradable and eco-friendly; Includes full set of spoons, forks and knives; Practical and durable; Ideal for outdoor and indoor use; Saves time, energy, money, water; 100% safe and disposable; Convenient pack. ADD TO CART NOW and reap all the benefits this eco-friendly cutlery has to offer!
300-Piece Disposable Wooden Cutlery - 300 Pcs Total [100 Forks, 100 Spoons, 100 Knives] 6
ECO-FRIENDLY - 100% natural, compostable and biodegradable disposable wooden cutlery. Absolutely no coatings or chemicals of any kind are added. DURABLE - Made from birch wood that is smooth, sturdy, and durable. Perfect for any party, wedding, baby or bridal shower, BBQ, dinner event or arts and crafts project. UNIQUE - Rustic wooden look that complements Aevia's palm leaf plates or other disposable bamboo plates. A unique eco alternative to disposable plastic or bamboo utensils. SUSTAINABLE - Approved by the Forest Stewardship Council (FCS) for environmentally and socially responsible production. GUARANTEE - 100% money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied for any reason. Each 300 pack includes 100 forks, 100 spoons and 85 knives in a reusable bag. Forks and spoons are 6.25" and knives are 6.5" in length. Are you looking for classy yet affordable styles of wooden cutlery for your event? You need not search for longer because we offer an impressive set of bamboo cutlery for your food shop. Our collection of bamboo cutlery is an excellent alternative to plastic utensils and these disposable wooden cutlery sets are your most eco friendly option available in the market. Our range of disposable wooden forks are made of natural Birchwood using 100% natural methods which are not only your best choice for the environment but also provide a great aesthetic to match your outdoor picnics, formal events as well as your themed restaurant serving . The next time you want to restock biodegradable cutleries for your catering event or host a BBQ party, think of how stylish your event would look with these disposable wooden forks. The beautifully plain design of these wooden forks makes them simply stylish for all your catering events, and if you want to stand out, you can always choose to customize, get a little creative and use your branded stickers to make them more distinctive.
BBQ Disposable Wooden Cutlery,300 Piece Eco Disposable Cutlery, 100% Compostable Cutlery for Parties, Events, Takeaways, Just Eat, Catering and Party (100 Forks, 100 Spoons, 100 Knives), 300 Piece
Features: -Material: 100% natural smooth birch wood. Food safe and eco friendly. -Size: -Spoons: 160*34*1.8mm, -Forks: 160*27*1.8mm, -Knives: 165*22*1.8mm. -Perfect For: Birthday parties, BBQ parties,Celebrations,Picnics,Camping ect. -Practical and Convenient: The disposable forks knife spoon set can save you from doing loads of dishes washing. You don't need to eat with metal or plastic utensil in your mouth. -Quantity: 300 pcs, include 100 forks, 100 spoons and 100 knives. If there are some problems when using ourproducts, please contact us and our customer service will reply you within 24hours.
Disposable Wooden Cutlery - 150-Pack Eco-Friendly Cutlery - Set Includes Forks, Knives and Spoons - Premium Quality Birchwood - No Plastic - Fully Recyclable
Eco Friendly Product
Our products are developed and tested under highest conditions, being certified by all necessary standards of quality, in order to meet the rigorous expectations of our customers. The selection of our suppliers and manufacturers is based on careful screening processes that guarantee excellent products.   Why should you purchase this item? Contributing to a healthier environment doesn’t necessarily require your money, effort or time. You can make small everyday changes which on the long run will greatly impact our nature in a positive manner. This wooden cutlery set comes with a sturdy design, contains no plastic and is an excellent choice for all sorts of outdoor events, from pool parties, picnics or back yard barbeques. Some of the amazing features of this product: Eco-friendly pack; 150 items, 50 forks, 50 knives, 50 spoons; Premium quality Birchwood; Sturdy design; Non-toxic; Biodegradable; Contains no plastic; 16cm length; ADD TO CART NOW and you’ll fall in love instantly with this practical cutlery set!
VIMOV 200 Pieces Disposable Wooden Cutlery Set, Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Utensils for Party, Camping, Picnics, BBQ, Event (100 Forks, 50 Knives, 50 Spoons)
Specifications: Materials: 100% Birch Wood Length: 6 Inch Quantity: 200 pieces   100 Wooden Forks   50 Wooden Knives   50 Wooden Spoons Package: Vacuum bag+OPP bag Make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race. With reverence toward nature, what we provide is environmentally protection and eco-friendly. The biodegradable utensil is capable of being broken down to soil by biological microorganisms without any pollution. It is a great alternative to plastic cutlery.  Practical and Convenient: The disposable cutlery can save you from doing loads of dishes washing. You don't need to eat with metal or plastic utensil in your mouth.  Healthy and Safety: Made of 100% smooth birch wood, it doesn't contain any hazardous substance. You're rest assured to use, and it is also prefect for children.  Wide Application: It can be used for birthday, catering business, company program, bridal shower, homecoming, grilling, brunch, cookout, thanksgiving day, buffet, everyday use,  Note:  Single Use Only
Disposable Wooden Cutlery 300 Pack -Forks(100), Knives(100) and Spoons(100), Perfect Alternative for Plastic P215 (300)
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Disposable Wooden Cutlery (Pack of 300) Designed with the intent to provide an alternative to disposable plastic cutlery and expensive corn-based products, the Disposable Wooden Cutlery is ideal for use in takeaway restaurants, bakeries, street food stalls, catering events, house parties, picnics, offices and more. The contents of this pack contains: 100 x Forks 100x Knives 100 x Dessert Spoons All made from natural birch wood to create 100 perfect dining cutlery sets.
Disposable Wooden Cutlery 48 pack -Forks(16), Knives(16) and Spoons(16), Perfect Alternative For Plastic P202 (48)
16cm Compostable wooden cutlery. Made of smooth Birchwood which ensures no splinters and a sturdy utensil for any food choices. 100% earth friendly product.
Wooden Cutlery - 120 Pieces (40 Knives, 40 Forks, 40 Spoons) Disposable, Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, Plastic-Free - by Naturally Eco
Naturally Eco Ltd
Disposable Wooden Cutlery - 120 Pieces Set includes 40 wooden knives, 40 wooden forks and 40 wooden spoons. Made from sustainable birch wood. Completely biodegradable and comes with plastic free packaging. Please note: this is a natural product and will therefore have variations in appearance.
Disposable Wooden Cutlery (150 Pack) 50 Forks | 50 Spoons | 50 Knives - Biodegradable & Eco Friendly for Party Picnic BBQ | Perfect Alternative to Plastic | 100 Bamboo Skewer Sticks Included
Product Details Disposable Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Wooden Cutlery, 150 Set with 100 skewers, All Natural alternative of plastic set that won't harm our environment these disposable wooden forks, spoons, serrated edge knives and skewers will not sit in a landfill like plastic Biodegradable, compostable, eco-friendly: they break down quickly, perfect size for both children and adults No chemicals! Totally Natural: Pieces are made from the most natural smooth Birchwood & Bamboo. Chemical migration from plastic products to the food can cause serious health problems such as birth defects, cancers, developmental problems in children, etc. Avoid plastic products! Our product is NON-TOXIC and TOTALLY SAFE for you and your kids! Features: Made of natural wood material & bamboo, light weight, eco-friendly and strong, healthy to use. Beautiful shape design with long handle looks really delicate, easy to grip. Well-polished surface is quite smooth, no burr and will do no harm to your hands. FSC & FDA CERTIFIED PRODUCT Durable and heavy duty wooden utensils. Specifications: Material: high quality Durable and heavy duty natural woodColor: Well-polished Beautiful Natural wood colorQuantity: 150pcs comes with a beautiful Kraft paper packaging and 100 bamboo kebab skewers Package Includes: 50pcs x Wood Spoons50pcs x Wood Forks50pcs x Wood knives100pcs x Bamboo Skewers Customer satisfaction: Complete customer satisfaction is our top priority, so we work in close contact with our clients throughout the procedure. We are offering a 'money back guarantee for customers that are not 100% satisfied. If for any reason you are not satisfied - just contact us and you will get a full refund! 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED
Birchwood Disposable Forks - Pack of 100   Wooden Forks, Biodegradable Forks-Brown
The Birchwood Disposable Forks are havested from sustainable forests and can be disposed of with natural waste for an environmentally friendly product. Dimensions: W 28mm L 155mm.
Jsc ecotableware 150 Pack Disposable Wooden Utensils Set (50 Knives, 50 Forks, 50 Spoons) 160mm - Smooth, Durable All Natural Birchwood - Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, Compostable Wooden Cutlery
JSC Direct Ltd
JSC Ecotableware Large 150 Pack of Disposable Birchwood Utensils Set Convenient sustainable products that make your life easier and help save the environment at the same time. We want to inspire and help everyone to do their part and use environmentally friendly products. Help reduce the amount of plastic waste in our world, 1 wooden utensil at a time! Features: Large pack of 150 wooden utensils set. 50 forks, 50 spoons, 50 knives. Each utensil is 160mm in length 100% food safe materials great for you and your family Made from strong and durable birchwood great for any food. For cereal, soup, salad, pasta, cheese, meat Go green! Forget about plastic forks or spoons. Use our biodegradable wooden kitchen utensils set Compostable Materials: Being biodegradable is great, but compostable is better. Will take less time to break down back in the Earth Made with natural and organic wood that will decompose back into its natural elements while leaving absolutely no toxicity back into the soil When you are done using them to eat, you can either throw them away or use them in your compost garden as a plant marker Will stand out at any event: Unique, modern, and beautiful looking wooden tableware that will be sure to wow all of your guests or family. Weddings or baby/bridal showers Birthdays or other family parties Use as backyard BBQ's, picnics, camping utensils We at JSC Ecotableware believe in our products and strive to bring you the absolute best quality wooden cutlery utensils set on the market. If you are not completely satisfied with our 150 pack of wooden spoon, fork and knife set, then please contact us right away and we will do everything we can to make it up to you.
Bamboo Cutlery Set, Reusable Cutlery Set, Bamboo Utensils Set, Wooden Cutlery, Eco Friendly Travel Cutlery by Bamboo Panda
Bamboo Panda
RRP £19.99 OFFER 70% OFF PROMOTIONAL DISCOUNT - 48 HRS ONLY! By using these reusable, biodegradable, plant based compostable cutlery set you are helping the environment by reducing plastic waste. Feel good about protecting the environment and see this as an incredible opportunity to help change the world by using sustainable products. Features: 1. Easy to clean, simply wash with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly.2. Easy to carry, you can travel with them, easily stow away in your bag, backpack, lunch box.3. Healthy and reusable wooden cutlery set, made of natural wood, totally eco-friendly and non-pollution. Application: Wooden cutlery set is suitable for camping, travel, picnic, office or home use. Reusable: The bamboo flatware set is dishwasher safe and reusable, a great alternative to disposable plastic cutlery. The bamboo cutlery set includes1* bamboo fork1* bamboo knife 1* bamboo spoon1* bamboo straw1* bamboo chopsticks1* cleaning brush1* convenient jute pouch 1*toothbrush
24 Disposable Bamboo Wooden Cutlery Set by PandabodeTM | Eco Friendly Fun for Party, Camping, Travel and BBQ | Large Strong Biodegradable
Pandabode™ Disposable Bamboo Cutlery Set We love parties, BBQs, camping, picnics, lunches, weddings and events, but who wants all that washing up afterwards? Not us. Simply use our disposable bamboo cutlery and throw your chores away, the eco friendly way! 100% Bamboo Product.Premium Quality, Strong and Durable.Large ~170mm Size, Easy to Use.100% Recyclable Packaging.24 Pack Cutlery Set Contains: knives 8 pieces, forks 8 pieces, spoons 8 pieces. Our knives forks and spoons are an excellent choice for the environment because they are biodegradable and sustainable, whilst still offering you the convenience of a throw away product. Made with real world heavy duty usage in mind, our high quality bamboo is dependable, so all you need to worry about is letting the good times roll with your friends and family, with a bit of eco friendly style and luxury. We only use genuine, high quality, 100% bamboo. Our disposable utensils are very easy to use because they are large and designed to be easy to hold. They are also a great lightweight alternative to carrying numerous portable cooking accessories for camping and travel. An amazing way to inspire others, as well as a fun tool to help teach your kids good environmental practices from the dinner table and beyond.
Disposable Wooden Cutlery 200 pack -Forks(50), Knives(50), Spoons(50) and Tea Spoons(50), Perfect Alternative For Plastic P206 (200)
16cm Compostable wooden cutlery. Made of smooth Birchwood which ensures no splinters and a sturdy utensil for any food choices. 100% earth friendly product.
Disposable Wooden Cutlery 200 pack -Forks(100) and Knives(100) Perfect Alternative For Plastic P219 (200)
16cm Compostable wooden cutlery. Made of smooth Birchwood which ensures no splinters and a sturdy utensil for any food choices. 100% earth friendly product.