Yegu bidet toilet seat

IBAMA Toilet Seat Bidet with Dual Nozzle, Self Cleaning Nozzle, Fresh Water Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Attachment (Bidet01-White)
Durable and High Quality Constructed with high-pressure faucet quality valves with metal/ceramic core. Braided steel hoses are instead of traditional plastic connect the bidet to the water source. Control panel features a polished silver Knob that allows the user to activate and adjust water pressure. The other level is for choosing modes: Nozzles Cleaning, Female Cleaning, Bidet Wash Compatible with Standard Toilet Size Adjustable fitting plates allow the bidet to be securely screwed into place between the toilet bowl and seat. The bidet will attach to most two-piece toilets (where the bowl and tank are separate) and some one-piece toilets. Please ask us if you are not sure about the size compatibility. Safety and Sanitary Not like electrical toilet bidet, this kind of bidet is more portable and safer which can protect your kids and family members away from electric in a wet bathroom. A second knob changes nozzle selection and activates the nozzle cleaning feature. The nozzles only drop below the guard gate when the bidet is used. When the water is turned off, the nozzles automatically retract for hygienic storage.You can cut down on toilet paper consumption by 75-100%
Hibbent Non Electric Bidet Toilet Seats - No Electricity Bathroom Bidet Seats with Dual Nozzles Sprayer for Bidets and Rear Washing - European Style U-Shaped(D-Shaped) - OB104
Note: The Hibbent Bidet Seat is designed to fit on most popular toilet models. However, PLEASE MEASURE YOUR TOILET BEFORE ORDERING - There is a measurement compare with the Elongated Toilet Seats and Round Toilet Seats in the above image. Ultimate Fresh Water Cleansing: ♦ The Hibbent Bidet is dual nozzles for feminine bidet and rear cleaning, non-electric mechanical bidet seat that connects directly to the fresh water supply, providing you with a spray of water for your personal hygiene that's far more comfortable than scratchy toilet paper. It is ECO FRIENDLY — will reduce the use of toilet papers and increase hygiene. ♦ Simply turn on the water spray with the control knob on the right, a nozzle extends from under the seat for a refreshing ambient temperature water cleansing. It release a cleansing stream of aerated water to provide the ultimate in personal cleansing. ♦ When you turn it off, the nozzle retracts automatically. ♦ The spray nozzle is retracted when not in use, ensuring that the highest level of sanitation is maintained. ♦ Comfort Adjustable Spray- adjusts the pressure of the spray from low to high, according to the preference of each user. √  Non-electric for safety using, very user friendly for children and seniors √  Feminine bidets and rear cleaning(Separate Working) √  Ensures Perfect Daily Hygiene. √  Disassemble easily for toilet cleaning. √  Soft closed and silence Toilet Seats and Lids. √  Ambient Water Temperature Spray. √  Easy installation. Simple 15-45 minute installation or less. √  Comes complete with all the necessary hoses and adapters, instructions.
YEGU Bidets Attachment, Hot and Cold Water Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Sprayer Self Cleaning Dual Nozzles For Personal Hygiene Easy to Install
Here are three questions that may seem somewhat simple at first... but I think they really hit home when it comes to using toilet paper. When your hands are dirty, do you simply wipe them off and proceed with your regular activities? When your clothes are soiled and need laundering, do you take a cloth to quickly wipe them clean? When you've finished a high-octane workout and are dripping with sweat, do you simply use a cloth to clean your body? Obviously, you answered 'no' to all of these. You use other more effective means to cleanse yourself and your clothes in these situations. So, why would you think toilet paper is the best answer for toilet hygiene? There's another issue with toilet paper usage When looking at some of the numbers for toilet paper usage in the US alone, the data is pretty shocking... the waste is enormous. On an annual basis in the US, estimates range as high as 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper used resulting in 15 million trees pulped 474 billion gallons of water consumed to produce the paper 253,000 tons of chlorine applied in the bleaching process 17.3 terawatts of electricity wasted Talk about wasted resources... these are staggering losses that go on year-after-year in the US alone. But it looks even worse when broken down on a daily basis. The same is true in the UK and other countries, by using excessive amounts of toilet paper, not only are you practicing a bathroom habit that does not provide optimum hygiene, you are negatively impacting the environment. The best solution to improve toilet hygiene and to help curb the excessive use of toilet paper is a bidet. Well, add to cart to get your bidet. [EB8501(Single nozzle hot cold water Asin: B06XK5NK7H), EB7601(Dual nozzles cold water Asin: B074XFFWDN) and the bidet sprayer Asin: B074X1Y7FN)]